Sunday, May 31, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 01 June 2015: the 2 of Swords and the 9 of Pentacles. (The deck is *The Hermetic Tarot* by Godfrey Dowson.) I’m not really supposed to be here; under threat of sexual torture, I’m supposed to be working on other writing today. I will, I will. (And I’m of two minds about that sexual torture threat.) So I’m throwing this out quickly, and then off to write. This morning we have a familiarly recent card, the 2 of Swords, or Peace Restored. Our 2nd card today is the 9 of Pentacles, the Lord of Material Gain. In the LWB for the *Hermetic Tarot*, it states that the pentacles are turning, “suggesting the gradual exhaustion of the original whirling energy.” Well, yes, that is the idea, but HOW do you tell that those pentacles are “gently turning”? Assumption, I suppose. At any rate, with the 2 of Swords we have the Moon in Libra, pleasure after pain, strength through suffering. A truce? This has more to do with money than we might expect, I think, as the next card, the 9 of Pentacles, is all about the realization of material gain. With Venus in Virgo, it could refer to news about an inheritance that I await, and if it is, I hope it is good news or better yet, simply the first check in a long line of checks. At the end of her life, I believe my mother was very much in 2 of Swords territory, having finally reached some sort of peace with the warring elements inside her, or at least I hope so. That would account for the 2 of Swords, but I can claim a facet of that, too, as my mother and I were our own best friends/enemies; it was a tight relationship, but that is not to say it was without its twists and turns, too. I outgrew her, and that was hard for her, other than to see it in black and white. This could all be smoke I’m blowing up my own ass, too, and the cards aren’t about that at all, but I’m not sure. If it isn’t the question of heritage and gain, then it is circling in the vast interstellar darkness somewhere, waiting for its chance to loop into the Solar System today and smash into Earth, into Montpellier, France, to be more precise. Well, “on verra.” I’m keeping it short, as stated, in order to get to other writing. So this is it for today, when I shall open myself to life’s bounty with gratitude and try very hard not to look a gift horse in the mouth.   

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to what would normally be the Scales of Ma’at but today, isn’t. As stated last weekend, management insists I take Sundays off of work, under threat of dire sexual punishment. I’m still wondering if it would be worth it or not, but for the meantime, I obey. Today’s draw is what “would have been” the draw today for the post otherwise interesting, eh?  I also need to tell you that for a few days, hopefully no later than Wednesday (but who knows?), I shall be absent and the Scales will be gathering dust and irony until my return. I am booked to the gills with writing commitments, and I really MUST take a few days and devote myself solely to THAT. So, I shall “see” you again mid-week, and until then, what would YOU do with these two as your Daily Draw? Hmmm? Lol, until later, then -  

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 30 May 2015: IV the Emperor and the Ace of Coins. (Today’s deck is *The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed Edition III* by Robert M. Place. If you’ve read my posts before you know this is my favorite deck, among a handful of favorites. From the time I met Robert’s decks, I have been in love with them. So, really, I need say no more, except you should have at least one of them.)  I like the Emperor, and it is a good thing because he is me! Fixed Aries and Cardinal Fire, he is ruled by Mars and has an Exalted Sun. Interestingly enough, Mars is XVI the Tower in the Tarot, so there is something of the whiff of an unstoppable, upsetting force behind the Emperor. Not that they are deeply connected, but it tickles my perverse heart that they are at all. He symbolizes A) Creative spiritual Wisdom; B) Emotional domination and paternalism; C) Intellectual ambition and fiery masculine Energy and Stubbornness, and D) The Authority and Energy for War OR for keeping an empire of different kingdoms united and at peace. There is a danger of overconfidence. He is on the Path of Natural Intelligence on the Tree of Life, between Netzach/Victory and Yesod/Foundation, which makes sense, the foundation stone of victory, etc.etc. In Golden Dawn terminology, he is the “Sun of the Morning, Chief among the Mighty,” which sounds a lot like either Lucifer or Michael, if you want to get angelic about it, but I don’t know, that isn’t an interest of mine. There are also Mercurial and Qliphothic associated genii, but again, not very interested and certainly a deliberate lapsus in my knowledge. Rolling along with Emperor Mark I is the Ace of Coins, his Minister of both Finance & Health. The rabbit isn’t my fetish animal (try the cat!) but I like rabbits, as longs they aren’t marshmallow dumb. The Rabbit is, of course, a sign of Springtime and fecundity. As solid and Earthy as this Ace is, there is still something “light,” almost “elfish” about the Ace of Coins. I’ve usually been alright on the money karma side of things: I was born into a family that didn’t worry about it (which isn’t the same as being rich). I grew up with that attitude, and continue with it to this day. It is one of the reasons I believe Money is fairly decent with me now; I’m not fixated on a fortune, and therefore not constantly whining at the Archetype’s threshold, “Help me, help me!” Being fixated on money only creates an endless well of Need, and a needy attitude. Personally, I find that VERY distasteful as a personality trait in people. And despite the “springtime freshness” that one feels wafting off of this card, “officially” Coins/Pentacles corresponds to the season of Winter, with its promise of Spring hidden away by the bleak coldness of the Now. Like all of the Aces, it is the quintessential energy and essence of the Energy of its suit. The Ace of Coins is the Energy and Essence of Earthiness, and usually indicates either financial physical fortune and/or corporeal physical health. For me, this can be signified in the Now by a new development in my ongoing medical soap opera, *As The Cartilage Turns.* I have finally hooked up with an excellent “phlébologue” (vein & venal system specialist) and diagnosis and treatment is looking up, up, up! I’m a happy camper about that, the Emperor is happy. If I can get that under control, I can have my knee replaced later this summer, and I should be doing the Tango by Halloween, I hope, although the Winter Solstice seems more likely. And all of this because I AM an Emperor, and INSIST on things, like adequate doctors who are at LEAST more intelligent than I am; a 2nd, 3rd, and even a 4th opinion, if necessary, to array myself with the best range of choices and treatments, and to NOT follow along blindly like a sheep or a lemming; or even more to the point, a rat behind the Pied Piper, letting some nonsense tune of his lead me to destruction.  For all it says of the future me, this draw is actually the ME now, as well. I know, I’m pushy, demanding, “imperial,” condescending at times and tend to assume others agreement with me as natural. I am, however, the Emperor, and thus that character is understood and in play. The Ace of Coins in this instance is both the Emperor’s health and financial health, and both are looking up, to my vast and calm delight. So, tuning in to my own energies her and now, today, allows me to be in harmony with the pulse of the planet. (App.)   

