Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 21 May 2015: VII the Chariot and XIX the Sun. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of the Sephiroth* by Dan Staroff, Josephine Mori and Jill Stockwell. I LIKE this deck; it is among my Top 5 decks to have if you are alone in a room with the body of Marilyn Monroe (joke, son, joke.) µActually, it IS one of my Top 5; it is symbol-loaded, alive, full of movement, and appropriately and brightly colored.IT is a creation for the Golden Dawn system with a few minor adjustments. Worth it, so buy it if you are thirsty for card-delivered supplemental information on the other relevant pillars of magick/knowledge.) Today’s draw is a whopper! I rarely get 2 Major Arcana cards in a 2-card draw, but here we go. As usual for now, let’s take a look at the building blocks. For VII the Chariot, we have “Child of the Powers of the Waters; Lord of the Triumph of Might,” not too shabby as titles go; the Prince is ruled by Cancer, a cardinal Water sign, with the Moon as ruler and Jupiter exalted. He is on Path 18 of the Tree of Life. His letter is Cheth with a numerical value of 8. He is perhaps best “clichéd” with the phrase “the Authority of Inspirited Matter.”  In spiritual & emotional terms, he is exactly to be seen as the carrier of the Holy Graal. He is also Apollo, and rides on the 4 Wheels of the Elements. The VII is a card that represents Change for Evolution & Balance, as well as the action of True Will towards Progress. “Let’s go! We know we carry the highest Truth, let’s go!” XIX the Sun is one of the great blown-away cards of the Major Arcana. When the Sun shows up in a reading, I always feel as if, in the midst of a serious conversation in the penumbral gloom of Shade City, some adolescent carrying a million-watt spotlight has burst upon the scene, banishing both psychic vibrations and cockroaches to the 4 corners of Darkness. “Aieee! I’m blind! Turn that off!!” LOL, no, not really, but having the Sun pop up unexpectedly in your life, and illuminating ALL your shit, from the evil boiling miasma on end of the shelf to the violet-scented on another. Bright, harsh, hide-nothing Light. By the time you actually hit this, however, you are “supposed to” have come far enough along that you do not fear it bur rather embrace it as a source of inspiration and fuel. His basics are easy: He is on Path 30 of the Tree of Life, and his letter is ﬧ Resh, and appropriately means head or face. “The Lord of the Fire of the World” is also the “Lord of the New Aeon,” It should be remembered, too, that Apollo was the patron deity of Music, symbolized by his lyre which played the Music of the Spheres. Most of all, he is representative of using the illumined mind.  The superconscious.  IT is through XIX that we can harmonize and balance with the universal energy of creation, no small feat! So, here I sit, nearly afloat with excitement and expectation, to get this quick, radiant draw! I could go on and on about what, where, how and why I thought it was all relevant, but it boils down very simply to this: I’m ready. Doubts cast aside, fears overcome, the unknown ahead welcomed with open arms, I’m there. If I can manage to drive the Chariot, I KNOW I am a fit carrier of the Sun, as I had hoped to become. I’m on the Path, the Red Road, and the Journey is taking me to amazing places hidden around the corners of the everyday. I LOVE this shit! Thank you, Cosmic Spirit, thank you VERY much. So today IS a day when my Inner Sun shines bright and surrounds me with Light.  


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