Sunday, May 31, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 01 June 2015: the 2 of Swords and the 9 of Pentacles. (The deck is *The Hermetic Tarot* by Godfrey Dowson.) I’m not really supposed to be here; under threat of sexual torture, I’m supposed to be working on other writing today. I will, I will. (And I’m of two minds about that sexual torture threat.) So I’m throwing this out quickly, and then off to write. This morning we have a familiarly recent card, the 2 of Swords, or Peace Restored. Our 2nd card today is the 9 of Pentacles, the Lord of Material Gain. In the LWB for the *Hermetic Tarot*, it states that the pentacles are turning, “suggesting the gradual exhaustion of the original whirling energy.” Well, yes, that is the idea, but HOW do you tell that those pentacles are “gently turning”? Assumption, I suppose. At any rate, with the 2 of Swords we have the Moon in Libra, pleasure after pain, strength through suffering. A truce? This has more to do with money than we might expect, I think, as the next card, the 9 of Pentacles, is all about the realization of material gain. With Venus in Virgo, it could refer to news about an inheritance that I await, and if it is, I hope it is good news or better yet, simply the first check in a long line of checks. At the end of her life, I believe my mother was very much in 2 of Swords territory, having finally reached some sort of peace with the warring elements inside her, or at least I hope so. That would account for the 2 of Swords, but I can claim a facet of that, too, as my mother and I were our own best friends/enemies; it was a tight relationship, but that is not to say it was without its twists and turns, too. I outgrew her, and that was hard for her, other than to see it in black and white. This could all be smoke I’m blowing up my own ass, too, and the cards aren’t about that at all, but I’m not sure. If it isn’t the question of heritage and gain, then it is circling in the vast interstellar darkness somewhere, waiting for its chance to loop into the Solar System today and smash into Earth, into Montpellier, France, to be more precise. Well, “on verra.” I’m keeping it short, as stated, in order to get to other writing. So this is it for today, when I shall open myself to life’s bounty with gratitude and try very hard not to look a gift horse in the mouth.   

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