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 28 May 2015: the 4 of Cups and the Princess of Pentacles. (The deck today is the *Decadent Dream Tarot* by Eleanor Boyce. Here is Aeclectic’s blurb: “The Decadent Dream Tarot pays homage to artists of the later Victorian era, in particular those from the Pre-Raphaelite, Symbolist, Decadent and Art Nouveau movements . . .” Yes, well, it is so much more than that; amongst many things, it is drop-dead beautiful. This is a magnificent deck, and if you like art at all, you should own this deck.) This morning’s draw starts delivering right away – looking at it makes me feel a lot like the 1st card itself, that is to say like “the seed of rot at the center” of every luxury and every delight. I fell innocent and maiden-ish enough looking at the spread, but decidedly a bit too jaded to actually be represented. Instead, it is the first Scale to be filled with the 4 of Cups. “Blended Pleasure” is the Moon in Cancer, residing in Chesed. This translates to us as the High Priestess being Dignified here.  Mystery, Intuition, Subconscious, perhaps even Lost. II the High Priestess is able to recharge in Cancer, and with Chesed being the sphere of Mercy, we have the entry of Jupiter, my old buddy. All of this wraps up in the reflection that II lets fall from her lips as she brushes by, “Money can’t buy Happiness.” Well, of course not, we all know that, so what did she really mean? At the very least she is speaking of disenchantment and disillusionment. Oh-kay, let’s tuck that into our aumônières and move on . . . to the Princess of Pentacles. She is, if anything, the personification of Earth. Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn embody her Energy. Solid, stable, secure, she can be too deliberate, too timid, too conscientious. She is still Proserpine to her mother’s Ceres, she is still virginal. (One does wonder, however, what the ONE pomegranate seed that she nibbled in Hades really represents . . . ?) In many ways, she is our protectress as inhabitants of Earth, and interacting with Earth.  She awaits Us at the threshold of transformation. So all in all we are looking very young maiden-ish, as I said earlier, and the only maiden-ish thing in OUR household is our youngest cat, Pina, who is already 4. So we are talking states of mind here, but again I feel a bit foggy about this; I’m not currently bathing nude in the pools of sweet moonlit reveries of young women and their illusions, so I don’t have that to be disillusioned about. If I have nurtured any disenchantment or disillusionment at all recently it is simply that some of our friends have revealed themselves to be shallower than thought, thus the illusion is already shattered & experienced and accepted for what it was. This is all very recent, as well, so it COULD fit drawing this card here. In which case the Princess could be telling me that today is the day for getting back to the earth and re-sourcing my Energies and my “Outreach Programs.” I do feel like that most times, you know, as if I’m trying to educate even just by my friendship; people either take it badly or simply accept it as one of the early things they learn about me. I do like to vex people, however, especially if they’ve taken a dislike to me – much like a cat will go straight to the one person in the room that doesn’t like cats, or is allergic to dander, or whatever. Well, there is nothing shockingly new her today, just a highlight or an underlining of some recent events (abandoned friendships) and an immediate counsel – go to the Spa, Mark.  So, being the obedient subject of the Universal Spirit that I always am (hardy-har-har!), I think I shall do exactly that, to welcome fresh growth and renewal into my life. (Thanks, app.)   

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Justice for 27 May 2015: XIV Art and III the Empress reversed. (Today’s deck is the *Navigators of the Mystic Sea Tarot* by Julia Turk. This is obviously a Golden Dawn deck with an emphasis on the Kabbalah. Aeclectic calls the artwork “really bizarre”, & I beg to differ! It is no more bizarre than MANY decks out there. This deck is ALWAYS in a tug-of-war with Robert Place’s deck(s) for primacy in my heart, I do love them both. Highly recommended, but hard to find!)  IT is an interesting read today; I’ve drawn 2 Major Arcana, something I’m not gung ho about unless I’m specifically drawing from a Majors-only deck. This one isn’t.  However, they are both Arcanum with which I am intimately familiar, even reversed. So, let’s look. First up is XIV Art, as it is called in the Golden Dawn system, otherwise known as Temperance. This is Sagittarius, a mutable Fire sign whose ruler is Jupiter (I like Jupiter, we get along; not only are we solar neighbors [Mars] he shows up in a lot of my readings; also, in me under the guise of joker. As for the elder sister that used to stand between me and Dad, the less said the better.)As you know, XIV usually represents the reconciling of opposites. What it is also about if we add Sagittarius into the mixture is the love of travel and learning without any fixed destination or end necessarily in mind. Again it’s the influence of Jupiter, thus this card is also allied with X the Wheel, depicting in its own changeable way the balanced optimism of Temperance. I am also, unfortunately, familiar with III the Empress reversed. I’m a big fan of the Goddess in almost all of her guises, but as the Earth Mother gone insane & hysterical I am NOT cool. Not that she’s ALWAYS insane and hysterical when she’s reversed, but she IS unbalanced. Let me ask you something – did you like dealing with your mother if & when she was being an unreasonable (“hysterical”), out-of-control emotional typhoon? No, neither did I. And of course the worst part is that Logic is absolutely useless. I always envision III as a lovely, fecund Ceres, rather than an emanation of Venus, but that is what she is, who rules not only the 2nd house but the 7th, and so Venus rules Taurus and Libra, as well. And here she is, out-of-her-mind with control issues, jealousy and perhaps even physically ill, as she is arcanely (the mouth) connected to diabetes and STDs. However, here she is “supposed to be” representing the “Why” to Temperance’s “What.” If that is the case, then Art would need to reflect the wisdom in my choices recently, to give them critical trials to verify that I know what I’m about. I should be aware of misdirection and temptation, also, as they are always able to draw me off-focus if I’m not paying attention. The Empress reversed is her own danger, and I can’t say that I really understand what part she is playing here. It isn’t evident that it is an “outsider,” (outside the mental, in another word, “real,”) but I’m not feeling like an hysterical queen today (yes, yes, laugh your silly heads off,) and I know of no one who is, so she is going to be an arrival out of the blue, sometime today, to lend credence to my inner voice which cringes when it has to deal with insanity. I can smile and put on a good face and put together a puzzle with Aunt Numa at the asylum as well as the next bored-up-to-his-teeth nephew, but this is more in the land of “WTF?” Well, shrugging my faux-French shoulders, “On verra.” “We’ll see.” I don’t relish an appearance by a not-at-her-best Empress; so it is DOUBLE on my toes today, one to cast a light on my decisions, and the second to be aware of any sudden manifestations of that crazed inner bitch in all of us that the Empress reversed represents. If I can get her “straightened out,” “love and beauty can flow through my life in a limitless stream.”(App.)   

Monday, May 25, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 26 May 2015: the 2 of Swords and Strength reversed. (The deck today is an import from the land of the Deutsch, the *Neuzeit-Tarot* (New Age Tarot) by Walter Wegmüller. Eine, svei, drei,!!! I love the LWB with this deck, it reeks of your grandmother; “Beware the tall, dark stranger with the broken monocle and too much bombazine in the cut of his trousers. He purposes sinister goings-on.” Har-har. I rarely buy things German, except for cars and anything requiring fine, detailed engineering. On the other paw, I have an unreasoning fear of schnitzel.) Right off of the top, I can see that today’s draw could be applicable in several current situations. However, before we go there, let’s load the shotgun with arcane terminology and shoot it into the backside of the unbelievers! (Har har har, oh, I’m a card!) The 2 of Swords, “Peace Restored”, is the Moon in Libra and resides in Chokmah. The Moon is Water, and Libra is ruled by Venus, who thus connects this card to the Empress. (A choice needs to be made; most likely it will be made intuitively even though reason is wanted.)She is the first manifestation Air, so her influence is newborn. Our card is big on the yin/yang duality, which appears everywhere in this deck. I would read that here that the choice is valid, “legitimate,” it isn’t false choice based upon Ego but choice based upon circumstance and need, and under mild duress. There are, as well, echoes of Justice here; surprisingly, this card may also signal hidden antagonism, according to tradition. I find that to be an interesting read of the “image”. Enacting her own drama by the side of the 2 of Swords is XI Strength. Now she IS a drama queen! She’s a Leo, and knows how to lay it on thick and shout it from the rooftops, “I’m G-R-E-A-T!” However, for me today, she is reversed, indicating an earthquake and thus rendering any Tarot considerations today moot. Har-har- I joke, son, I joke, but actually, that IS a meaning, albeit a deeply occulted one, for this card reversed. What I read here for myself is a great big fat warning, but first the necessary folderol. Strength is Leo, as we know, a Fixed Fire sign. “The Daughter of the Flaming Sword” is ruled by the Sun, and at her highest level means an Understanding of the Will of the New Aeon. She is placed on the path of the Intelligence of the Activities of the Spiritual Being. (You know, much of this symbolism I feel free to just blend in as I see fit; I’m an educated man, and my tie-ins are worth the same as any other theoretician’s tie-ins. The point being, I DON’T let the all the arcane symbology and “labelling” get me down; I cook with zest & gusto! And a constantly-being-refined sense of the just balance.)  Speaking – how rude of you to whisper in the corner! – of Balance, here again we have the tie-in and the “fight” for place. (I leave it to each of you to decide for yourselves who actually “wins,” Justice or Strength? And don’t be wishy-washy, I’m not interested in happy couples, I prefer a more Tolstoyan approach!) Seriously, folks . . . I do believe that, gestalted together, these cards are giving me a reading about today that I need to be VERY careful about how I manifest any show of Force when a decision comes up today, one involving an impression of the duality of Intuition versus Reason, and not two blended qualities. Therefore, Mark, my man, while you enjoy living in and valuing the moment, today is a day for the long view, my friend. Pay attention, and play nice.   

