Sunday, June 21, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 22 June 2015: the 2 of Minerals and XXI the World. (Today’s deck is *Le Tarot des Alchimistes* by Jean Beauchard, a kind of “twin tarot” to his *Tarot maçonnique*. These are BOTH fascinating decks and deep and pointed in their symbolism for each Art, Alchemy in the former and Masonic Rituals in the latter. The cards are huge, BTW: 9 X 17 cm. All are heavily notated with appropriate symbology, with the numbered pips being given in their status elements of the Tetractys, in their appropriate elements. A joy to behold & use if you want to explore the binary Tarot/Alchemy.) I am going to take the Scales in a slightly different direction today, and look mainly at the tie-in and twinned thought system of Alchemy when dealing with my Daily draw. Well! I’m not quite sure, right off the top, what to think here . . . hmm, the high and the low of the deck! If you count the Aces as supernumerary distillations of their Element, then the 2s are really the 1st card of any suit you meet, and here we meet the first card of the first suit, the very lowest of the kitchen servants, the 2 of Minerals (Earth.) In a general sense, Twos symbolize the equilibrium of Contrary energies when immobilized in a face-to-face meeting. There is “waiting” in the “gestation.” The Two is the passive, female principle of Yin. If God belongs to the Unity of One, Generation is the Two. Two must be present to induce movement, to leave the unity of One and enter into the domain of the Created. With the 2 of Minerals, there is an ambiguity in the relationship with matter and it is better to wait than to begin a creative current while that doubt exists. This, of course, is in my relationship with Earth today, and so the cards ate speaking of some sort of arising ambiguity in my feelings about some-thing today. Keep an eye out for it and resolve it as quickly as you can Mark, because what else you’ve got on the plate is rather large. Enter Arcanum XXI, the Be All and End All, at least until the next time around the Wheel we go. The sense of this card is total and unique: it represents perfection and its favorable influence on all the other cards. The quest, my quest, has been attained (well, not yet really, I’m being invited to contemplate that); Consciousness is Awake and sees both totality and detail. This is where all becomes Art. As the Tarot and Alchemy are Arts, my completion of myself will be Art, because the result is not evanescent, it is the Spirit taking on density, the reality of a solid body. Etienne Perrot uses an alchemical adage for this: “The Great Work consists in embodying the Spirit and to spiritualize the body.”  The card indicates fusion, of course, Matter with Spirit. The 5 planets around the figure are successive stages of the adept as he follows the Path, with the focal point being Mercury, up top. The circle, triangle and the square evoke Spirit, Soul and Body, gravitationally centered on the “seed” of the Gold. IF I have done work correctly, interiorization will be finished and my being realized. This little, little thing leading to this grand, great apotheosis is really the whole journey in a nutshell, and I feel as if I am being reminded that yes, it is here, I am on the right Path, no, I’m not fooling myself, and, Most Importantly, Don’t Skip A Step, Mark, they ALL have a purpose in building the new You on your way to Realization. After all, you want to continue to be a Child of the Universe, yes?   

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