Friday, May 8, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 09 May 2015: XI Lust and the Princess of Swords. (*Tarot of Ceremonial Magic* by L.M. & C. DuQuette.) (Every time I write the year 2015, I’m unconsciously tempted to add “The Year of Straw” and I have NO idea why.) First things first; we aren’t going to tinker with the spread today, I’m leaving that for Monday. That is the 2nd thing, which is that Sunday is now a day of rest; when I was an obscure Aramaic deity moldering away on the family altar, I was entitled to a day of rest, therefore much more so now. [Grin.] The draw came through “in spades” yesterday, as they usually do. The gravitic center of the day was indeed a Prince of Cups/Knight of Swords conversation and teacher/student situation. Occasionally I tell a person here or there how the cards are falling for me, but I don’t state it here, and perhaps I ought to do that in the interests of “full disclosure.” Not just to you, but to myself, as well, for a variety of reasons. The interpretation of Strength as XI Lust has always caused me problems, if only because I allow old and erroneous connections to pop up their misshapen little heads. When I see this card I also see Crowley, as a pimply-faced greasy adolescent with overblown sexual fantasies, and that is how I see him, to varying degrees, throughout his work. With no one else have I had to work quite as hard to separate the man from the magick, but the magick is definitely there. She is a fixed Fire sign, ruled by Leo. My life is one long history of Leo women, almost every single one of the, and we always get along like a house on fire. This is good, provided you aren’t consumed in the blaze. Even my mother and sister are Leos. The sole, noteworthy exception is my wife, for which I thank Hathor on a daily basis. Understanding, Energy, Passion & Courage, that’s our gal, and much too accomplished as she is also rather serpentine. All of that business about Lady Babalon and the rampant beast blahblah is left to other times & other discussions; I believe the thing to be taken away here is this quality of “Behold! The Great Lady approacheth  . . .” the Goddess is coming today in one of her MANY forms. That is the “grok” I get from this card today. (Grok = to synthesize a totality from ALL of the arrays of impressions received in a moment or situation. “All of a sudden, Myron, I grokked it, I SAW THE BIG PICTURE.”) Oddly enough, facing her off with her slender little sword not even held at the ready is my old friend and haunting partner the Princess of Swords. She just won’t go, she keeps coming back and back and back; I know I’m not getting something here, because when I do, she won’t come back. So Xena is guarding the gate, and I get the feeling it is more her gate than mine. As Earth in Water, she’s carrying my purpose today, the Cups resolution, and facing off Lust/Strength like that is indicative of her desire for that much energy not to upset the apple cart, that the quest is newborn and asking it to channel XI is asking too much. She may be right she may be wrong, but she is definitely thinking in relationship terms and cutting down the adrenaline a notch or three in favor of simplicity. For today, other additions to my portfolio on the draw can be dismissed; I get the general import well enough “to compass ‘round my purpose, Mercutio.” Starting next week, I want to add brief tidbits about the Kabbalistic Paths my drawn cards are delineating. It promises to add an interesting dimension to visualizing the “construct” that each reading describes. So until tomorrow, I shall ponder the Will of the Universe to determine whether it is indeed ethical, and pray that we all remain Zen, share Peace & Love, and Re-Elect Nixon in 2016!   

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