Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Good Morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 24 June 2015: the 8 of Cups and 0 The Fool. (Today’s deck is *Crow’s Magick Tarot* by Londa Marks. Good deck, need to tease the reads a bit.) Today’s card of the 8 of Cups is the one upon which to focus my energy, I feel. I KNOW I am 0, the Fool, every day of my life; here it is merely standing in as my Significator, which it CAN do for all of us in ANY reading. Nevertheless, this is a two-card spread, thus let’s get down to the business of knowing our battle implements. The 8 of Cups is a Cancer in the Element Water card, the Lord of Abandoned Success. Actually, that should be the Lord of Timidity, but the timid can’t bring themselves to hold an election. He has the Sun in Pisces in Hod of Briah. He has a hidden gift for theft, often covered by bad weather. (That can be a metaphoric statement, as well.) His normal divinatory meaning is Indolence, or the combination Sorrow/Pleasure, but it helps also to think in terms of the 7 preceding the 8; having been tested and burned with the choice of illusion in card 7, our Journeyer (me) is being much more careful about sticking his hands into the Cups water again – I don’t know if it is boiling, freezing or just tepid. Accompanying our 8 is 0 the Fool. We know quite a bit about me, as it turns out. I am the Spirit of Air, my letter is Aleph, my value is 1 and I am supposed to mean “an ox” but then again I’m not Jewish so we’ll change that to “plain stubborn.”  Crowley’s phrase for him is “Lewd madness is sublime enlightenment.” It that be true, then I was sublimely enlightened not too long after my maturation, because Lewd Madness is home stomping ground for me. Everything has been about Balance and Justice and Strength and the Hermit lately, so much so that I am constantly feeling like 0 the Fool, starting the Journey anew each day, having gone nowhere up to that point. It is exciting, challenging, anger-making, despairing, to feel always that you are taking one step forward and falling two steps behind. So, fuck the Fool, let’s move on down the road, and besides, I want to think about the 8 of Cups today anyway. I suppose it could be true that I am timid in Cups matters; I am ultrasensitive to rejection or dismissal. Immense hurt become immense pain becomes immense anger becomes out-of-proportion response, and I feel powerless faced with the tsunami-like force of overwhelming emotion on my part. I suppose it boils down to “be careful how you tell me that you don’t love me.” I’m not proud of it, but it is true. My mother can come out of me at odd times, and I have never known a person to hold a grudge longer than her, she was almost Chinese that way (go brush up on your Chinese cinema.)  But in order to be timid today in a Cups matter or situation, that means my emotions have to be involved and I must “speak my piece” rather than keep silent if I want to resolve the situation. Okay, we’ll see, but if I end up with a fist in the face because I told Grégoire the plumber that I have feelings for him, I’m burning these cards! (I don’t know any Grégoire the plumber, but you get my drift.) OR perhaps the real-life reincarnation of either Gloria Swanson or Rita Hayworth is going to make an entrance, and I’m going to need to open my mouth and clumsily declare my obsession(s). Ha! I doubt it, but you never know, “stranger things, Horatio . . .” and all that. Well, my kick in the ass for today is “my energy is the energy of the Universe. My power is my own.” This is a bit like saying, “Money can do wonderful things. I’m broke.” Nevertheless, get out there and don’t be timid today, Mark. If something stirs your emotions, speak up, so to speak! Ha. If it lands me in jail because I’ve propositioned a police officer, I trust one of you will bail me out. More Fool I, eh?     

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