Monday, June 15, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 16 June 2015: the Knight of Pentacles and XIV Temperance. (The deck is an odd one, *Tarot in the Land of Mysterium* by Jordon Hoggard. It is a whole mythos/set-up that is supposedly served by this Tarot, not independent of it. Of course that’s shit – the deck works perfectly fine OUTSIDE of the Land of Mysterium, so it is just a question of whether the art does anything for you. I leave that up to each of you.) We’ve been through these energies and flux points just the other day; lately, it seems that XIV Temperance is glued to one side of the Scales! The Knight of Pentacles is the all-business, no imagination, faithful, loyal & brave companion he should be, as an Earth representation. This Prince of the Chariot of Earth is the Air of Earth & has a hidden gift for Medicine and healing. He represents Virgo; and is connected to IX the Hermit. He’s concerned with the 6th house of health, work & service to others (Kenner.)  XIV Temperance . . . {sigh}. It is a bit like being bored with your new girlfriend, is my 24/24 go-round with Temperance lately. I get it, I get it!! Temper, temper, tempering away, I am, don’t worry. I get the idea – moderation in all things, even moderation itself. So, take care of duties and your earthly necessities for the Path, and remember not to become extreme about ANYTHING today, Mark, anything. You’ve apparently got a LOT of tempering to do, so just keep at it until the red dashboard light goes out. With XIV Temperance, I am “supposed to” be “allowing” my life to form perfect patterns around me, but that isn’t quite what I want; I want stable patterns, keep the window dressing. I am going to be moderate today about the level of my vexation on seeing XIV again & again & again, however, and simply do as I am told for today, at least; take care of your duties with a noble attitude, and continue to force feed yourself giant doses of ego-laxative in the form of moderation in ALL things. I can do it; it leaves me a bit cold, but I can do it. I need to do it, because if I don’t I will be meeting XVI before I can cope with it at all. That’s it, a short one today. Moderation, remember?   

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