Sunday, May 3, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 4 May 2015, Chapter 2 in the developing MashUp series: 0 the Fool and the Ace of Cups. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of Ceremonial Magick* by Lon Milo & Constance DuQuette. Thoth.) I’m going to take this in baby steps, at first. What I am doing is constructing my own spread for daily use. I’ve called this one the Scales of Ma’at, and here’s why; I am constructing this by trying to follow the steps outlined in Benebell Wen’s *Holistic Tarot*. There are 5: 1) Articulate your purpose; 2) Theoretical or philosophical principal; 3) Apply the Principle; 4) Construct the spread (# of cards); and 5) Determine the indication of each position. There is a WHOLE LOT MORE to it than just that; I suggest you read Benebell’s book, it is a storehouse of knowledge. Also, and here is where I am going to really alter the read from the original MashUp, I am going “to TRY” and read this with the three pillars in place: the Kabbalah, Alchemy and Astrology, in ALL of which I am weak, or rather lazy in applying them to my reads. I figure that I am here & doing this to practice and learn, not present finished, dead, perfectly preserved readings. In other words, I don’t know what I am doing, but I am going to try and learn. I believe that this dictates that I probably ought to work with decks that are aligned that way, such as this done, the *Tarot of Ceremonial Magick*. I’m going with the ancient Egyptian philosophy of Ma’at, which can be said to represent Balance, Harmony, Righteous living, and the complete idea that for harmony to exist “So Below” all things need to be shipshape and four-square in our relations with the “As Above.” Kemet (ancient Egypt) was BASED on the concept of Ma’at, Divine Balance. The two poles of my reading today are 0 the Fool and the Ace of Cups, both wildly fortunate cards to draw at the beginning of a new journey, and for me, signifying, with the ring of authenticity, that the time has come for a new journey, and this time it’s about my wounded, reclusive emotional self and What I Need To Do About It. I have felt this coming for a while now, so the cards are jubilatory confirmation that I’m finally getting around to that in me which is probably the most deeply wounded. I’ve seen the writing on the wall – “Do it now, Mark, learn to love freely now, because time grows short.” Today, I’m NOT going to get into a three-lens interpretation of the cards; I’m going to ease into that, so that I learn it well as I go along. (After 50+ years with the Tarot, I’m still learning and enjoying it!) I feel really wonderful this morning; looking back over the “run” of the 1st MashUp series, I am deeply pleased by what I can see in retrospect, how it all worked for me, and I believe it did a beautiful job, because now I’m willing to explore the territory to which I have forbidden entrance to all but the hardiest of souls for a very long time. It is time to thaw out my heart. I’m dealing with Air and Water here, the exact opposite of my usual elemental playground, Fire and Earth. I think it’s going to be an eventful ride, or at least I certainly hope so. I look forward to being free.  

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