Monday, May 11, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 12 May 2015: the As de Calices and XIV Tempèrance. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot Symbolique Maçonnique* (Symbolic Masonic Tarot) by Jean Beauchard. This deck is just chock-a-bloc full of hermetic bric-a-brac & symbology. It’s a great deck for either a mason or anyone interested in the construction of the symbology of the Tarot deck. The cards are HYPER large, and brightly colored.) The Masonic symbol for the Ace of Cups is interesting, eh? “The grasping, choleric claw of Love” . . . LOL. Well, yes, that IS one way of looking at it! but of course, that isn’t what they mean here nor does that definition suit my purposes. This is the un-manifested unity of the theoretical force of Water, Emotions. Well, we’ve got the right playing field down, at any rate! Here is where this quest is focused, in Emotion; I am recalling that, I presume, because just now I’m realizing, YET ONCE AGAIN, that the price can be exorbitant when You change. At the moment, I’m losing “friends” left & right – they simply seem to be melting away, without fuss or muss or, what is a bit more troublesome, without explanation. For the most part, this is fine & good, psychic housecleaning, even if I’m not consciously doing it. But there are 1 or 2 people whose departure I will regret and whose acquaintance I will miss, but I intuit that they are being led down a merry if false path. I can only rely on Truth eventually having it out, but in the meantime I can’t wait and finger one of my sphincters while the Byzantine path of the Truth wends its long, torturous way towards the dawn. I’m not quite sure what the Masons are trying to say here with the menacing, claw-like hand and the angry coloring with a touch of green jealousy and serpents at the base, other than the obvious, a very Dr. Spock-like run-off on the evils of emotion. “Who knows? A Mason knows! Ask about joining today!” Carrying our Ace of Cups, and doing it ever-so-appropriately, is XIV Tempèrance.  Temperance is one of those cards that you absolutely canNOT pin down; she is like quicksilver in your head. She finishes the second septenary, so this can be taken as meaning that the structure is in place. The basics are finished, time to take a rest and orient myself to the lay of the land. The Rose of the Orient and the Cross of the Occident have union in Love, and the pelican and the phoenix, the gift of oneself in constant regeneration. All in all, a very, VERY auspicious pull of the cards today. I’ve got the jousting field down pat and the machinery is in place, having been tested and approved. So, a couple more minutes of rest, and I shall don my ceremonial (and therefore actually useless) armor and proceed to the stadium, ready for the appearance of the representative of Water dressed in my finest and confident that the structure I have built will both contain and please the visitor. In an act of Will, my life will shape itself into a perfect pattern around me.   

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