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 25 May 2015: the Queen of Wands and XX Judgment reversed. (The deck today is *The Archeon Tarot* by Timothy Lantz. It is a WONDERFUL deck, one of my favorites, which sadly I don’t use often enough. Oh, Alas! The decks vs. the Time!) Okay, let’s knock out the basics right away. The Queen of Wands is Water of Fire (read: steamy). She is gifted in metallurgy (her hidden talent!), and there is not much that is understated or subtle about this Lady. Oddly enough, her motto could be: “If you would learn to rule, first learn to serve.”  She is Aries, in Cardinal Fire, and has a warrior’s spirit. Her presence is most strongly felt in the house of Identity and Self-Expression (the 1st.) Now, there are qualities to the Queen which fit my wife well, but not many; I have known many, many Warrior queens during this run of the play, and while none are presently active in my life, it is a “type” with which I resonate. And why? Because, if I was going to pick a female Significator for myself, I would HAVE to be the Queen of Wands. I don’t have any choice, she is TOO me. As a matter of fact, the more I think on it, the truer it is. With XX Judgment reversed, we have a slightly trickier proposition. This is on the Path of Perpetual Intelligence on the Tree, from Hod(8) to Malkuth(10). By itself, XX is ruled by Pluto, the planet of death & destruction. From Corinne Kenner, “In astrology, Pluto symbolizes death, resurrection, forgiveness, and release. . . It’s a planet of evolution and unavoidable change.” (p.37, *Tarot and Astrology*) And I drew it Reversed, meaning I’m in danger of being on the wrong side of this card if I don’t watch my P’s and Q’s.  And watching her P’s and Q’s is NOT what the Queen of Wands is really about is she? So, “this is gonna be a tough one, pardner.” I don’t get along with Scorpios, not really, and that is Pluto’s sign, but the planet’s element is Fire, which always calls to me with its Siren song of Beauty and Immolation. (I fear dying by Fire the most, yet oddly enough know it is probably my exit. I pray to be wrong. Oh, and yes, supposedly it is in 2060 when I am 108 years old. We’ll see, but I hope I don’t have to wait THAT long! “Be of service, Mark, be of service . . .”) So . . . on the Scales today I have the “What” of the Queen of Wands, and on the other side I have the “Why,” XX Judgment reversed. Remember, the reader is the Who, Where & When, which leaves the non-W, the How. IF you really, really need a hint on How to handle your situation, draw a 3rd card. I didn’t today – I know what is going on. There are no other women involved in the cards today, it is all me and my Anima. I believe that I need to be REALLY careful today about my Queen of Wands crowing from the rooftops too much and basically and brusquely ruling the roost with too much Fire in the veins. Do this, don’t do that! Yakyakblahblah. So watch it, Mark. On the psychic, mental and spiritual front, nurture some humility today, dude, it seems as if you are in need of a reality adjustment on the home front of your Ego before you set the ambiance on Fire and bring down an irrevocable judgment on yourself by Yourself. Cool your jets and consider both the consequences and the future. Your goal here is to get through this step, not to burn through it, right? Good. I trust myself in this moment.    


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! The Scales of Ma’at for 24 May 2015 are not present today, it being Sunday, which under the new management I take off every week. So, no Scales of Ma’at today. Instead, I present just a little itty bitty tarot mystery: The Missing Icon. Spurred by a photo by Benebell Wen, I obtained a deck of *The Tarot of Loka* by Ralph Horsley & Alessio Cavatore (Lo Scarabeo). The deck was designed as a game, but can be used for divination. Thus this addendum in the LWB: “Tarot Reading. // The cards of the Tarot of Loka are not designed with tarot reading in mind (?? The name, fellas?-MM) – all of the cards are double-sided for ease of play. // However, for those who want to use our cards for reading (duh, -mm), we have added a little icon at one end of the cards, defining the ‘bottom’ of the cards. This determines whether a card is ‘reversed’ or not.” All fine and good, EXCEPT that I cannot find that “little icon” to save me from Hell or high water! I finally decided that I would use their “element” circle in the center of the card back, with Red (Flame = Wands) at the top, and BLUE Swords at the bottom (GOLDEN Cups & FOREST GREEN Pentacles round out the little element circle. However, that still leaves the “icon” missing. So, I can’t, but can you find it?   

