Friday, May 22, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 22 May 2015: the 7 of Cups and XVI the Blasted Tower (Reversed). (Today’s deck is again the *Hermetic Tarot* by Godfrey Dowson. An unrivalled deck for this entire genre of information and lovely artwork.) I must admit my heart skipped a beat, then steadied as I thought of exploding the old, then skipped a beat again upon realizing the card is reversed, so the meaning is even more fucked up. Damn, shit & hell. Well, let’s take a look at the cogs and gears as usual, shall we, and see what we can deduce from this under our new guidelines; not much that is hopeful, it seems. The 7 of Cups, “The Lord of Illusionary Success,” (Sic. There is no such word as ‘Illusionary.’ The correct word is ‘Illusory.’) . . . No, crap on that. I’m not going to the trouble of writing this all up to understand the reading when I already DO understand it. I’m going to have a shit day, probably having something to do with a fantasy of mine crashing to earth. This is followed up by an inability to deal with the disaster, to not let the lesson through, to insist on staying put and marinating in my own shit. No amount of Enochian, Crowleyan, Goetic or Kabbalistic knowledge and the manipulation of it is going to debarrass me of the general soot-gray overtones of today’s “Victorian skies over the streets and quays of crime-filled & perversion-studded London” (me.) Well! What a crap draw! And a crap read! I COULD get more subtle with it and tease out all the grayer meanings of the spread, building up, out of the smoke I’ll be blowing up my own ass, another illusion of “what happened didn’t really happen because it was just too unpleasant for you, baby.” All sorts of bad shit happens to people who believe their own lies. (The 7 of Swords jumps to mind.) So, I’m girding up. Screw this “prognosticative interpretation of the wisdom springing from my Inner Psyche,” I’m going to treat this as a battle situation and although I may lose, I’ll give one hell of a fight. I shall also spend time today hunting out illusions in my playground and disposing of them, if there are any. I may even be having a temper tantrum that this is happening to me, but that is okay as I need to summon energy from somewhere in order to be proactive, and that will serve as well as any other. So, off to the Mark Wars, it seems, where I shall face the cleverest, most sinister and intelligent foe I have yet faced, myself. I am going to have to trust Myself and Life to ride roughshod over this one. They can, and I am well-placed to know it.    

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