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Good morning and Welcome! To what I hope is the final filler before we get back to the Scales of Ma’at on Monday (On Sundays I repair to an opium den to forget the stresses of the past week.) Today I wanted to take a look at VIII Justice, which I STILL and hard-headedly insist should be XI, it makes more sense to me. Put Strength (Lust) down there with all of the trials and intros and beginning acknowledgements with the other into cards, 1 through 9. Then put XI Justice up in the ‘teens to signify the final “judgement” and passing on of this individual phase of life for the greater realities of 11 through 19. HOWEVER, the voice of History and a healthy percentage of modern card design do prefer the other sequence; I cannot help it when the entire world is wrong and I am right J . I simply sigh in disappointment for the world’s lack of clarity. At any root, here is the card, which I find QUITE often in my draws; we are old friends, XI Justice and I. I even feel almost-comfortable when she shows up, because I know that Justice is at least nearby if not being actively employed. Below I give you the details on the card, hermeticall speaking. If I put this up for any reason at all, it is to urge you to make yourself comfortable with the presence of Justice in your life, and not simply a subject of lip service. At first she can be rude and surprising and seemingly inhuman, but if you get cozy and welcoming she reveals herself as perhaps one of your greatest friends, especially in the “voice of Truth” department. So, I’m off to finish up the most pressing of my writing assignments, and as I hinted at earlier, I hope to soon return to the Scales with a surprise for both myself and you, it only remains for us to see if it works. So, moving towards Balance and Harmony, have a great day and pack a mean deck o’ cards!
(First, about the deck that I am using: excerpts from the LWB copyright 1981 by Stuart R. Kaplan. “Introduction: The Cagliostro Tarot deck was first published in 1912 in an Italian edition entitled Il Destino Svelato Dal Tarocco. The publisher, Modiano S.p.A. is one of Italy’s leading printers whose operations in the manufacture of playing cards dates back to the 19th century under the name La Concordia. A fire in 1913 and a bombardment in 1944 destroyed part of the Modiano archives. Nevertheless, it has been possible to ascertain that the original card designs for the Cagliostro tarot deck were prepared by Bruno Sigon, and Italian artist in Modiano’s employ. Sigon relied heavily upon the work of Papus, pseudonym of Dr. Gerard Encausse, the French occultist and author of le Tarot des Bohemiens (1889) and Le Tarot Divinatoire (1909). Both books contain the twenty-two Major Arcana cards in Egyptian style by Gabriel Goulinat. Le Tarot Divinatoire also includes the fifty-six minor arcana cards.)
VIII – Adjustment  Path of Lamed 22 in the Tree of Life Venus in Libra, standing for fairness and justice, with a clear aspect to Saturn   Zodiac: Libra   Tree of life: The connection between Geburah and Tiphareth   Element: Air    Number: 8 as the number of justice and adjustment (2 x 4, 2 x 2 etc.)
The Adjustment is a symbol for the balance of contrasts, complementing one another and also building up room and time. She combines the High Priestess and the Magician. Both are connected - true, conscious action results from realization, wisdom is based on action. The principle of activity completes itself with the passivity of inner reflection, the adjustment being the balance in between.
Another common name of this trump is 'Justice' - the card tells one to be righteous in all aspects of our life, to ignore, surpress or prefer none if need be. Only when we have an objective view of all and accept them, can we can find inner balance and silence. Therefore, the Adjustment stands for uncompromising honesty and
objectivity, the realization of cause and effect, background and consequence.
Oh, by the way - it wasn't Crowley who reversed Trumps VIII and XI (Justice and Strength). If you look at old historical decks, the Justice has been the 8 ever since.
Drive: Will for knowlegde, harmony between reality and instinct, objectivity
Light: Balance, justice, fairness, always looking at both sides
Shadow: Selfrighteousness

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