Friday, May 22, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Justice for 23 May 2015: the Prince of Wands and XVIII the Moon. The deck is, of course, Crowley & Harris. I had no choice this morning, about either the draw or the deck. I had a dream last night, in which a young-ish woman was handing me a card, ripped and torn, and weeping. It was the Queen of Feathers.  A kind of Green Man face, but feminine, wreathed in wings & more wings, all made of glowing silver feathers. I said something like, “Let me see about this,” and went and took a deck of cards and pulled two cards. This was the deck and these the cards in hat dream. I told myself, “If I remember this when I wake up, that is my draw of the day for the Scales.” Voilà.  This was so surely Thoth & Crowley & Harris & my psyche working “in concert” (in MY neurons, I wasn’t channeling anyone!) that it was a “doom,” in the Viking sense of the word: a fated encounter or happening. When I work with the Thoth deck, I rely a lot on my readings in and the works of Lon Milo DuQuette on the subject. At any rate let’s get on with it, shall we? (Before we do, a word to anyone who may wonder: yesterday’s draw was on the money, but I was off as to location; it wasn’t interior disaster, it was exterior. My health took a couple of not so subtle turns for the painful yesterday and I was NOT a happy camper. Thus proving, perhaps, that I need to use a pendulum as well during my readings, to be more geographically /meta-geographically precise!) The Prince of Wands isn’t me, but he’s closer than many, especially as the Air of Fire. He is the “Prince of the Chariot of Fire; Prince and Emperor of the Salamanders.” (Lest you be confused, a prince has that title by right of birth, the child of a reigning sovereign. It is a title that is neither earned nor gifted.) He flirts around Leo & Cancer with other Wands & a few Cups. (He gives the impression of being blond, whether he is or not.) I was born into a Native American tribe and was gifted as a wind worker. My family had belonged mainly to the Deer clan and were healers, but there were also a goodly percentage of magic workers, so I can understand him on that level, but this guy is very close to being Arson incarnate, and I’m not there with that, not at all. Wind & Flame make for too shitty a percentile, for me. It is comforting to me to know that this card with which I don’t identify WAS the representation of Aleister Crowley according to Crowley himself. He is NOT my occult hero. (Do you hear that, Dr. Strange?)  However, he lands in my day with quite the fanfare, looking much like he stepped right out of a production number for *Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.* I don’t do drag, and my wife isn’t that flashy a dresser, so it is either “another facet of the ever-fascinating Me” or it is someone with quite the self-presentation that makes his/her(doubtful) entry into my day.  XVIII the Moon is one of the Greats. I love this card; it sticks out like a lighthouse on a low and rocky shore. And like that lighthouse, it MAY be guiding you to safe harbor, or it MAY be guiding you into the hands of reefwreckers, who manipulate the lighthouse to lure ships to their doom, condemned by their own bounty. “The Ruler of the Flux and Reflux, the Child of the Sons of the Mighty,” inhabits Pisces, where she/he is ruled by Jupiter and rubs cheek & jowl with an Exalted Venus. The Moon is on Path 29 of the Tree (“look at your handouts, class”). For Crowley, “this is the moon of witchcraft and abominable deeds. She is poisoned darkness which is the condition of the rebirth of light.” (*The Book of Thoth*). Because we are a more subtle chapter in human social history than Crowley, or more hysterical and frightened and trying to hide every evidence of Shadow, we tend to see the Moon more positively, as this Goddess/Muse waiting for us to fall into the Unconscious and Unconsciously give her our approval to being guiding “in the nighttime” by her counsels. OR so the thinking goes. Personally, I find Intuition exhilarating, to the level that I am allowed to employ it, and there is nothing about it that does not fit into the entire scheme of “what is the meaning of it all?” For me, XVIII the Moon is NOT a representation of Kali, nor quite the implacable deity of Indifference That DuQuette and others make her out to be; at least to me she is friendlier, although I am beginning to see that her friendliness all these years has been more of the pitying kind than the between-friends kind of sentiment I imagined it to be. I am more able to see, now, that great patience is being called upon when dealing with me, because I’m such an Aries/Fire/Mars kind of guy with interests and talents not usually associated with my type of persona. All the better, I believe, to have those meta-interests to inform that arrogant Aries that lives inside. It brings him (me) a bit of humility and a bit of pride as well, to not be wholly concerned with the 3-D material Now, but to be deeply drawn to the wells of the Moon, as they were once called. The sources of inspiration, intuition, the thirst for more, and better, knowledge. So, today, I will trust that my inner sense is strong and true, and I shall meet the day, and the prince (if he be exterior,) with calm certitude.     

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 22 May 2015: the 7 of Cups and XVI the Blasted Tower (Reversed). (Today’s deck is again the *Hermetic Tarot* by Godfrey Dowson. An unrivalled deck for this entire genre of information and lovely artwork.) I must admit my heart skipped a beat, then steadied as I thought of exploding the old, then skipped a beat again upon realizing the card is reversed, so the meaning is even more fucked up. Damn, shit & hell. Well, let’s take a look at the cogs and gears as usual, shall we, and see what we can deduce from this under our new guidelines; not much that is hopeful, it seems. The 7 of Cups, “The Lord of Illusionary Success,” (Sic. There is no such word as ‘Illusionary.’ The correct word is ‘Illusory.’) . . . No, crap on that. I’m not going to the trouble of writing this all up to understand the reading when I already DO understand it. I’m going to have a shit day, probably having something to do with a fantasy of mine crashing to earth. This is followed up by an inability to deal with the disaster, to not let the lesson through, to insist on staying put and marinating in my own shit. No amount of Enochian, Crowleyan, Goetic or Kabbalistic knowledge and the manipulation of it is going to debarrass me of the general soot-gray overtones of today’s “Victorian skies over the streets and quays of crime-filled & perversion-studded London” (me.) Well! What a crap draw! And a crap read! I COULD get more subtle with it and tease out all the grayer meanings of the spread, building up, out of the smoke I’ll be blowing up my own ass, another illusion of “what happened didn’t really happen because it was just too unpleasant for you, baby.” All sorts of bad shit happens to people who believe their own lies. (The 7 of Swords jumps to mind.) So, I’m girding up. Screw this “prognosticative interpretation of the wisdom springing from my Inner Psyche,” I’m going to treat this as a battle situation and although I may lose, I’ll give one hell of a fight. I shall also spend time today hunting out illusions in my playground and disposing of them, if there are any. I may even be having a temper tantrum that this is happening to me, but that is okay as I need to summon energy from somewhere in order to be proactive, and that will serve as well as any other. So, off to the Mark Wars, it seems, where I shall face the cleverest, most sinister and intelligent foe I have yet faced, myself. I am going to have to trust Myself and Life to ride roughshod over this one. They can, and I am well-placed to know it.    

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 21 May 2015: VII the Chariot and XIX the Sun. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Dan Staroff, Josephine Mori and Jill Stockwell. I LIKE this deck; it is among my Top 5 decks to have if you are alone in a room with the body of Marilyn Monroe (joke, son, joke.) µActually, it IS one of my Top 5; it is symbol-loaded, alive, full of movement, and appropriately and brightly colored.IT is a creation for the Golden Dawn system with a few minor adjustments. Worth it, so buy it if you are thirsty for card-delivered supplemental information on the other relevant pillars of magick/knowledge.) Today’s draw is a whopper! I rarely get 2 Major Arcana cards in a 2-card draw, but here we go. As usual for now, let’s take a look at the building blocks. For VII the Chariot, we have “Child of the Powers of the Waters; Lord of the Triumph of Might,” not too shabby as titles go; the Prince is ruled by Cancer, a cardinal Water sign, with the Moon as ruler and Jupiter exalted. He is on Path 18 of the Tree of Life. His letter is Cheth with a numerical value of 8. He is perhaps best “clichéd” with the phrase “the Authority of Inspirited Matter.”  In spiritual & emotional terms, he is exactly to be seen as the carrier of the Holy Graal. He is also Apollo, and rides on the 4 Wheels of the Elements. The VII is a card that represents Change for Evolution & Balance, as well as the action of True Will towards Progress. “Let’s go! We know we carry the highest Truth, let’s go!” XIX the Sun is one of the great blown-away cards of the Major Arcana. When the Sun shows up in a reading, I always feel as if, in the midst of a serious conversation in the penumbral gloom of Shade City, some adolescent carrying a million-watt spotlight has burst upon the scene, banishing both psychic vibrations and cockroaches to the 4 corners of Darkness. “Aieee! I’m blind! Turn that off!!” LOL, no, not really, but having the Sun pop up unexpectedly in your life, and illuminating ALL your shit, from the evil boiling miasma on end of the shelf to the violet-scented on another. Bright, harsh, hide-nothing Light. By the time you actually hit this, however, you are “supposed to” have come far enough along that you do not fear it bur rather embrace it as a source of inspiration and fuel. His basics are easy: He is on Path 30 of the Tree of Life, and his letter is ﬧ Resh, and appropriately means head or face. “The Lord of the Fire of the World” is also the “Lord of the New Aeon,” It should be remembered, too, that Apollo was the patron deity of Music, symbolized by his lyre which played the Music of the Spheres. Most of all, he is representative of using the illumined mind.  The superconscious.  IT is through XIX that we can harmonize and balance with the universal energy of creation, no small feat! So, here I sit, nearly afloat with excitement and expectation, to get this quick, radiant draw! I could go on and on about what, where, how and why I thought it was all relevant, but it boils down very simply to this: I’m ready. Doubts cast aside, fears overcome, the unknown ahead welcomed with open arms, I’m there. If I can manage to drive the Chariot, I KNOW I am a fit carrier of the Sun, as I had hoped to become. I’m on the Path, the Red Road, and the Journey is taking me to amazing places hidden around the corners of the everyday. I LOVE this shit! Thank you, Cosmic Spirit, thank you VERY much. So today IS a day when my Inner Sun shines bright and surrounds me with Light.  


