Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 17 June 2015: the Ace of Swords and III the Empress. (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of Claude Burdel, 1751, Fribourg*, another simply perfect reproduction of an historical Tarot deck by Yves Renaud and Wilfred Houdouin here in France, based on the Tarot de Marseille. He has four of them out now, all little Fabergésian jewels. * See attached photos, one in French and the other in English, of the information included along with the deck.) I’ve got a Wow! reading this morning, with both cards upright and benefic for my delicate being today. (I am SO glad I’m not going to have to try and unweave Atropos’ thread from the carpet! [“Atropos was the oldest of the Three Fates, and was known as the ‘inflexible’ or ‘inevitable.’ It was Atropos who chose the mechanism of death and ended the life of each mortal by cutting their thread with her ‘abhorred shears.’ She worked along with her two sisters, Clotho, who spun the thread, and Lachesis, who measured the length. Atropos has been featured in several stories such as Atalanta and Achilles.” - Wikipedia].) First, let’s know the basics for the two cards, so that we can do it, say we’ve done it, and then you can all stand there looking innocent, with your fingers pointing at me, as the Deity turns around to see who threw the rotten egg. The Ace of Swords (The Roots of the Powers of Air) is in Kether in the Tree of Life On the Tree of Life is the arrival of Kether through Fire. In Astrology: It is the signs of the Air   The Ace of Swords is the seed of the intellectual power, the origin and beginning of the airy world of Yetzirah, which implies thinking, analyzing, realizing through logic and mind.    Like every Ace, it represents the unstructured primary matter of its suit, the undifferentiated Unity; therefore the Ace of Swords is the beginning of thinking, a first idea, a first thought or impulse from the mind and the essence of the element of Air.    So the card can stand for a first idea or realization, a new view of things, or simply tell us that we should let our mind work rather than following our emotions only. It also reminds us that the Ace is only the seed, that it needs growing and experience to proceed.  Its Drive is: Invoked powers. Whirling force of mind, realization & logic. Its Light is: Realization, clearness, objectivity, intellectual aspiration. Finally, its Shadow is: Intellectual debacle, coldness, cruelty through logic, intellectual dissatisfaction. His dancing partner at this morning’s Dawn Ball of the Fates is III, the Empress. She is on the Path of Daleth,    14 in the Tree of Life. She IS Venus in Taurus, standing for fertility and growth, with the earth ruling Taurus. Her planet is, naturally, Venus. She is situated on the Tree of Life at the axis between Chokmah and Binah. She is of the Element Earth? Her number is 3, as the combination of the contrasts to a unity (synthesis, harmony)   The Empress is the friendlier, more approachable aspect of the female archetype. She stands for maternity, love and mercy; at the same time she's a symbol for sexuality and emotion. She is pure feeling, absolutely unintellectual, but basically life. The Empress is the Great Mother, representing the beginning of all life. She is the power of nature, causing change, renewal, major plans.  The Empress also stands for passion, a phase in which we cope with life on an emotional and joyful basis, rather than on the thoughtful. This could mean great satisfaction, but in an improper context, when actually more analysis is needed. The Empress can also stand for a reflective, emotional attitude, refusing to accept reality. It also could stand for a person who is greedy for joy and abundance when actually just more self-control is needed.   Her Drive is Devotion and maternity, Mother Nature, creating something new in connection of both inside and outside. Her Light is Maternity, love, trust, fullness, the joy of great abundance. Her Shadow is a den for Greed, envy, jealousy, laziness. (Many thanks to ‘Raven’ for his massive contributions to subjects. I mainly use him in the above for descriptive passages.) Well, the day certainly proposed to be interesting, whether this Empress and this idea come from me or outside, I shall give whatever it is serious conversation, in order that I see clearly to the horizon, and allow love and beauty to flow through my life in a limitless stream (app.)


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