Monday, May 4, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 05 May 2015: the 10 of Cups and the Princess of Cups. Help! I’m drowning! J Of course, not really, but when I started out yesterday committed to a new quest on the Path I had not realized that the flood had been so impatient that it would jump the dam like this and pour down the canyon. As a reminder, my new Quest on the Path is to thaw out my heart, heal the wounds, and re-unite that part of my emotional self that is still distanced from the whole. Before I get to the nitty-gritty of the cards themselves, I want to explain the Scales a bit further. The fashion in which I have designed this spread, as the Scales of Ma’at, is of course a two-card spread just like the balancing platforms on a classic scale. More importantly, I am asking these mornings for a 2 part answer; the 1st card as the focal point, the nexus or node of my day, and the 2nd card (I ask) gives me the why of it, and thus suggests to me the most obvious way of handling it IF it needs handling. Oftimes the wisest course of action is to do nothing and let it unroll in its entire shabby-or-glamorous splendor. We already have the Who and the Where (me), the spread will give us the What (1) and the Why (2). Finally, the HOW, how to deal with this or how to stay out of it should be suggested to me by combining 1 and 2, but if I remain unclear, one (1) card may be drawn for clarification, only one. There is nothing unusual to using the spread – no passing the cards through the magnetic fields of your chakras, or insisting the client is nude the better to access his/her subconscious. On to addressing the cards today. Late last night, my wife and I had one of our impromptu “State of the Union” conversations about OUR union. We’re up late by happenstance, usually in bed, and a conversation self-germinates between us on the subject of, “So, how are you doing in our couple, sweetheart?” (These occur perhaps 3 – 4 times per year.) It is an impromptu debriefing of where we each are, how we feel in our couple, our partnership, what has recently been questionable and ALWAYS ending on what has been laudable, cheering each other on (NOT blowing smoke up each other’s ass), and basically just “putting the car into shop for maintenance.”  This is an important conversation for us, as it isn’t the daily blahblah, but a healthy and future health-oriented report on our marriage. Last night the verdict was, as usual, good, but surprisingly so as well, as Jeanne is 100% gung-ho for me to get on with it, Tarotically speaking (tough, I declare it to be a legal word.) And today, the cards come down in a HEAVY crash on the side of Cups, and on a naturally occurring one-step progression. 10C always suggests to me the “spoiled food problem” at a lavishly catered banquet – it is just TOO MUCH goodness. However, I don’t think that is what the card is communicating; as Mars in Pisces (Earth in Water) , it feels more as if I have thrown myself into a Sea of Chance & Emotion, without even knowing if I can swim or not. Thus, elementally speaking, this could be a spectacular mistake – I have to depend on the innate goodness in the 10C to carry me past that point into calmer waters. With the Princess of Cups, Earth in Water, again we have the stronger party being Water/emotion, which may manifest itself today as an ideal woman, or more spiritually, as the receptivity which eventually gives birth. Due to last night, I lean toward this being the support of my wife who is lending her considerable psychic weight to the question, reinforcing Cups by a factor of 10. She is contemplative and an adept of calm analysis and resulting action. Above all, she loves me, and WANTS me to succeed in my Journey on the Path. So here in the honeymoon period of this quest, Emotion is showing up in a big way, and directly challenging Fire & Air in order that all four of them should live in harmony in the temple of my being – god, I hope I listen!   

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