Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Justice for 27 May 2015: XIV Art and III the Empress reversed. (Today’s deck is the *Navigators of the Mystic Sea Tarot* by Julia Turk. This is obviously a Golden Dawn deck with an emphasis on the Kabbalah. Aeclectic calls the artwork “really bizarre”, & I beg to differ! It is no more bizarre than MANY decks out there. This deck is ALWAYS in a tug-of-war with Robert Place’s deck(s) for primacy in my heart, I do love them both. Highly recommended, but hard to find!)  IT is an interesting read today; I’ve drawn 2 Major Arcana, something I’m not gung ho about unless I’m specifically drawing from a Majors-only deck. This one isn’t.  However, they are both Arcanum with which I am intimately familiar, even reversed. So, let’s look. First up is XIV Art, as it is called in the Golden Dawn system, otherwise known as Temperance. This is Sagittarius, a mutable Fire sign whose ruler is Jupiter (I like Jupiter, we get along; not only are we solar neighbors [Mars] he shows up in a lot of my readings; also, in me under the guise of joker. As for the elder sister that used to stand between me and Dad, the less said the better.)As you know, XIV usually represents the reconciling of opposites. What it is also about if we add Sagittarius into the mixture is the love of travel and learning without any fixed destination or end necessarily in mind. Again it’s the influence of Jupiter, thus this card is also allied with X the Wheel, depicting in its own changeable way the balanced optimism of Temperance. I am also, unfortunately, familiar with III the Empress reversed. I’m a big fan of the Goddess in almost all of her guises, but as the Earth Mother gone insane & hysterical I am NOT cool. Not that she’s ALWAYS insane and hysterical when she’s reversed, but she IS unbalanced. Let me ask you something – did you like dealing with your mother if & when she was being an unreasonable (“hysterical”), out-of-control emotional typhoon? No, neither did I. And of course the worst part is that Logic is absolutely useless. I always envision III as a lovely, fecund Ceres, rather than an emanation of Venus, but that is what she is, who rules not only the 2nd house but the 7th, and so Venus rules Taurus and Libra, as well. And here she is, out-of-her-mind with control issues, jealousy and perhaps even physically ill, as she is arcanely (the mouth) connected to diabetes and STDs. However, here she is “supposed to be” representing the “Why” to Temperance’s “What.” If that is the case, then Art would need to reflect the wisdom in my choices recently, to give them critical trials to verify that I know what I’m about. I should be aware of misdirection and temptation, also, as they are always able to draw me off-focus if I’m not paying attention. The Empress reversed is her own danger, and I can’t say that I really understand what part she is playing here. It isn’t evident that it is an “outsider,” (outside the mental, in another word, “real,”) but I’m not feeling like an hysterical queen today (yes, yes, laugh your silly heads off,) and I know of no one who is, so she is going to be an arrival out of the blue, sometime today, to lend credence to my inner voice which cringes when it has to deal with insanity. I can smile and put on a good face and put together a puzzle with Aunt Numa at the asylum as well as the next bored-up-to-his-teeth nephew, but this is more in the land of “WTF?” Well, shrugging my faux-French shoulders, “On verra.” “We’ll see.” I don’t relish an appearance by a not-at-her-best Empress; so it is DOUBLE on my toes today, one to cast a light on my decisions, and the second to be aware of any sudden manifestations of that crazed inner bitch in all of us that the Empress reversed represents. If I can get her “straightened out,” “love and beauty can flow through my life in a limitless stream.”(App.)   

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