Sunday, May 24, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 25 May 2015: the Queen of Wands and XX Judgment reversed. (The deck today is *The Archeon Tarot* by Timothy Lantz. It is a WONDERFUL deck, one of my favorites, which sadly I don’t use often enough. Oh, Alas! The decks vs. the Time!) Okay, let’s knock out the basics right away. The Queen of Wands is Water of Fire (read: steamy). She is gifted in metallurgy (her hidden talent!), and there is not much that is understated or subtle about this Lady. Oddly enough, her motto could be: “If you would learn to rule, first learn to serve.”  She is Aries, in Cardinal Fire, and has a warrior’s spirit. Her presence is most strongly felt in the house of Identity and Self-Expression (the 1st.) Now, there are qualities to the Queen which fit my wife well, but not many; I have known many, many Warrior queens during this run of the play, and while none are presently active in my life, it is a “type” with which I resonate. And why? Because, if I was going to pick a female Significator for myself, I would HAVE to be the Queen of Wands. I don’t have any choice, she is TOO me. As a matter of fact, the more I think on it, the truer it is. With XX Judgment reversed, we have a slightly trickier proposition. This is on the Path of Perpetual Intelligence on the Tree, from Hod(8) to Malkuth(10). By itself, XX is ruled by Pluto, the planet of death & destruction. From Corinne Kenner, “In astrology, Pluto symbolizes death, resurrection, forgiveness, and release. . . It’s a planet of evolution and unavoidable change.” (p.37, *Tarot and Astrology*) And I drew it Reversed, meaning I’m in danger of being on the wrong side of this card if I don’t watch my P’s and Q’s.  And watching her P’s and Q’s is NOT what the Queen of Wands is really about is she? So, “this is gonna be a tough one, pardner.” I don’t get along with Scorpios, not really, and that is Pluto’s sign, but the planet’s element is Fire, which always calls to me with its Siren song of Beauty and Immolation. (I fear dying by Fire the most, yet oddly enough know it is probably my exit. I pray to be wrong. Oh, and yes, supposedly it is in 2060 when I am 108 years old. We’ll see, but I hope I don’t have to wait THAT long! “Be of service, Mark, be of service . . .”) So . . . on the Scales today I have the “What” of the Queen of Wands, and on the other side I have the “Why,” XX Judgment reversed. Remember, the reader is the Who, Where & When, which leaves the non-W, the How. IF you really, really need a hint on How to handle your situation, draw a 3rd card. I didn’t today – I know what is going on. There are no other women involved in the cards today, it is all me and my Anima. I believe that I need to be REALLY careful today about my Queen of Wands crowing from the rooftops too much and basically and brusquely ruling the roost with too much Fire in the veins. Do this, don’t do that! Yakyakblahblah. So watch it, Mark. On the psychic, mental and spiritual front, nurture some humility today, dude, it seems as if you are in need of a reality adjustment on the home front of your Ego before you set the ambiance on Fire and bring down an irrevocable judgment on yourself by Yourself. Cool your jets and consider both the consequences and the future. Your goal here is to get through this step, not to burn through it, right? Good. I trust myself in this moment.    


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