Saturday, June 13, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma'at for 13 June 2015: XII the Hanged Man and the 8 of Cups. (Today’s deck is *Crow’s Magick Tarot* by Londa Marks.) I’m going to run through this rather quickly, as I have readings to get off and an afternoon full of bookings. (Not that many - 3 – but they are ALL 90 minute bookings, so . . . I’ll be drinking so much tea that I should float in my dreams tonight.)    With XII the Hanged Man, “Spirit of the Mighty Waters,” we have the element Water lapping at the hull of Neptune (cue the eerie, “spiritually enlightened” music. On a side note, I love his Qliphothic Genie’s name, Malkunofat; doesn’t that sound like a villain on the old Hawaii 5-0 television series? Along with Wo-fat, Steve’s mortal enemy and perhaps (?) Malkunofat’s cherished nephew . . . works for me!) Neptune is ruled by Water, of course, so that works, and concerns the 12th house, where secrets hide, and the import of closed and locked institutions. Remember who Neptune was, the Roman god of the Sea, of Water. He is reclusive and tends towards otherworldly pursuits, our Hanged Man, and OF COURSE he represents living in and thinking through the New Reality. The self-sacrifice is all about THAT, bringing about a better good. Coupled with my Hanged Man this morning I have the 8 of Cups, “Abandoned Success,” AGAIN. {{Sigh.}} They were here earlier in the week, I believe, or else they’ve shown up quite frequently in private client readings.  The card is Saturn in Pisces, residing in Hod in Briah. If this were a person, he or she would have a hidden talent for sniffing out theft, and would be rigorously honest due to a moral code. It DOES signify, however, what we would call timidity or, more accurately, docility. Hod is in the control of Mercury, quicksilver and the rapidity of adjustment of the “dream” being hallmarks here. So, a card signifying this rapidity of abandonment of success because one STILL isn’t satisfied is coupled with a Major Arcana signifying a gung-ho attitude towards self-sacrifice. “Why, yes, I’d be DELIGHTED to let you boil my genitals in an alembic and help me become a Completed Man. I mustn’t forget the sulfur, brimstone, and blood of dragon and eye of newt to make it clear that my obsession and subsequent self-sacrifice is quite alright, however. Just a sec, lemme grab the two cards . . .” At any rate, it is good to know that the cards are reminding me that any energy I wield is the energy of the Universe, but that the power is mine alone. I can meditate on that today, as well as continue to consolidate and prioritize.


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