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 20 May 2015: the Queen of Coins and X the Wheel of Fortune. (Today’s deck is *The Alchemical Tarot Renewed: Edition III* by Robert M. Place. I make no bones about the fact that this is my personal favorite, the deck I would like to use all of the time, but of course do not. I await Edition IV with nearly idiotically gleeful anticipation. I will include a preview of the X Wheel from the IV Edition in an add-on.) Well, I like today’s draw, not because it promises something outlandish, which it doesn’t, but because there are several good & solid ways to interpret this balancing act. Before we get to all of that, though, let’s knock out the basics first, all the abbreviated information for all of us fledgling Destroyers of Worlds (the goddess Kali, if you are sadly monocultural.)  The Queen of Coins is the Water of Earth; she resides in Capricorn and is ruled by Saturn in the forms of structures, boundaries and limitations. We all know the drill: an earthy, handsome woman, Mother Earth, but also a keen businesswoman. Her hidden talent is that she is an artisan with materials from the earth; stones, fibers, metals & minerals. She is generally read, for all intents and purposes, as “the Great Mom.”  X the Wheel of Fortune is “The Lord of the Forces of Life,” (Golden Dawn) and is ruled by Jupiter, the grandest of the gods. Interestingly enough, the meaning of his Hebrew letter, Kaph, is the *closed hand,* which can be interpreted as either Force or Avarice. Jupiter itself may represent “philosophic growth,” as well as the thirst and/or need for higher education. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and that is where the Wheel keeps a parking spot. It is associated, as well, with kundalini force and sex magic, which can perhaps be better understood in the light of the fact that the Wheel of Fortune is an “element of the element” of Fire, and thus naturally at home with Movement and Action, like Jupiter. When I first drew the cards this morning, my thoughts flew immediately to my deceased Mother and her estate, now settled and being distributed (The Wheel.) I also immediately had reservations about X The Wheel, “knowing” at once that it didn’t signify either good or bad luck, but rather the ongoing process of refining the “machinery” as I constantly changed the “container;” meaning my Growth and Progress on the Red Road as the interior element and the construct of Mark, the being, as the exterior element. My mother’s estate has been settled fairly, I deem, so I don’t foresee any “luck” involved there at all, really. It seems to me, if I trust my “grok” on what I am seeing & feeling here, that this morning’s draw underlines some sort of news today about my mother’s business (my wife is NOT a Queen of Pentacles, she is undoubtedly a version of the queen of Cups, and all the other Pentacle Queens I know reside in the U.S.A., so again it is doubtful that one could/would affect me here in France.) The point I am also making here is that I see this draw today as a person, not a nexus of energy other than that a person is a nexus of energy as well. X The Wheel and I are old, old, OLD acquaintances. It’s even got a job these days, representing my business as my logo, instead of just wheeling through the Universe randomly distributing Good and Bad Luck (Grin.) My fortunes, in this life as well as in metalife, ride on the Wheel, and they have for me and my family since l-o-n-g before I was born. I grew up this way, knowing ALL about the fact, F-A-C-T that what goes up must come down, that only Change is eternal. So, given this rather parochial reading, I immediately thought, “Wait! There has to be a broader, more metaphysical interpretation of this! Let’s dig.” I was able, easily, to unearth 2 or 3 juicy probabilities in a matter of seconds, but then thought, “Oh, knock it off. It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be a message straight from the mouth of the God! Just write up your 1st thoughts, and entertain the others later, if you must.” So, if “Great wealth, good health and happy fortune are to now flow into my life,” (some saccharine back-cover interpretation of the Wheel) I suppose I’d better open my eyes and ears, look and listen for arriving news of some sort, and perhaps MOST of all spend some time thinking about how this adjustment to my fortune is going to affect, or not affect, my life.    

Monday, May 18, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 19 May 2015: XVIII the Moon and the 2 of Cups. ‘Today’s deck is *The Rosetta Tarot* by M.M. Meleen. I like it. It is a beautiful deck, and if you can obtain one, go for it; it is vibrant, raw, colorful and comes already charged & ready for use! J . Thoth system.) I can see right away from the draw that today is going to be a meditation about Love & Partnership. However, let’s take a look at the innards of these cards for a better look at what they are telling me about my day, shall we? XVII the Moon is, as the “Lord of Flux and Reflux, Child of the Sons of the Mighty,” is in Pisces; ruled by Jupiter (and to some extent by Neptune, with Venus exalted. On the Tree of Life, Path 29. The Moon in the Thoth system tends to be more admonitory and about Illusion and Delusion than the Moon in the RWS system. They are the same, of course, it’s just where one puts the emphasis. Here, the emphasis is on the changeable, the unknown, the capricious side of XVIII, as well as the dangerous unconscious: Scylla and Charybdis not giving us much clear sailing room without having to face a monster of some sort of our own devising. We are trying to, eventually, make our way to the dawn and Khepera, the disk-bearing beetle (scarab beetle) carrier of the Sun into the new day, the Dawn. To get there, we need to pass “The Dark Night of the Soul,” and breaking through the illusion, making it past the Pillars of Hercules to the open sea (Water – limitless emotion.)  The 2 of Cups is Love, and as the” Lord of Love” it is Venus abiding in Cancer. It is in Chokmah, the sphere of wisdom, oddly enough. This has more to do with Briah, its watery bed of creation and abundance than it does with Chokmah itself, but both need to be taken into account, for 2 distinct levels in the reading; the inner & outer, the evidential vs. the circumstantial, always the duality and the hope to create a Trinity. To boil all of this down to a palatable addition to my morning meal, it seems as if a great deal of time, or an IMPORTANT moment of time, will be spent in a “dark night of the soul”-type of meditation upon my marriage, for one, and my hopes of additional love to become that Trinity (in case you were late coming in to the theater, Mark is hoping to add another male to his emotional commitments, without a lot of luck, poor sucker, but he keeps trying. Ssshh, it’s taking a plot turn. . .) For some reason the issue/question/matter is going to come up today, and it will be the pivotal point of my day, beginning a deep and hopefully profitable reflection on the emotional State of the Union. I’m not going to turn this into a “must do” duty, but if (and when) it arises I will remember that I was told about this and that it will be profitable to go with the flow and engage in the meditation upon my union(s). In other words, if Love is going to flow into my life in a steady stream, I have a need to dredge the canals and clean the fountainheads to be ready to fully profit from the flow of My River.  


