Friday, May 15, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 16 May 2015: XVI the Tower and the 5 of Clouds (Swords). (Today’s deck is the *Zodiac Tarot* by Luca Raimondo and Lee Bursten. The deck is billed as the first true astrological Tarot cards: I have my doubts, as I believe the cave paintings at Lascaux are more astronomically & astrologically informative than these cards. Let’s just say that I challenge their assertion. Their astrological info on the cards is pitifully thin, and any decent hermetic deck will do better. Go figure.) Right off the bat, I get the bad news; I’ve drawn one of THOSE hands today, the ones you hope you don’t draw for a client because you hate being either A) the bearer of bad tidings or B) a Sad Sack whose only lasting impression on the client will be “a bad taste left in the mouth.”  I get these hands rarely enough for myself, so when I do, after the initial wave of repulsion, I don’t mind delving down into them to find out who or what shit in my punch bowl. XVI the Tower is Mars straight down the line, no deviations, no side roads and no short cuts for this war machine with the rampant phallus, uh, I mean gun. Well Keerist, an Elemental look tells me more than that; this card is on the path of “Exciting Intelligence” on the Tree of Life. In today’s reading I’m intuiting XVI as the Tower of Babel, as the card has to do with the mouth, speech, and the verbally given word(s). (Kabbalah & Hebrew alphabet.) So it seems as if today turns around the unexpected, probably in verbal form, and probably carrying bad or unexpected (Be careful! No moral judgements!) news or happenings. Let’s let that float for an instant as we look at the 5 of Clouds (Swords: Clouds = Air = Swords, oh aren’t they clever?) This is usually defined as aggressively and pitilessly seeking the fulfillment of one’s desires. This is Venus in Aquarius, and yeah, I can see the correspondence. With the cards, not so much with me; I don’t know about anyone else, but if I DESIRE something, I USUALLY go after it in a “pitiless & remorseless” way – I want it. IF I don’t want it to that degree, then it isn’t a desire, it is a caprice. Nuance. Thoth/Crowley calls this card Defeat. It can also be defined as Reason undone by Sentiment. Which is the side of the coin that I would give it, as I’m “sub-thrumming a Cups vibe” under these Scales of Ma’at readings due to what my aim here is, the flawed-now-thawed heart blahblahyakyak. (Don’t tell the card creators this, but seeing a naked woman lolling on a snowbank framed by a skeletal tree does NOT drive me mad with desire nor thaw my heart; it just makes me think she is insane.) So, let’s commit miscegenation and marry the two of them, the XVI & the 5 of Clouds. What little monster will they birth into my world? The day will end up telling me, of course, but this is one of those times when I could wish that the Tarot WAS a fortunetelling device and gave me a “clear sighting” of EXACTLY what is in the pipes on its way here! Oh well, {{sigh}}, that’s alright, this reading has forewarned me quite accurately and adequately. Nevertheless, this is as close to fortunetelling as I ever come, I just don’t deceive myself with that whole “Devil’s plaything” school of thought (sic). So, mentally girding my loins, I psychically prepare for the day, being sure to don my most forbidding Odic armor, “just in case.” All of this could have an alternate, much simpler, meaning as well: Beware of energy vampires today, they could bring war to your delicate new little quest; one could be circling even today. Either way, it is a day to be on my guard, if I am going to welcome Success and Fortune into my life as well as oriented on my stated goal. Now, to find my equerry and mount my jousting steed; this armor weighs a ton, you know!  


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