Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 01 July 2015: the 10 of Suns (Wands) and the 8 of Stars (Swords). (Today’s deck is *The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus* by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan. As far as “historical guesstimates” go, this is a fine “reconstruction” of what Michel de Nostradame’s personal deck of Tarot cards MAY have looked like. It is a BIG stretch to make some of the assumptions they are making, but they make them with a reasoned approach, even if not satisfying to the rigors demanded of testing by a nuclear physicist, so to speak. I like it – I may not use it very much because of the necessary “translation” [defining the 16th century with 21st century nomenclature] involved, but I do like it.) Um hmm, so today my burden causes a conjoined angel to fall from the Heavens, so take a seat and enjoy the show! Lol, no, not really, but the imagery is a bit cold, and leads one into wanting to be flippant. Well, let’s take a quick look at the basics and go from there. The 10 of Suns (Wands) is, Thoth-wise, the Lord of Oppression. IT is in Malkuth in the Tree of Life, Malkuth through Fire. In Astrology: Saturn in the 3rd decan of Sagittarius. “The Ten of Wands are standing for suppression and restriction, showing the Fire on the grounds of the Earth, where they cause an uncontrolled, destructive burning. Fire is not made to rest on the grounds, having lost the contact to the higher levels of spirit, it mutates to a blind and cruel force, not understanding the own self anymore. Fire is a power that has to be handled with imagination and reflection, not with stubbornness and hardened standards. “(Raven) Its Drive is: Cruel and overbearing force, thirst for might. Its Light is: The chance to think about it, learning. Its Shadow is: Cruelty, excessive pressure, selfish and material ends, dogmatism, aggression. Matthews & Kinghan this card has to do with continuing ancestral influences in your life (we all have them – ever thought that you “sound” or “act” just like your mother or father?) The card carries a whiff of Karma with it, as in “payback.” Forgiveness will be required, as well, if I’m going to break the patterns. IT seems like the only friend I have in sight is the 8 of Stars (Swords), but he is problematic. The Lord of – Interference, he is in Hod in the Tree of Life, Hod through Air. In Astrology: Jupiter in the 1st decan of Gemini. Its Drive is: Restlessness of mind, endless analyzing. Its Light is: Realization of causality, acceptance of limitation and relativity. Its Shadow is Confusion, aimless pondering, compulsive brooding “With the Eight of Stars, the suit enters Hod, the realm of intellect and logic, and one should think how happy the Swords must be now that they are 'amongst fellows'. But Hod is more the structure of mind, while the Swords are the freedom of mind - conflicts are pre-programmed.” (Raven) He doesn’t exactly sound like a comfortable friend, does he? I am tied at the hands & feet, prevented from movement. Illness IS keeping me at home, so that fits. I need to recognize the limitations and set myself free from criticism and doubt, and a feeling that there is no way forward. Well, okay, I can do that. SO in essence today I’m in a hard place, mental-burden-wise, and feel frozen; with the accomplishment of the need to decide to forgive and act, I can go forward. What I need to do is to direct my energies into the areas that will make the most difference, and then I may bound up & away, into the cerulean sky.   

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