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 18 May 2015: the 2 of Swords and V the Hierophant. (Today’s deck is *The Hermetic Tarot* by Godfrey Dowson & Stuart R; Kaplan w/ James Wasserman.  BTW, I LIKE this deck, I always have, even before I knew what all the symbols meant (Grin.) It is elegant, and if you read the symbolic shorthand, jam-packed with information on each card. While I’m citing things, allow me to tell you of something different: Gianni Gebbia (jazz trumpet); “Arcana Major – The Sonic Tarot Sessions”; different, jazz fans only. The Elias Nardi Quartet, “The Tarot Album”, New Age-y quartet, soft. Muzak for the cards.) This is a mixed message of confused results today, for the daily draw for the Scales of Ma’at. First things first; lets break the cards down into their individual elements, throw a little Bio-juice (me) on them, throw it all back in the Mark9000 Blender and see if we end up with a palatable smoothie or not. The 2 of Swords: Moon in Libra; 7th house of relationships; Residing in Chokmah (2nd sphere of Wisdom) and positioned in Yetzirah (plane of thought); Hidden gifts are Scrying Past, Present & Future and the apportionment of affections.  Then we have V the Hierophant: Taurus; 2nd house of the Zodiac, ruling money & possessions & their spiritual counterparts: Ruled by Venus, connected to III the Empress; earthy, fixed sign; concerning the Holy Guardian Angel, uncategorized Love, Inspiration, strength & Endurance; Hidden gifts are an Excellent Orator and uncannily persuasive through language & song. So, there I have my What and my Why. And the smoothie? Well, let’s check it out. The 2 of Swords can be seen as a minor echo of Justice, and though an Air sign, the Moon is keeping her connected to the emotional. I tend to think of this as an uneasy peace, the Lord of Peace Restored being so only because of a truce, not a lasting peace. This card indicates a need to look beyond the surface of things and to judge them by their inner beauty, or lack of it. The card is traditionally assigned the meaning of a choice between two paths and it being a difficult decision. So it seems the occurrence of this in my day will be my “motor”, my “heart of the nut” for today, this choice, and it is being driven to the surface and either maintained or opposed by V the Hierophant. With stability and convention being vital for both Taurus and V the Hierophant, here the Hierophant, more than ever, shows his guiding side, his teacher side, as the counselor for the question posed in the 2 of Swords. We know, at the very least, that the question involves the spiritual goals of the quest and the presence or not, value or not, of money & possessions along this particular stretch of the road. The question may arise today from this very same conflict somewhere in my Inner Being, as well; MY Hierophant weighing in heavily on the question of money, possessions, attachments and emotional availability having influence or not on my Journey. Knowing myself, I can predict with a fair degree of accuracy that I will probably come down fairly heavily on the side of tradition, I’m a bit bull-headed that way, and today especially so (say the cards.) Whatever my actions as Hierophant (I don’t see anyone else indicated) may be I need to stay on my toes for the arrival of the Question, as that will be the pivotal point for today and I want to be paying attention. Only then, perceiving and perceived, may I open myself to the Wisdom of the Universe.   

Received my *Liminal Tarot* Friday by post, opened it today. Beautiful! I have posted some pictures here of of opening it up and a few of the more striking Majors. Here is the blurb for it from Aeclectic: ". . . is a beautiful 79-card deck, created to be an all-image tarot that can be read without a little white booklet. It was guided by Thirteen's Tarot Card Meanings and Lady Frieda Harris' paintings for the Thoth Tarot. Self-published in a limited edition of 200 decks.Created by Penelope Cline. 79 Cards - Fig Tree Press 2015"   

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 17 May 2015: The Ace of Coins and the 8 of Swords. (Today’s deck is a little gem I unearthed on a dark corner of the ‘Net, *Crow’s Magick Tarot* by Londa Marks.) Before we start the reading, I want to say that I haven’t forgotten where this street leads; after the Elements, I wanted to add a dusting of Astrology to my reading style, so that is where I am now. Starting today, and for the rest of this segment (The Scales of Ma’at) I shall be doing an astrological rundown of the two cards and then move on to blending in the other variables and finally having enough raw materials to construct a reading. My main sourcebook for this segment, unless stated otherwise, will be Corrine Kenner’s book, *Tarot and Astrology: Enhance Your Readings with the Wisdom of the Zodiac,* Llewellyn, 2013. If this aspect of Tarot interests you AT ALL, I can highly recommend Ms. Kenner’s book. Okay, on with it.  Bang! The Ace of Coins, the Element Earth in all of its Glory.  Astro-wise, it is Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn (the three astrological Earth signs), the Powers of the element Earth, and guardian of its children (us) and its belongings (treasure both material & spiritual.) The Coins/Pentacles are perfect counterparts to the energy of Swords, symbols of the element Air. The Ace of Pentacle’s particular season is Winter, so it will always have a whiff of “coldness” about it when it shows up in the spread.  Now the 8 of Swords (we are already feeling “good-ish” about the draw because at least we have an Exalted layout [meaning the suits play well together and no one runs with scissors].)  The 8 of Swords is a mutable Air card, as the 1st decan of Gemini, and symbolic of endings & transitions. These are its astrological keywords: intellectual concerns, versatile, flexible Energy, masculine with masculine attributes, linear movement. Connections to VI the Lovers and I The Magician, with whom it shares Mercury as a ruling planet. (BTW, totally off-subject; when dealing with gods, treat the Ones that like you as respected friends, and those that don’t as polite strangers. You can’t go wrong. No servility, no fear.)  So there we have a quick astrological rundown on my draw today, and that SHOULD help me put together a more profound and comprehensive understanding of the meaning for today’s draw. Rolling my ball of virgin wax around the Tarot table, I’ve picked up all sorts of tidbits, so let’s add those, too. Today has the breathy smell of Money around it, to me. I can intuit it in my air – and it doesn’t surprise me. I’ve always had good money Karma, and anytime I have been broke has been short-term and all my own doing (except for occasions of theft, over which I could only fume like a pouting volcano.) There is an inheritance from a family member that has recently been adjudicated & set in concrete, so having passed probate it will now go to distribution. This is good news; of course, inheritances usually are, even if they are a poor substitute for the missing emotional connection. I expect to hear the news and receive the 1st installment any day now, so today would do as well as tomorrow. Or perhaps oil will skyrocket again and my tribe, and thus me, will profit. Or . . . or.  . . or . . . it doesn’t matter WHAT it is. I have good karma here and I know when something good or bad is going to hit – seeing it here in the cards just confirms it. With the 8 of Swords, however, “The Lord of Shortened Force”, Jupiter is in Gemini and old Jupe isn’t comfortable; he is 180° off-base! This COULD mean that access to the inheritance now is “too much of a good thing,” thus illustrating the crippling effects of this particular overkill duo. So-o-o-o, hmmm. I can see this working its way towards a delay in the division of the estate, and feeling paralyzed as there is nothing to do about it. I could also see this as a kind of little meta-moral Zen paradigm; the prison of the Material, the Paralysis that the Material induces. That, however, is a bit too too, you know?  If anything, I can feel my one of my parents in the stars somewhere around this: my father is a Gemini while it is my mother’s estate in question. Dad is still alive, so I would normally think of him first, but he and I are in a very good relationship, so I think not. All in all, this is a bit mystifying, and I shall have to wait out the day for clarification. Oh well, I can at least be alert for it, and direct my Energies where they will make the most difference.  


