Sunday, May 10, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 11 May 2015: the 3 of Cups and the Knight of Cups. A congress of Cups! (*The Elemental Tarot* by Marco Turini, although you would be hard-pressed to say why this deck is called Elemental, other than the presence of corresponding colors. Misnamed.) It seems as if today may be choc-a-bloc full of Water, i.e. emotions. Hang on; let me go see if I got my soap opera wardrobe back from the cleaners. Then, I’ll take a double dose of estrogen pills and sit down and cry while I watch *An Affair to Remember* for the 50th time. I shall do none of these things, of course (“. . . and Thank! the masculine gods! Hi-ho, Phallus!”), but after all, this is PRECISELY what my mini-quest calls for, a “water” atmosphere of emotion in order to gently thaw my heart. I keep saying my heart is frozen, but I should explain that that doesn’t mean I don’t love – I do, very much, and quite usefully, too. That which I DON’T allow is any new love to be born for that which is beyond my control, and that is a stranglehold on life, I know that.  Also, my own reglementation of emotion bars the way for exactly that which I want, new avenues of Love, growth & happiness. That 3 shows this pretty well wrapped up: enjoy it but mistrust it. She is Mercury in Cancer, concerned with friendships, but surprisingly, gifted with the Sight of Things Past, Present & Future as well, an aspect of the card of which very few people are aware.  Coming into her world is her own Knight, he of the Cups. Sir Basil the Bold is the Air of Water, so he prefers subtlety. He is also the deck’s resident sociopath-in-waiting; he rides roughshod over anything standing between him and his desire. He’s quick and subtle, like Air, and if driven by goodwill can reveal Inner Truth. Whether he is driven ill or well today is the question, and my intuition tells me that it is a decent day for the knight, not dark but not pitilessly illuminated, either. Twilight, perhaps. All in all, I’d say today is going to be emotionally centered and more pleasing than not, on the whole and the outcome. I can hope for Sir Basil’s hunt for Love to reach a satisfying, if not ecstatic, conclusion. It seems that, more or less, in dealing with this Cup-py duo, I will be building my future with an eye out for emotional support. God, I HATE to admit that I need it, but we all do. “No man is an island” and all of those hoary clichés, yaddadayaddada . . . . LOL. I must remember that the next time I give a reading, “And here we see that your spiritual growth is  . . .well, it’s . . . oh, you know, yaddadadaddada . . .” I’m feeling mellow and relaxed and waiting for the surprise bonbons that my Heart has in store for today. I hope you have an emotionally satisfying day, as well.  


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