Thursday, April 9, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the MashUp for 10 April 2015 : the 7 of Swords, the Page of Batons and lensing in from a cheap 3rd floor cold-water bed-sit where they are living after being kicked out of the Courts for miscegenation are VI the Lovers. (Today’s deck is *Il Tarocco delle Vetrate* by Luigi Scapini. I had to chase down a copy of this deck in Romania or Bulgaria or one of those countries because it is no longer available, it seems. At any rate, I did find it, and I’m quite glad I did. RWS. I have a real love for stained glass, so I looked forward to these cards, and haven’t been disappointed. A “normal” deck.)  The message today seems to be difficult to tease out of the ether. I start with the isolation, craftiness, sneakiness and you’ve-thought-that-out-quite-badly-ness of the 7 of Swords. I suppose I can employ these qualities when I need to but I daresay that I am in no way such an exaggerated ne’er-do-well. Here I am accompanied by the Page of Batons. Alright, let’s see – a beginner in the suit of beginnings, and a crafty old sly dog, which sounds like an unlikely and disaster-bound combo, doesn’t it? I have glimpses of experience taking advantage of naivet√© and of two vastly different beings trying to forge some sort of temporary alliance. If I was currently cruising some handsome young ephebe for nefarious purposes, these cards would be eerie, but I’m not. It IS true that my wife and I are surrounded by young people, but we have engineered that way because we LIKE young people – there is NOTHING more boring than sitting around with your “friends” discussing your necrologies, your failing health, or how reprehensible and lost anyone generationally younger than you is. Gaaack!!! Yes, Youth DO causes you to tear the hair from your head from time to time, and you DO want to kick them in the ass because you DO actually know better. On the whole, however, they keep the energy UP, and that is a decision we ALL make as we age; am I going to slide into that grave nice & easy after 2 or 3 decades of whining and being infantile or am I simply going to open the floodgates and let the energy in to power the engine of exactly what I HAVE learned over the years that can BENEFIT my youthful and not-so-experienced friends? For me, that isn’t a question. Give me Youth and all of its idiocies, every time, because I LIKE helping youth obtain a surer foothold on the Path and more assuredness in life by living rightly & well. That means I have a Duty: pass it on, Mark, it would be criminal if you don’t. Watching this in a blissed-out state of attraction as well as the fascination with the Other is VI the Lovers. Duality, Love, Duality, Unknown, Partnerships, etcetera; all of that and more is emanating from VI, one of the most difficult and changeable cards in the deck. In the old decks this was more about choice; with RWS it is this Victorian fantasy image of the young married couple (she’s already pregnant!) who nevertheless do NOT come into corporeal contact on the card. Also, Fire is looking fairly doubtful of having married Earth but she is self-satisfied and self-absorbed. If I had to take a wild stab at what the Lovers are doing here in this unlikely situation (and I DO!), I would say that, here in this card in this draw, that is our married couple observing from the sidelines, and lending a hand if possible – which is exactly how the unit of our couple works; we both enjoy having youthful company, and we revel a bit in our roles as “older friends” all the way through to “my pseudo-parents” or even “like my grandparents” for our friends. So, the “unit” of Mark/Jeanne is EXACTLY that – observe and help if possible, contribute when needed (and the young are always broke, remember?), and in general be that parental support and advice and understanding and shoulder to cry on that they want outside of their family circles. Wherever the 7Sw/PofW fits in that overview, I think that today I should probably buckle up with my wife and face the day as a couple, as that seems to be what is being called for, especially in that situation (the wily versus the innocent.) So today I can work on loving and accepting myself and my worth as a member of a team, our marriage, instead of trying to find a likeness in the character of either preceding card.  


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