Monday, June 1, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 02 June 2015. I am not presenting the Scales for a few days while I catch up on writing obligations, therefore in order to not leave “the space unguarded” (lol) I will present a card a day for a day or two until I’m back full swing. Today my card is XVII the Star, and the information which follows is from , a decent, compact source for Thoth-deck meanings. The intuitional and situational conditions of this card today I leave to each of you. See you soon!

XVII - The Star
Jupiter in Aquarius as a symbol for long-sightedness and confidence; or Venus in Pisces standing for the desire for the inscrutable
Zodiac: Aquarius
Tree of life: From Chokmah to Tiphareth
Element: Air
Number: 17 as the number of hope, expansion of the 7, cross sum is 8
The Star is the trump of hope and trust, for the sensitive understanding of cosmic coherence, the intuition that everything is in balance and harmony. It is related to the Adjustment (the cross sum of 17 is 8), but while the Adjustment keeps the balance deliberately, the Star keeps it with feeling.

The Star is also called the 'Guiding Light', and is taken as a symbol of the deep realization that the chosen way is the right one, that the end of this way will be a good one, and that there is perfect harmony between the psychical feeling and the physical doing...

In a negative position the Star can tell when there is a mistake in the code, some error in our feeling, that the way we feel so sure about isn't quite right. This is what makes this trump so kind - even in its most negative aspect it just gives us a gentle warning.

Drive: The guiding light, living the moment, confidence in nature and life

Light: Creative hopes, optimism, trust

Shadow: Destructive hopes, illusions

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