Saturday, May 23, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! The Scales of Ma’at for 24 May 2015 are not present today, it being Sunday, which under the new management I take off every week. So, no Scales of Ma’at today. Instead, I present just a little itty bitty tarot mystery: The Missing Icon. Spurred by a photo by Benebell Wen, I obtained a deck of *The Tarot of Loka* by Ralph Horsley & Alessio Cavatore (Lo Scarabeo). The deck was designed as a game, but can be used for divination. Thus this addendum in the LWB: “Tarot Reading. // The cards of the Tarot of Loka are not designed with tarot reading in mind (?? The name, fellas?-MM) – all of the cards are double-sided for ease of play. // However, for those who want to use our cards for reading (duh, -mm), we have added a little icon at one end of the cards, defining the ‘bottom’ of the cards. This determines whether a card is ‘reversed’ or not.” All fine and good, EXCEPT that I cannot find that “little icon” to save me from Hell or high water! I finally decided that I would use their “element” circle in the center of the card back, with Red (Flame = Wands) at the top, and BLUE Swords at the bottom (GOLDEN Cups & FOREST GREEN Pentacles round out the little element circle. However, that still leaves the “icon” missing. So, I can’t, but can you find it?   

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