Monday, June 8, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 09 June 2015: XIV Temperance and the 9 of Cups. (Today’s deck is *Kabbalistisches Tarot/Tree-of-Life Tarot* by Rufus Camphausen & Apolonia Van Leeeuwen.) I feel like dipping into the pool that feeds the Tree of Life this morning and seeing what Energies are ruling my day today, rather than the traditional image-centered divinatory approach. Our first visitor today is XIV Temperance, and without the number up top and the title down below, the image most likely wouldn’t say shit to many readers. They might know what they are looking at, but not know how to read it, so let’s take a look. XIV is about self-control, compromise, the balance of opposing forces, as we know. Here we are told she is under the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer; that it stands aside path 25 on the Tree of Life, between Tiphareth and Yesod; that its Hebrew letter is sammek, 60. We have the Sun in Tiphareth, and Temperance is blending that with the Moon in Yesod, thus the balancing of opposing forces. The title give here is interesting, a blending of Thoth and Rider-Waite, “The Art of Temperance,” which produces an offspring, this idea of NOT being a contribution of Energies but a Manipulator of them, a refiner, a blender who blends his forces, like a perfumer, to obtain the divine “scent” or “flow of energy.” So this isn’t so much about new Energy entering my life today, but about learning more in the ways of managing and manipulating it to obtain the best result. My other card today is the 9 of Cups, Happiness. We see the Water glyph, of course, focusing on the emotive side of this Cups card, and the fact that its ruler Jupiter is in the 12th House, Pisces, a House of Introspection and Management of Self, a House of Psychic ability, the occult and hidden places. (Normally it is Neptune as Ruler; here we bring in a bit of the expansive and jovial with Jupiter, instead.) Pisces, Cancer and Sagittarius all have to do with this house, the 12th, being the Original home of Jupiter, so he I not only Exalted here, he is home. Connected this way through the Earth signs with Sagittarius, 9 finds vibrational sympathy in XIV right next door and coupled to it. He also connects with XIV on Yesod on the Tree, where the entire sign lives in Briah, a watery atmosphere.  So on the whole today I would say that I’m in for a day of reflection and meditations upon my Path, my energies, and the fact that especially my energies that contribute to my material happiness – something is sounding a “Please pay attention to me!” buzzer in my sleep chamber this morning. With this need to look at Temperance operating in the 9 of Cups, and being given the hint of how to approach the matter (reflection & consideration), I shall embark upon a day of looking at what motivates me “down there” on the material level and what is it about the Energies present requires the presence of Temperance? I guess I’d better put on my spiritual plumber overalls and start tinkering with the pipes. Life needs to be filling me with Wonder and Light, and I have every confidence it will continue to do so after I adjust the flow and fix the course of the energies.  


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