Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hello, all. I was feeling a bit discombobulated this morning after today’s MashUp. These MashUps serve several purposes, not the least of which is to give me a more pinpoint view of the day ahead of me. After a bit of time doing this, however, I felt off this morning, and I soon knew why; while my days were coming in loud & clear & focused, I was feeling really odd, vague and “squishy” about a more general picture of what is going in my Universe, as in I didn’t have one. IF you’ve followed the MashUps at all, then you can see how I think and what I think of where I seem to be headed. I’m going to show you the spread, but not my interpretation – do you know me well enough to know how I would do it? Ha. This isn’t a quiz, screw that. Regardless, I’m going to show & let you do the tell, if you want. If you don’t, believe me, I’m not trying to foist reading-for-me off onto ANYONE, “I can do it myself, Mother!!” LOL. So, here’s what came down the cardchute for the question, “How is my general situation for the present? How’s my spiritual life? Is there something I need to do NOW to keep it on track?” 1) IV the Emperor; 2) Ace of Pentacles; 3) the Prince of Swords; 4) the Moon; 5) XIX The Sun; 6) 2 of Swords; 7) Three of Wands; 8) 10 of Pentacles; 9) XV the Devil; and 10) 3 of Cups. (The deck is the *Decadent Dream Tarot* by Eleanor Boyce.)  

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