Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 13 May 2015: the 4 of Pentacles and the 9 of Cups. (Today’s deck is the *Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn* by Patrizio Evangelisti and Giordano Berti.) This is going to brief, I can see. I am practically “phoning in my performance” today, or at least so it seems. The 4 of Pentacles speaks to my voice for domination (MY domination of others). This is going rather smoothly for me, as it should, it is a voice I have wielded with authority in various aspects of my life for an l-o-n-g time now. It isn’t a voice of tyranny, mind you, but a voice of counsel and suggestion, even if the suggestion is presented rather forcefully. I tyrannize no one, I DO hope to lead and that often by example. Or at least so I hope. He is the Sun in Capricorn and resides in Chesed (in the sphere of Jupiter, thus tied to the next card, see below,) the sephira of Mercy. It is a strong quality with his voice of authority, and, as was said elsewhere, “Mercy is as a gentle rain from Heaven, …” I am a Fire sign, thus I have no problem with the Sun here, but I have ALWAYS had problems communicating with Capricorns, so I shall need to be on the lookout for possible communication issues, especially “Capricorn oriented.” Whatever that means; today will tell. Our handsome, masculine & reserved 4 of Pentacles is being kept company by a rather ebullient, young (and also handsome) 9 of Cups, radiating a sense of joyous self-fulfillment & good fortune. The 9 isn’t so far gone in his folly that he appears foolish (and not in the good, 0, sense of the word,) but this is very much a card celebrating material success. He also reveals q talent for teaching and giving counsel, which is surprising in one so happy. He is said to know men’s minds and to have influence therein. The 9 of Cups is Jupiter in Pisces, and resides in Yesod (in the sphere of the Moon, and thus tied to the astral and the “birth” of material happiness,) the sephira of the Foundation. I generally like Jupiterians, we can get along together, and most of all can share a wicked sense of humor. I may have a little trouble with Pisces (my preceding astrological sign, me = Aries,) but given the VERY positive approach of the cards to today, I think I won’t have any real problems on that front. As an extra fillip of interest, the Cups keeps today’s hand’s “fingers” in the Water, so to speak, on the journey of my mini-quest this time around, that Water-y focus. So, with Life filling me with wonder and Light, on a 3-dimensional, material level, today is going to be a “no-brainer,” and will give me a good bit of satisfaction in that realm as well as “clearing the ground” a bit for further adventures in the Land of Cups!  


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