Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 20 May 2015: the Queen of Coins and X the Wheel of Fortune. (Today’s deck is *The Alchemical Tarot Renewed: Edition III* by Robert M. Place. I make no bones about the fact that this is my personal favorite, the deck I would like to use all of the time, but of course do not. I await Edition IV with nearly idiotically gleeful anticipation. I will include a preview of the X Wheel from the IV Edition in an add-on.) Well, I like today’s draw, not because it promises something outlandish, which it doesn’t, but because there are several good & solid ways to interpret this balancing act. Before we get to all of that, though, let’s knock out the basics first, all the abbreviated information for all of us fledgling Destroyers of Worlds (the goddess Kali, if you are sadly monocultural.)  The Queen of Coins is the Water of Earth; she resides in Capricorn and is ruled by Saturn in the forms of structures, boundaries and limitations. We all know the drill: an earthy, handsome woman, Mother Earth, but also a keen businesswoman. Her hidden talent is that she is an artisan with materials from the earth; stones, fibers, metals & minerals. She is generally read, for all intents and purposes, as “the Great Mom.”  X the Wheel of Fortune is “The Lord of the Forces of Life,” (Golden Dawn) and is ruled by Jupiter, the grandest of the gods. Interestingly enough, the meaning of his Hebrew letter, Kaph, is the *closed hand,* which can be interpreted as either Force or Avarice. Jupiter itself may represent “philosophic growth,” as well as the thirst and/or need for higher education. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and that is where the Wheel keeps a parking spot. It is associated, as well, with kundalini force and sex magic, which can perhaps be better understood in the light of the fact that the Wheel of Fortune is an “element of the element” of Fire, and thus naturally at home with Movement and Action, like Jupiter. When I first drew the cards this morning, my thoughts flew immediately to my deceased Mother and her estate, now settled and being distributed (The Wheel.) I also immediately had reservations about X The Wheel, “knowing” at once that it didn’t signify either good or bad luck, but rather the ongoing process of refining the “machinery” as I constantly changed the “container;” meaning my Growth and Progress on the Red Road as the interior element and the construct of Mark, the being, as the exterior element. My mother’s estate has been settled fairly, I deem, so I don’t foresee any “luck” involved there at all, really. It seems to me, if I trust my “grok” on what I am seeing & feeling here, that this morning’s draw underlines some sort of news today about my mother’s business (my wife is NOT a Queen of Pentacles, she is undoubtedly a version of the queen of Cups, and all the other Pentacle Queens I know reside in the U.S.A., so again it is doubtful that one could/would affect me here in France.) The point I am also making here is that I see this draw today as a person, not a nexus of energy other than that a person is a nexus of energy as well. X The Wheel and I are old, old, OLD acquaintances. It’s even got a job these days, representing my business as my logo, instead of just wheeling through the Universe randomly distributing Good and Bad Luck (Grin.) My fortunes, in this life as well as in metalife, ride on the Wheel, and they have for me and my family since l-o-n-g before I was born. I grew up this way, knowing ALL about the fact, F-A-C-T that what goes up must come down, that only Change is eternal. So, given this rather parochial reading, I immediately thought, “Wait! There has to be a broader, more metaphysical interpretation of this! Let’s dig.” I was able, easily, to unearth 2 or 3 juicy probabilities in a matter of seconds, but then thought, “Oh, knock it off. It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be a message straight from the mouth of the God! Just write up your 1st thoughts, and entertain the others later, if you must.” So, if “Great wealth, good health and happy fortune are to now flow into my life,” (some saccharine back-cover interpretation of the Wheel) I suppose I’d better open my eyes and ears, look and listen for arriving news of some sort, and perhaps MOST of all spend some time thinking about how this adjustment to my fortune is going to affect, or not affect, my life.    

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