Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 11 June 2015: the 8 of Cups and the 10 of Discs. (Today’s deck is the *Liminal Tarot* by Penelope Cline. From Aeclectic Tarot: “The Liminal Tarot is a beautiful 79-card deck, created to be an all-image tarot that can be read without a little white booklet. It was guided by Thirteen's Tarot Card Meanings and Lady Frieda Harris' paintings for the Thoth Tarot. Self-published in a limited edition of 200 decks.”)  These are both lovely cards separately, but together? Well, let’s take a look. The 8 of Cups, “Abandoned Success,” is Ruled by Saturn which is in Pisces, residing in Hod (in Briah – the fluidic Water-y realm.) On the Madame Sosostris front, the 8 means Indolence coupled with unpleasantness, sorrow twinned with pleasure. There is also a hidden talent or love of storms & tempestuous weather. (Well, that is me in a way, a worker with Air.) Wrapped up in a neat little package here we have the two Energies, Water & Air, carrying forward this 8 of Cups-ness, this “yeah, I’ve had it all, & so what?”-ness. Cynicism? Stoicism? Maybe, but less of the monarchial “Show me wonders, Magician!” and more of “There has to be more to it than THIS.”  Riding along with this 8 is, ironically enough, the 10 of Discs, or Pentacles. Happy, happy home well-stocked with gold and silver coinage and an entire room of the palace devoted to weaving fancy cloth. (Grin.) But if the 10s teach us anything, it is that when the energy becomes this etiolated it is on the verge of becoming something else, something entirely different. This, for example, might account for my “ennui” with “having it all.” I don’t literally “have it all,” of course, I’m not that rich, but all my life has been comfortable (more or less.) And yes, I NOW finally have that 10 of Pentacles picture, I’m living it. Is it enough? Hello no! of course it isn’t enough, because there is no inherent spiritual side to it, it is simply material comfort. It is true that one cannot Search if one is hungry or poor to the point of misery, but not having those impediments does not guarantee success, either! The 10 is Mercury in Virgo, residing in Malkuth in the realm of Assiah (Action). Oddly enough, there are hints of both travel and judgement hidden in this Arcanum (Goetian aspects.)  With the Earth elemental energy stuffing this card to the brim, we marry it to the previous 8 and what do we get? I can only interpret this as a further confirmation that my Path goes on, and that now I am so committed to it there is no turning back (the 8.) I have the 10, and am happy to have it, of course, but do I wish to reside there or in the 8, with the NECESSITY of further voyaging? I could kick back and take it easy now, after all, I am in the 10 of Discs, but really, to tell both you & me the evident truth, I am committed to following the path to its End, to my Completion, to my reunion with the Divine. Thank you 10 of Pentacles, but you already carry the stench of decay; I prefer to go on. It seems the only Element missing in this layout is Fire, but –ta da! – Fire is here, because I am here, and I am an extension of the element Fire in almost every way. So, let’s move forward today, Mark, mindful of the reminder that while you are comfortable, you haven’t arrived, there is still Journeying to do.  


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