Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 28 May 2015: the 4 of Cups and the Princess of Pentacles. (The deck today is the *Decadent Dream Tarot* by Eleanor Boyce. Here is Aeclectic’s blurb: “The Decadent Dream Tarot pays homage to artists of the later Victorian era, in particular those from the Pre-Raphaelite, Symbolist, Decadent and Art Nouveau movements . . .” Yes, well, it is so much more than that; amongst many things, it is drop-dead beautiful. This is a magnificent deck, and if you like art at all, you should own this deck.) This morning’s draw starts delivering right away – looking at it makes me feel a lot like the 1st card itself, that is to say like “the seed of rot at the center” of every luxury and every delight. I fell innocent and maiden-ish enough looking at the spread, but decidedly a bit too jaded to actually be represented. Instead, it is the first Scale to be filled with the 4 of Cups. “Blended Pleasure” is the Moon in Cancer, residing in Chesed. This translates to us as the High Priestess being Dignified here.  Mystery, Intuition, Subconscious, perhaps even Lost. II the High Priestess is able to recharge in Cancer, and with Chesed being the sphere of Mercy, we have the entry of Jupiter, my old buddy. All of this wraps up in the reflection that II lets fall from her lips as she brushes by, “Money can’t buy Happiness.” Well, of course not, we all know that, so what did she really mean? At the very least she is speaking of disenchantment and disillusionment. Oh-kay, let’s tuck that into our aumônières and move on . . . to the Princess of Pentacles. She is, if anything, the personification of Earth. Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn embody her Energy. Solid, stable, secure, she can be too deliberate, too timid, too conscientious. She is still Proserpine to her mother’s Ceres, she is still virginal. (One does wonder, however, what the ONE pomegranate seed that she nibbled in Hades really represents . . . ?) In many ways, she is our protectress as inhabitants of Earth, and interacting with Earth.  She awaits Us at the threshold of transformation. So all in all we are looking very young maiden-ish, as I said earlier, and the only maiden-ish thing in OUR household is our youngest cat, Pina, who is already 4. So we are talking states of mind here, but again I feel a bit foggy about this; I’m not currently bathing nude in the pools of sweet moonlit reveries of young women and their illusions, so I don’t have that to be disillusioned about. If I have nurtured any disenchantment or disillusionment at all recently it is simply that some of our friends have revealed themselves to be shallower than thought, thus the illusion is already shattered & experienced and accepted for what it was. This is all very recent, as well, so it COULD fit drawing this card here. In which case the Princess could be telling me that today is the day for getting back to the earth and re-sourcing my Energies and my “Outreach Programs.” I do feel like that most times, you know, as if I’m trying to educate even just by my friendship; people either take it badly or simply accept it as one of the early things they learn about me. I do like to vex people, however, especially if they’ve taken a dislike to me – much like a cat will go straight to the one person in the room that doesn’t like cats, or is allergic to dander, or whatever. Well, there is nothing shockingly new her today, just a highlight or an underlining of some recent events (abandoned friendships) and an immediate counsel – go to the Spa, Mark.  So, being the obedient subject of the Universal Spirit that I always am (hardy-har-har!), I think I shall do exactly that, to welcome fresh growth and renewal into my life. (Thanks, app.)   

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