Thursday, May 7, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 08 May 2015: The Prince of Cups and the Knight of Swords. (*Tarot of Ceremonial Magick* by les DuQuette.) Well, Harrumph! I don’t often do 2-card readings anymore, and almost never for myself (which is why I’m doing it now.) Nevertheless, it has been a very long time since I’ve drawn 2 Court cards and only that in a reading for myself or anybody. Nevertheless, here they are. The Prince of Cups, as Air of Water (that is what the Enochian tablet in front of him is telling us), is the deck’s possible sociopath. He’s smart, driven, full of ambition and has more than just a touch of disaster-courting hubris. He is also amoral, so this card is not aspected for the bad or the good, by itself. For him, success is defined as “good will, sincerity and ‘right mating’.”(ToCMbook.) On the bright side, he can also embody Inner Truth, which can be encouraged to grow and blossom. O-k-a-a-a-y. This is all fine and good, as far as it goes. However, as the 1st card of the draw, I would normally interpret this card as myself, but here, I think the card is letting me “see” that the ‘noyau’ today, the core of the matter, isn’t myself in this guise but the arrival of someone in that guise. Normally, my “spidey-senses” give me some vague tingle of warning when something is in the tubes and on its pneumatic way to me, but I feel nothing like that this morning. Hmmm.   Waltzing, or perhaps schmaltzing, with him today is the Knight of Swords. (Remember, this is a Thoth system deck, so the Knight here is the equivalent of a RWS King.) Now, if any of you have ever read me, you know I bounce around between 4 pillars that the gods have set as my boxing ring: the King  & Knight of Swords, and the King and Knight of Wands. You will usually find me hanging out in the Sword corner, but sometimes I get a social justice itch and cross corners to the Wands. When I see the Knight (King) of Swords show up in a 2-card reading, I think, without any doubt at all, that is me in the draw or spread. I don’t think I have ever really considered myself a Prince of Cups person, although I AM trying to be more Cup-y and to the point of this mini-quest. And considering that this Knight of Swords might be someone else and not me in this meet-up is intriguing, a little anguish-making, but not enough to matter. I just know I don’t take direction well from another, at least not a physical, human Other.  The Knight is, of course, Fire of Air, delicate (!) yet active, lacking foresight or good self-judgement, he can possibly subsume all of this in an access of high tension. (That description is a mixture of L.M.D. and me.) Those big, space-eating Enochian tablets on the cards (divided squares) tell you its place in the Enochian hierarchy and its tutelary “deities.” I have discovered that Enochian “magick” is a great deal about vocalization of the angelic language, and I just cannot go there at this time due to time, space and interest constraints. So for my purposes, I’m going to grab what is pertinent from them, if anything, and run. The Elementals are much more helpful in telling me the spirit of a character, an event, a time. Over the weekend I’m going to start bring in Zodiacal considerations as well, to determine their use and interest to me. But back to here and now. It looks as if the focal point of my day may be a meeting between myself and another, embodying (more or less) these characteristics, and regardless of whether I am the Prince or the Knight, I think the best policy for the moment is to decide that to avoid unnecessary irritation of individual foibles, I shall approach today, and today’s probable meeting, with diplomacy and finesse, and a decision to hurry nothing. With the Prince as Inner Truth and the Knight as Duration, it could very well be a counseling situation urging someone to stay the course, or offering moral support. This could fit more easily into reality, as well, as we (my wife and I) are surrounded by young friends in a university town who often seek us out for various reasons, all of them involving “Please help me” in some form or another from time to time. We are aware of and willing participants in a Molièresque comedy in Montpellier. It is a large family that we have composed, and we all enjoy participating. Thus, today I’ll head up my mental posse with the advice to round up any resolutions we find laying around; they could be worth their weight in gold. As well, I shall keep an eye open for dynamic interactions between a Prince of Cups and a Knight of Swords, regardless of which of these lovely men I shall be “incarnating.”  


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