Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 10 June 2015: the Queen of Swords and XIII Der Tod (I’ve always rather liked the German for “Death”.) I’m using the *Kabbalistiches Tarot* again today, I am starting to really enjoy this figuration of the Kabbalah on the cards and the primary look at raw Energies in the draw. On our first brazen pan of the Scales we have the Queen of Swords, or the Water of Air; think windstorm during a downpour and you get the idea. Being so intimately tied to Air is understandable to me; I was born into the clan of Element-workers; my gift is working with Air. I usually need trees to work with the Air, as well, which brings in some Earth energy. On the other nebula, I’m an Aries and Fire sign through and through by personality, so I end up playing a kaleidoscope of roles, especially the Kings & Knights of both Fire and Air (Wands & Swords). Water, or Cups, is not a natural fit for me, and dealing with them is ALWAYS a bit recalcitrant on my part, even though I genuinely want what they offer. I crave what they offer. But between the Wind drying it out and the Fire turning it to steam, Water has a hard time existing in my Universe, much to my own chagrin. This Queen is firm but fair, & represents Libra, so she is a reflection of XI, Justice (oh, alright, or VIII.) As a Venusian, she works well with people, which is as it should be, as she her domain is the 7th house of partners & relationships. My Queen can represent “support from seemingly unsuitable sources”, and she has a hidden talent for mining, as in mining precious metals or stones. So it seems as if some Queen of Swords energy is coming my way today, I need to be aware of what she is trying to adjudicate here in my own castle, and your guess is as good as mine, (. . .well, no, that is obviously NOT true, I have a better guess because I’m IN it. So much for lip-service to false clichés!) Joining her on the Scales today is XIII Death. “Oh no, Mr. Miller, your pet Queen of Swords is going to die!!” “And you’ve been reading cards HOW long, dear?” (Just as a side note of faint interest, we are surrounded by fakirs & charlatans here in the south of France. Witch doctors & shamans abound, and they seem to making a living. I’m astonished, but also resentful, as I feel like a diamond merchant stranded at Rhinestone Central. The view of Tarot down here is still medieval. This card, Death, is, of course, the most misunderstand card of the lot.) However, anyone knowing Tarot at all (including that grumpy-faced cat) knows that XIII is better called transition; the modern sensibility finds it a bit harder to make the mind jump of death = change than the medieval mind did. We have Scorpio and his energy all the way; pedal to the metal, here, Scorpio is also a Phoenix, rising from the ashes of its own destruction. It rules the 8th house, the house of – oh my! What a surprise! – sex, death, joint resources and others’ money. His letter is Nun, linguistically related to Nuit, the Heavens & Crowley’s “Goddess.” With Pluto ruling, we get a goodly dose of “death,” regeneration and unavoidable change. Quite often Change is for the Good – we just cannot see it at the moment. Sex is everywhere here, too, and in conceptual ways, but everything here in this sign & planet is ruled by Water; Pluto corresponds to  - go ahead, guess – XX Judgment, these two thresholds on the very edge; one on the edge of the Major Arcana, and the other on the edge of our Solar System. Change, Great Big Change, leading to the Unknown, and both Justice & Judgement being employed. It all sounds like a rather merciless set-up, but I don’t see it that way. I see it through the eyes of a friend, and as a welcome step or three along the Red Road, the Path on which I walk towards my 2-stage goal (the 1st is becoming the Completed Work, the 2nd is “Going Home,” Union with the Divine.) So, today it looks as if Change is coming in on the Winds, and the energies of the Queen and XIII make it inevitable that I am faced with what to do with the givens. So, if I sit myself up properly, I can welcome change into my Life, embracing it fearlessly and hopefully.   

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