Friday, May 15, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 16 May 2015: XVI the Tower and the 5 of Clouds (Swords). (Today’s deck is the *Zodiac Tarot* by Luca Raimondo and Lee Bursten. The deck is billed as the first true astrological Tarot cards: I have my doubts, as I believe the cave paintings at Lascaux are more astronomically & astrologically informative than these cards. Let’s just say that I challenge their assertion. Their astrological info on the cards is pitifully thin, and any decent hermetic deck will do better. Go figure.) Right off the bat, I get the bad news; I’ve drawn one of THOSE hands today, the ones you hope you don’t draw for a client because you hate being either A) the bearer of bad tidings or B) a Sad Sack whose only lasting impression on the client will be “a bad taste left in the mouth.”  I get these hands rarely enough for myself, so when I do, after the initial wave of repulsion, I don’t mind delving down into them to find out who or what shit in my punch bowl. XVI the Tower is Mars straight down the line, no deviations, no side roads and no short cuts for this war machine with the rampant phallus, uh, I mean gun. Well Keerist, an Elemental look tells me more than that; this card is on the path of “Exciting Intelligence” on the Tree of Life. In today’s reading I’m intuiting XVI as the Tower of Babel, as the card has to do with the mouth, speech, and the verbally given word(s). (Kabbalah & Hebrew alphabet.) So it seems as if today turns around the unexpected, probably in verbal form, and probably carrying bad or unexpected (Be careful! No moral judgements!) news or happenings. Let’s let that float for an instant as we look at the 5 of Clouds (Swords: Clouds = Air = Swords, oh aren’t they clever?) This is usually defined as aggressively and pitilessly seeking the fulfillment of one’s desires. This is Venus in Aquarius, and yeah, I can see the correspondence. With the cards, not so much with me; I don’t know about anyone else, but if I DESIRE something, I USUALLY go after it in a “pitiless & remorseless” way – I want it. IF I don’t want it to that degree, then it isn’t a desire, it is a caprice. Nuance. Thoth/Crowley calls this card Defeat. It can also be defined as Reason undone by Sentiment. Which is the side of the coin that I would give it, as I’m “sub-thrumming a Cups vibe” under these Scales of Ma’at readings due to what my aim here is, the flawed-now-thawed heart blahblahyakyak. (Don’t tell the card creators this, but seeing a naked woman lolling on a snowbank framed by a skeletal tree does NOT drive me mad with desire nor thaw my heart; it just makes me think she is insane.) So, let’s commit miscegenation and marry the two of them, the XVI & the 5 of Clouds. What little monster will they birth into my world? The day will end up telling me, of course, but this is one of those times when I could wish that the Tarot WAS a fortunetelling device and gave me a “clear sighting” of EXACTLY what is in the pipes on its way here! Oh well, {{sigh}}, that’s alright, this reading has forewarned me quite accurately and adequately. Nevertheless, this is as close to fortunetelling as I ever come, I just don’t deceive myself with that whole “Devil’s plaything” school of thought (sic). So, mentally girding my loins, I psychically prepare for the day, being sure to don my most forbidding Odic armor, “just in case.” All of this could have an alternate, much simpler, meaning as well: Beware of energy vampires today, they could bring war to your delicate new little quest; one could be circling even today. Either way, it is a day to be on my guard, if I am going to welcome Success and Fortune into my life as well as oriented on my stated goal. Now, to find my equerry and mount my jousting steed; this armor weighs a ton, you know!  


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 15 May 2015: XVII the Star and the 2 of Cups. (*The Sacred Rose Tarot Deck* by Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman. Emphasis, Rosy Cross and Tree of Life/Kabbalah. RWS.) While the deck is supposedly cabalistic and Rosicrucian, you would be hard put to find ANY of their symbology in this deck. So, I’ll do it as a “cold read,” so to speak; I’ll make the planetary, elemental and cabalistic connections myself without visual aide(s). It’s a fabulously good read on the surface of it, isn’t it? The motor of my day is going to be XVII the Star, and the Why of it is the 2 of Cups. Spectacularly easy, but then, as my aged and wisecracking great-aunt, Lisa Boswell, used to say, “Yeauup! That’s what them thar’ cards says, but what do the pigeon innards have to say about it?” So, let’s take a look at the guts. With XVII the Star, we have Aquarius (The Water Bearer), a fixed Air sign ruled by Saturn. . I have no real problems with Aquarians; they are a bit spacey for my taste, but alright. Despite being the Water Bearer, She is a fixed Air sign, and that means Swords, or which I am already a master and a personage at the Court. That opposition could work either for or against me, depending on the circumstances. Saturn I have discussed before; we are old friends and share some personality traits, especially the grumpy ones! Let’s couple with the 2 of Cups; if anything says Water and Love it is this card, as much as it is VI the Lovers, even more so I would think. These two cards, with so much Water reference, are surely homing in on the entire subtext of this mini-Quest, this side journey – go swimming, get wet, de-gel my heart a little & accept the Love. I WANT the Love; I know that about myself; I want a lot of improbable things, and wanting what I want now, close to perfect Love, isn’t that different than it has always been. However, I KNOW more now, I know why I want it, why I want to give it. And yes, I still want it all; my wonderful, loving, superb wife, AND a male love interest because at least one-half of me profoundly needs that connection with another man. I’ve left it a bit late, I know, but that was as much due to circumstance as anything else. Saturn rules this card as well, so today the whole Hearts/Cups/Water/Love “thing” is undergoing some heavy weather, and there are thunderstorms ahead (the Swords; = me in another guise, my natural home, Swords. These days, however, the cards say that I have definitely “jumped house” because I have evolved out of Swords into Wands, and am undergoing the same confusion in THAT Court; am I the Knight or the King? Am I in drag as the Queen or Princess? Am I undergoing gender surgery? WTF?  However, that is not the issue TODAY, today it seems that with that magnificent symbol of Hope, XVII the Star, the 2 of Cups can and will be possible, if I resolve the differences in myself and slide into a more unified concept of the Male. I am more “Male” than most men I know, so putting the proof to the putting could be problematic; we’ll just have to wait and see. Love flows into my life in an endless stream; I need to learn that 1) it isn’t poisonous and 2) it is necessary, life-giving, and it is THE generic solvent for all sorts of differences, including the ones in me. Vive la différence!, but only to a point . . . .  


