Thursday, May 14, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 15 May 2015: XVII the Star and the 2 of Cups. (*The Sacred Rose Tarot Deck* by Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman. Emphasis, Rosy Cross and Tree of Life/Kabbalah. RWS.) While the deck is supposedly cabalistic and Rosicrucian, you would be hard put to find ANY of their symbology in this deck. So, I’ll do it as a “cold read,” so to speak; I’ll make the planetary, elemental and cabalistic connections myself without visual aide(s). It’s a fabulously good read on the surface of it, isn’t it? The motor of my day is going to be XVII the Star, and the Why of it is the 2 of Cups. Spectacularly easy, but then, as my aged and wisecracking great-aunt, Lisa Boswell, used to say, “Yeauup! That’s what them thar’ cards says, but what do the pigeon innards have to say about it?” So, let’s take a look at the guts. With XVII the Star, we have Aquarius (The Water Bearer), a fixed Air sign ruled by Saturn. . I have no real problems with Aquarians; they are a bit spacey for my taste, but alright. Despite being the Water Bearer, She is a fixed Air sign, and that means Swords, or which I am already a master and a personage at the Court. That opposition could work either for or against me, depending on the circumstances. Saturn I have discussed before; we are old friends and share some personality traits, especially the grumpy ones! Let’s couple with the 2 of Cups; if anything says Water and Love it is this card, as much as it is VI the Lovers, even more so I would think. These two cards, with so much Water reference, are surely homing in on the entire subtext of this mini-Quest, this side journey – go swimming, get wet, de-gel my heart a little & accept the Love. I WANT the Love; I know that about myself; I want a lot of improbable things, and wanting what I want now, close to perfect Love, isn’t that different than it has always been. However, I KNOW more now, I know why I want it, why I want to give it. And yes, I still want it all; my wonderful, loving, superb wife, AND a male love interest because at least one-half of me profoundly needs that connection with another man. I’ve left it a bit late, I know, but that was as much due to circumstance as anything else. Saturn rules this card as well, so today the whole Hearts/Cups/Water/Love “thing” is undergoing some heavy weather, and there are thunderstorms ahead (the Swords; = me in another guise, my natural home, Swords. These days, however, the cards say that I have definitely “jumped house” because I have evolved out of Swords into Wands, and am undergoing the same confusion in THAT Court; am I the Knight or the King? Am I in drag as the Queen or Princess? Am I undergoing gender surgery? WTF?  However, that is not the issue TODAY, today it seems that with that magnificent symbol of Hope, XVII the Star, the 2 of Cups can and will be possible, if I resolve the differences in myself and slide into a more unified concept of the Male. I am more “Male” than most men I know, so putting the proof to the putting could be problematic; we’ll just have to wait and see. Love flows into my life in an endless stream; I need to learn that 1) it isn’t poisonous and 2) it is necessary, life-giving, and it is THE generic solvent for all sorts of differences, including the ones in me. Vive la différence!, but only to a point . . . .  


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