Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to what would normally be the Scales of Ma’at but today, isn’t. As stated last weekend, management insists I take Sundays off of work, under threat of dire sexual punishment. I’m still wondering if it would be worth it or not, but for the meantime, I obey. Today’s draw is what “would have been” the draw today for the post otherwise interesting, eh?  I also need to tell you that for a few days, hopefully no later than Wednesday (but who knows?), I shall be absent and the Scales will be gathering dust and irony until my return. I am booked to the gills with writing commitments, and I really MUST take a few days and devote myself solely to THAT. So, I shall “see” you again mid-week, and until then, what would YOU do with these two as your Daily Draw? Hmmm? Lol, until later, then -  


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