Friday, May 22, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Justice for 23 May 2015: the Prince of Wands and XVIII the Moon. The deck is, of course, Crowley & Harris. I had no choice this morning, about either the draw or the deck. I had a dream last night, in which a young-ish woman was handing me a card, ripped and torn, and weeping. It was the Queen of Feathers.  A kind of Green Man face, but feminine, wreathed in wings & more wings, all made of glowing silver feathers. I said something like, “Let me see about this,” and went and took a deck of cards and pulled two cards. This was the deck and these the cards in hat dream. I told myself, “If I remember this when I wake up, that is my draw of the day for the Scales.” VoilĂ .  This was so surely Thoth & Crowley & Harris & my psyche working “in concert” (in MY neurons, I wasn’t channeling anyone!) that it was a “doom,” in the Viking sense of the word: a fated encounter or happening. When I work with the Thoth deck, I rely a lot on my readings in and the works of Lon Milo DuQuette on the subject. At any rate let’s get on with it, shall we? (Before we do, a word to anyone who may wonder: yesterday’s draw was on the money, but I was off as to location; it wasn’t interior disaster, it was exterior. My health took a couple of not so subtle turns for the painful yesterday and I was NOT a happy camper. Thus proving, perhaps, that I need to use a pendulum as well during my readings, to be more geographically /meta-geographically precise!) The Prince of Wands isn’t me, but he’s closer than many, especially as the Air of Fire. He is the “Prince of the Chariot of Fire; Prince and Emperor of the Salamanders.” (Lest you be confused, a prince has that title by right of birth, the child of a reigning sovereign. It is a title that is neither earned nor gifted.) He flirts around Leo & Cancer with other Wands & a few Cups. (He gives the impression of being blond, whether he is or not.) I was born into a Native American tribe and was gifted as a wind worker. My family had belonged mainly to the Deer clan and were healers, but there were also a goodly percentage of magic workers, so I can understand him on that level, but this guy is very close to being Arson incarnate, and I’m not there with that, not at all. Wind & Flame make for too shitty a percentile, for me. It is comforting to me to know that this card with which I don’t identify WAS the representation of Aleister Crowley according to Crowley himself. He is NOT my occult hero. (Do you hear that, Dr. Strange?)  However, he lands in my day with quite the fanfare, looking much like he stepped right out of a production number for *Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.* I don’t do drag, and my wife isn’t that flashy a dresser, so it is either “another facet of the ever-fascinating Me” or it is someone with quite the self-presentation that makes his/her(doubtful) entry into my day.  XVIII the Moon is one of the Greats. I love this card; it sticks out like a lighthouse on a low and rocky shore. And like that lighthouse, it MAY be guiding you to safe harbor, or it MAY be guiding you into the hands of reefwreckers, who manipulate the lighthouse to lure ships to their doom, condemned by their own bounty. “The Ruler of the Flux and Reflux, the Child of the Sons of the Mighty,” inhabits Pisces, where she/he is ruled by Jupiter and rubs cheek & jowl with an Exalted Venus. The Moon is on Path 29 of the Tree (“look at your handouts, class”). For Crowley, “this is the moon of witchcraft and abominable deeds. She is poisoned darkness which is the condition of the rebirth of light.” (*The Book of Thoth*). Because we are a more subtle chapter in human social history than Crowley, or more hysterical and frightened and trying to hide every evidence of Shadow, we tend to see the Moon more positively, as this Goddess/Muse waiting for us to fall into the Unconscious and Unconsciously give her our approval to being guiding “in the nighttime” by her counsels. OR so the thinking goes. Personally, I find Intuition exhilarating, to the level that I am allowed to employ it, and there is nothing about it that does not fit into the entire scheme of “what is the meaning of it all?” For me, XVIII the Moon is NOT a representation of Kali, nor quite the implacable deity of Indifference That DuQuette and others make her out to be; at least to me she is friendlier, although I am beginning to see that her friendliness all these years has been more of the pitying kind than the between-friends kind of sentiment I imagined it to be. I am more able to see, now, that great patience is being called upon when dealing with me, because I’m such an Aries/Fire/Mars kind of guy with interests and talents not usually associated with my type of persona. All the better, I believe, to have those meta-interests to inform that arrogant Aries that lives inside. It brings him (me) a bit of humility and a bit of pride as well, to not be wholly concerned with the 3-D material Now, but to be deeply drawn to the wells of the Moon, as they were once called. The sources of inspiration, intuition, the thirst for more, and better, knowledge. So, today, I will trust that my inner sense is strong and true, and I shall meet the day, and the prince (if he be exterior,) with calm certitude.     

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