Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 30 May 2015: IV the Emperor and the Ace of Coins. (Today’s deck is *The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed Edition III* by Robert M. Place. If you’ve read my posts before you know this is my favorite deck, among a handful of favorites. From the time I met Robert’s decks, I have been in love with them. So, really, I need say no more, except you should have at least one of them.)  I like the Emperor, and it is a good thing because he is me! Fixed Aries and Cardinal Fire, he is ruled by Mars and has an Exalted Sun. Interestingly enough, Mars is XVI the Tower in the Tarot, so there is something of the whiff of an unstoppable, upsetting force behind the Emperor. Not that they are deeply connected, but it tickles my perverse heart that they are at all. He symbolizes A) Creative spiritual Wisdom; B) Emotional domination and paternalism; C) Intellectual ambition and fiery masculine Energy and Stubbornness, and D) The Authority and Energy for War OR for keeping an empire of different kingdoms united and at peace. There is a danger of overconfidence. He is on the Path of Natural Intelligence on the Tree of Life, between Netzach/Victory and Yesod/Foundation, which makes sense, the foundation stone of victory, etc.etc. In Golden Dawn terminology, he is the “Sun of the Morning, Chief among the Mighty,” which sounds a lot like either Lucifer or Michael, if you want to get angelic about it, but I don’t know, that isn’t an interest of mine. There are also Mercurial and Qliphothic associated genii, but again, not very interested and certainly a deliberate lapsus in my knowledge. Rolling along with Emperor Mark I is the Ace of Coins, his Minister of both Finance & Health. The rabbit isn’t my fetish animal (try the cat!) but I like rabbits, as longs they aren’t marshmallow dumb. The Rabbit is, of course, a sign of Springtime and fecundity. As solid and Earthy as this Ace is, there is still something “light,” almost “elfish” about the Ace of Coins. I’ve usually been alright on the money karma side of things: I was born into a family that didn’t worry about it (which isn’t the same as being rich). I grew up with that attitude, and continue with it to this day. It is one of the reasons I believe Money is fairly decent with me now; I’m not fixated on a fortune, and therefore not constantly whining at the Archetype’s threshold, “Help me, help me!” Being fixated on money only creates an endless well of Need, and a needy attitude. Personally, I find that VERY distasteful as a personality trait in people. And despite the “springtime freshness” that one feels wafting off of this card, “officially” Coins/Pentacles corresponds to the season of Winter, with its promise of Spring hidden away by the bleak coldness of the Now. Like all of the Aces, it is the quintessential energy and essence of the Energy of its suit. The Ace of Coins is the Energy and Essence of Earthiness, and usually indicates either financial physical fortune and/or corporeal physical health. For me, this can be signified in the Now by a new development in my ongoing medical soap opera, *As The Cartilage Turns.* I have finally hooked up with an excellent “phlébologue” (vein & venal system specialist) and diagnosis and treatment is looking up, up, up! I’m a happy camper about that, the Emperor is happy. If I can get that under control, I can have my knee replaced later this summer, and I should be doing the Tango by Halloween, I hope, although the Winter Solstice seems more likely. And all of this because I AM an Emperor, and INSIST on things, like adequate doctors who are at LEAST more intelligent than I am; a 2nd, 3rd, and even a 4th opinion, if necessary, to array myself with the best range of choices and treatments, and to NOT follow along blindly like a sheep or a lemming; or even more to the point, a rat behind the Pied Piper, letting some nonsense tune of his lead me to destruction.  For all it says of the future me, this draw is actually the ME now, as well. I know, I’m pushy, demanding, “imperial,” condescending at times and tend to assume others agreement with me as natural. I am, however, the Emperor, and thus that character is understood and in play. The Ace of Coins in this instance is both the Emperor’s health and financial health, and both are looking up, to my vast and calm delight. So, tuning in to my own energies her and now, today, allows me to be in harmony with the pulse of the planet. (App.)   

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