Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 25 June 2015: the Ace of Pentacles and the 7 of Swords.  (Today’s deck is *The New Palladini Tarot* by David Palladini.) Let’s eat our spinach and get on with it, okay? The Ace of Pentacles (The root of the powers of Earth) is in Kether in the Tree of Life, Kether through Earth. In Astrology: The signs of the Earth. “The Ace of Pentacles represents the entity of the element Earth, the beginning of Assiah, the material world of making. It stands for the pureness of the element, and also for its seed, the first little sprout that later becomes a tree.” (Raven) So the Ace of Pentacles can stand for the beginning of a material subject, this can be a physical project or a material value, which could mean the urge to material creation or the chance for material gain . . . but, the Pentacles not only represent plain materials, but the entire world of Assiah, the actual, physical earth of daily life, and the actual, physical body of the human being. This implies home and profession, daily works, familiar bondings, health and well-being in common. And in this context, the Ace of Pentacles tells us that something will be created, something will begin. Its Drive is: The beginning of creation. It’s Light is: A creation, a beginning, a chance and its Shadow is: Avarice, dissatisfaction with material circumstances, something was born but is not allowed to grow. Couple this with his stick & hoop partner today, the 7 of Swords. The Lord of Futility. He is in Netzach in the Tree of Life and goes to Netzach through Air. In Astrology: Moon in the 3rd decan of Aquarius. “The Seven of Swords show the element with its reigns loose, storming into the realms of anarchy and destiny, fighting against 'nobody knows what', getting entangled in many conflicting tendencies.” (Raven) Now none of the Suits is very lucky with the Seven - the Wands burn down, the Cups nearly drown and the Disks are out cold - yet the Swords are least willing to accept their fate and activate every trick and list they can figure out to get along. They are sly, wily, and tricksterish. And considering that the Swords are pure intellect, they are embarrassingly good in figuring out tricks. Therefore, the Seven of Swords can talk of trickery, cheating, sudden affronts, juggling and intentional confusion with unrestrained Mercurian amorality. However, bound to fail, even the clever Swords cannot escape the hand of fate. His Drive is: Lust (greed), trickery, cleverness. His Light is: Unmasking of illusions and disguises and his Shadow is: Treachery, deceit, illusion, amorality, evil tricks, and self-pity. IF anything, the Moon orbiting the Earth doesn’t seem to reflect any reality here, now, does it? The lovely, generous Ace and that son-of-a-bitch 7 of Swords together?? I think NOT, unless he’s being full of guile while a full moon shines down upon the earth. (If only Janine Worthington’s *In-Between Tarot* cards covered this far of a stretch!) This looks like a very confusing day for me, and if I can pull anything from the cards today, it is “don’t be stingy today, be large, be open, and accept new ideas. Don’t try to bargain or get something for nothing today, it isn’t going to work. If you are going to half-assedly try to accomplish things alone, you yourself will not be enough, so don’t try.” I feel slightly insulted! To whom do the cards think they are talking? Harrumph! I am NOT dishonest! Well, not usually . . . . Sneaky & sly I have tried from time to time, but I am SO bad at it! that there is no point in continuing my farce once observed. On the other hand, the Tarot never gives advice to “the me” that USED TO exist, but to “the me” that DOES exist NOW. So, if anything, I need to be aware that a bad form of behavior may be trying to make its way into my character. Man the barricades! As for the Ace, I am going to read that partly as the good fortune of very early this morning having to do with a possession and money, as well as assurance that the means by which I live are NOT under attack and even doing quite healthily at the moment. You couldn’t tell this by me, I’m seeing loss of income, but that isn’t what the cards tell me, they say it is necessary for what is coming up. So, we have an issue of trust (surprise – yawn) and I WILL trust the cards to know whereof they speak. IF my 3-D world is going to go through any shake-up, it is going to be evidently and obviously for the better. So, today, Mark, one step at a time; one task at a time, and pace yourself. Take things in order, do them to the best of your ability, and move on. It’s what is going to work for you today, pal.  


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