Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 14 May 2015: XXII the World (yes, 22) and the 6 of Cups.  (The deck is *Kabbalistic Visions: The Marini/Scapini Tarot* by, of course, by Marco Marini & Luigi Scapini. When I first received this deck, I didn’t like it much, but on perusal, use, study and 2nd opinion, I’m growing to like it quite a bit. The art style is a surprising choice for a very upfront Kabballah presentation, but that is what it is and does.) As far as just pure draws go, today is looking “as fine as frog’s hair!” as my father says. For a theoretical draw, it is harder to get any better than The World and the 6 of Cups, unadulterated Pleasure. Look at the Sephiroth and astrological connections, however, and let’s see more intimately how this really looks. XXII the World is Saturn in Earth, of course, and on the card instead of the 4 animal representations of the Elements we have the 4 Hebraic letters that constitute the Tetragrammaton, Yod-He-Vau-He, with the letters assigned to their pertinent quarters and the Beautiful Face (as the authors call it) at the top of a Stairway of Achievement, a Journey. In the middle the letter Shin (Spirit of the Living God,) can ascend through the Cosmos to reunion with the Divine. This is a great card for me today because my thought for this morning’s draw was, as usual, to draw the 2 cards for the Scales, but also to have them signify how I’m doing on the overall “balance sheet.”  “Morning, God/Cosmos/Allah/WhatHaveYou, how’s it going today? Okay, time for the draw. Listen – (pray silently a bit, for me and It) I’d like to know how I’m doing on my Journey. I need to know where I need to concentrate my efforts in the time left to me. (Supposedly long – I have had several “gifted” tell me that I was going to live to be a VERY old man, one even specifying 2060 as the year of my death. Considering the general breakdown of this old body that I have SO misused over the years (Ah! The memories!), I think they may have all been wildly optimistic, or the “state of Medicine” is going to change profoundly in the immediate future! I’m cool with the Saturn/Earth line-up, as well – Saturn is an old friend, we share a great many grumpy qualities. Ha! and Earth has blessed me throughout my life with the easy life of an entitled member of the ruling caste. My next card, however, the 6 of Cups, is the Sun in Scorpio, residing in Tiphareth. I have problems with Scorpio, and Scorpios, and scorpions, and yet – my last animal guide was a scorpion, and horrified though I was, he took me right up, understood my fears, and simply ignored them. It was brilliant. I STILL dislike scorpions, but several degrees down the scale, now . . . I don’t do well with sex magic, either; as an Aries, I LOVE sex, but generally straight up or on the rocks, please leave radioactive materials and heavy construction equipment out of it, thank you. And it figures, at least to me, that those “upper” 4 Sephiroth aren’t opening up to pour grace into the world – I understand that. And yet, the cards don’t really get better than this, this is a VERY FORTUNATE card to draw at any time. We shall have to see, as one of the 6’s hidden talents is an understanding of the stars, i.e. astronomy/astrology, and I believe I’m being encouraged to journey there next, to add yet again to the great cheese-press of my life.  And I know woefully little of REAL value about astrology (although I’m a damn fine astronomer), other than just the beyond-the-surface claim to knowledge that anyone who has a metaphysical bent may claim. I DO feel like I understand and can really appreciate the Elements in a spread, it has never been a stumbling block. So perhaps it is already time to move on a bit and put emphasis on the stars in the cards now. I think so. So . . . in becoming part of the endless river of Light and Love, it seems as if today is going to be spent in contemplation of the next stage of the Journey, upon which I am doing well (Thank Isis & Osiris!) and try to learn something from the stars, other than scientific facts, of which I am a storehouse because I DO love Astronomy.  Onward and upward, Mark, the cards are looking good!

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