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 14 May 2015: XXII the World (yes, 22) and the 6 of Cups.  (The deck is *Kabbalistic Visions: The Marini/Scapini Tarot* by, of course, by Marco Marini & Luigi Scapini. When I first received this deck, I didn’t like it much, but on perusal, use, study and 2nd opinion, I’m growing to like it quite a bit. The art style is a surprising choice for a very upfront Kabballah presentation, but that is what it is and does.) As far as just pure draws go, today is looking “as fine as frog’s hair!” as my father says. For a theoretical draw, it is harder to get any better than The World and the 6 of Cups, unadulterated Pleasure. Look at the Sephiroth and astrological connections, however, and let’s see more intimately how this really looks. XXII the World is Saturn in Earth, of course, and on the card instead of the 4 animal representations of the Elements we have the 4 Hebraic letters that constitute the Tetragrammaton, Yod-He-Vau-He, with the letters assigned to their pertinent quarters and the Beautiful Face (as the authors call it) at the top of a Stairway of Achievement, a Journey. In the middle the letter Shin (Spirit of the Living God,) can ascend through the Cosmos to reunion with the Divine. This is a great card for me today because my thought for this morning’s draw was, as usual, to draw the 2 cards for the Scales, but also to have them signify how I’m doing on the overall “balance sheet.”  “Morning, God/Cosmos/Allah/WhatHaveYou, how’s it going today? Okay, time for the draw. Listen – (pray silently a bit, for me and It) I’d like to know how I’m doing on my Journey. I need to know where I need to concentrate my efforts in the time left to me. (Supposedly long – I have had several “gifted” tell me that I was going to live to be a VERY old man, one even specifying 2060 as the year of my death. Considering the general breakdown of this old body that I have SO misused over the years (Ah! The memories!), I think they may have all been wildly optimistic, or the “state of Medicine” is going to change profoundly in the immediate future! I’m cool with the Saturn/Earth line-up, as well – Saturn is an old friend, we share a great many grumpy qualities. Ha! and Earth has blessed me throughout my life with the easy life of an entitled member of the ruling caste. My next card, however, the 6 of Cups, is the Sun in Scorpio, residing in Tiphareth. I have problems with Scorpio, and Scorpios, and scorpions, and yet – my last animal guide was a scorpion, and horrified though I was, he took me right up, understood my fears, and simply ignored them. It was brilliant. I STILL dislike scorpions, but several degrees down the scale, now . . . I don’t do well with sex magic, either; as an Aries, I LOVE sex, but generally straight up or on the rocks, please leave radioactive materials and heavy construction equipment out of it, thank you. And it figures, at least to me, that those “upper” 4 Sephiroth aren’t opening up to pour grace into the world – I understand that. And yet, the cards don’t really get better than this, this is a VERY FORTUNATE card to draw at any time. We shall have to see, as one of the 6’s hidden talents is an understanding of the stars, i.e. astronomy/astrology, and I believe I’m being encouraged to journey there next, to add yet again to the great cheese-press of my life.  And I know woefully little of REAL value about astrology (although I’m a damn fine astronomer), other than just the beyond-the-surface claim to knowledge that anyone who has a metaphysical bent may claim. I DO feel like I understand and can really appreciate the Elements in a spread, it has never been a stumbling block. So perhaps it is already time to move on a bit and put emphasis on the stars in the cards now. I think so. So . . . in becoming part of the endless river of Light and Love, it seems as if today is going to be spent in contemplation of the next stage of the Journey, upon which I am doing well (Thank Isis & Osiris!) and try to learn something from the stars, other than scientific facts, of which I am a storehouse because I DO love Astronomy.  Onward and upward, Mark, the cards are looking good!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 13 May 2015: the 4 of Pentacles and the 9 of Cups. (Today’s deck is the *Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn* by Patrizio Evangelisti and Giordano Berti.) This is going to brief, I can see. I am practically “phoning in my performance” today, or at least so it seems. The 4 of Pentacles speaks to my voice for domination (MY domination of others). This is going rather smoothly for me, as it should, it is a voice I have wielded with authority in various aspects of my life for an l-o-n-g time now. It isn’t a voice of tyranny, mind you, but a voice of counsel and suggestion, even if the suggestion is presented rather forcefully. I tyrannize no one, I DO hope to lead and that often by example. Or at least so I hope. He is the Sun in Capricorn and resides in Chesed (in the sphere of Jupiter, thus tied to the next card, see below,) the sephira of Mercy. It is a strong quality with his voice of authority, and, as was said elsewhere, “Mercy is as a gentle rain from Heaven, …” I am a Fire sign, thus I have no problem with the Sun here, but I have ALWAYS had problems communicating with Capricorns, so I shall need to be on the lookout for possible communication issues, especially “Capricorn oriented.” Whatever that means; today will tell. Our handsome, masculine & reserved 4 of Pentacles is being kept company by a rather ebullient, young (and also handsome) 9 of Cups, radiating a sense of joyous self-fulfillment & good fortune. The 9 isn’t so far gone in his folly that he appears foolish (and not in the good, 0, sense of the word,) but this is very much a card celebrating material success. He also reveals q talent for teaching and giving counsel, which is surprising in one so happy. He is said to know men’s minds and to have influence therein. The 9 of Cups is Jupiter in Pisces, and resides in Yesod (in the sphere of the Moon, and thus tied to the astral and the “birth” of material happiness,) the sephira of the Foundation. I generally like Jupiterians, we can get along together, and most of all can share a wicked sense of humor. I may have a little trouble with Pisces (my preceding astrological sign, me = Aries,) but given the VERY positive approach of the cards to today, I think I won’t have any real problems on that front. As an extra fillip of interest, the Cups keeps today’s hand’s “fingers” in the Water, so to speak, on the journey of my mini-quest this time around, that Water-y focus. So, with Life filling me with wonder and Light, on a 3-dimensional, material level, today is going to be a “no-brainer,” and will give me a good bit of satisfaction in that realm as well as “clearing the ground” a bit for further adventures in the Land of Cups!  


Monday, May 11, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 12 May 2015: the As de Calices and XIV Tempèrance. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot Symbolique Maçonnique* (Symbolic Masonic Tarot) by Jean Beauchard. This deck is just chock-a-bloc full of hermetic bric-a-brac & symbology. It’s a great deck for either a mason or anyone interested in the construction of the symbology of the Tarot deck. The cards are HYPER large, and brightly colored.) The Masonic symbol for the Ace of Cups is interesting, eh? “The grasping, choleric claw of Love” . . . LOL. Well, yes, that IS one way of looking at it! but of course, that isn’t what they mean here nor does that definition suit my purposes. This is the un-manifested unity of the theoretical force of Water, Emotions. Well, we’ve got the right playing field down, at any rate! Here is where this quest is focused, in Emotion; I am recalling that, I presume, because just now I’m realizing, YET ONCE AGAIN, that the price can be exorbitant when You change. At the moment, I’m losing “friends” left & right – they simply seem to be melting away, without fuss or muss or, what is a bit more troublesome, without explanation. For the most part, this is fine & good, psychic housecleaning, even if I’m not consciously doing it. But there are 1 or 2 people whose departure I will regret and whose acquaintance I will miss, but I intuit that they are being led down a merry if false path. I can only rely on Truth eventually having it out, but in the meantime I can’t wait and finger one of my sphincters while the Byzantine path of the Truth wends its long, torturous way towards the dawn. I’m not quite sure what the Masons are trying to say here with the menacing, claw-like hand and the angry coloring with a touch of green jealousy and serpents at the base, other than the obvious, a very Dr. Spock-like run-off on the evils of emotion. “Who knows? A Mason knows! Ask about joining today!” Carrying our Ace of Cups, and doing it ever-so-appropriately, is XIV Tempèrance.  Temperance is one of those cards that you absolutely canNOT pin down; she is like quicksilver in your head. She finishes the second septenary, so this can be taken as meaning that the structure is in place. The basics are finished, time to take a rest and orient myself to the lay of the land. The Rose of the Orient and the Cross of the Occident have union in Love, and the pelican and the phoenix, the gift of oneself in constant regeneration. All in all, a very, VERY auspicious pull of the cards today. I’ve got the jousting field down pat and the machinery is in place, having been tested and approved. So, a couple more minutes of rest, and I shall don my ceremonial (and therefore actually useless) armor and proceed to the stadium, ready for the appearance of the representative of Water dressed in my finest and confident that the structure I have built will both contain and please the visitor. In an act of Will, my life will shape itself into a perfect pattern around me.