Thursday, June 11, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 12 June 2015: IX the Hermit and XIV Temperance. (Today's deck is *Il Lombardi Danneggiato* by Doug Thornsjo.) Oh frabjous joy! Another 2 Major Arcana pull today. You wouldn’t think you would miss the minor arcana, would you? But upon a Daily draw the minors often provide the fuel for the shiny new motor that Edsel B. Ford has just given you. That being said today is alright with me because two old friends are dropping in, IX the Hermit and XIV Temperance. Boy, have we had some wild times together! The Hermit and I sharing peyote and ‘shroom tea on the Navajo Reservation one summer night, and then there was the time that Temperance dressed as a hooker for Hallowe’en and got SO trashed that she . . . well, never mind, suffice it to say we had to call the King of Pentacles for bail, and man! he wasn’t happy. But today I think they are here on a slightly more serious mission, i.e. telling me to take care of business. IX the Hermit, “Prophet of the Eternal; Magus of the Voice of Power” and his eternal flame are Virgo, mutable Earth ruled by Mercury (appositely interesting that Mercury is the messenger of the gods and the Hermit is also a teacher, i.e. “messenger.”) “In temporary solitude comes wisdom & inspiration,” Mark muttered as he walked the gloomy subterranean passages of the Pyramid, bare feet slapping the cold stone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my solitude, but on my terms and not dictated to me. The Hermit is Yod with the #10, and he is the Intelligence of Will. So, keep in mind, Mark: Mercury (and its association with I the Magician), Earth, Virgo. (The good news is that today Mercury gets his winged shoes turned in the right direction!) The Hermit has entered my chamber after rap-tap-tapping on the door with XIV Temperance on his arm. Now we must have looked at Temperance two thousand seven hundred and four times in the last week (ok, so I exaggerate,) and we “should” (gods, I HATE that word!) be familiar with her ground rules for gameplay. Interestingly enough, a detail jumped out at me, probably because of the deck I’m using today, but do you see how she is pouring her jug into one sitting on the floor, while on her shoulder rides another jug, presumably water. What if she is watering down the wine, “moderating” it, encouraging “Temperance” (Wikipedia: “The Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) was the first mass organization among women devoted to social reform with a program that "linked the religious and the secular through concerted and far-reaching reform strategies based on applied Christianity." It also helped to ban alcohol. They helped pass the 18th amendment.) ? It doesn’t matter to me, I don’t imbibe alcohol, but she could be equally warning about ANY overindulgence, and Osiris knows I have a long list. However, let’s look a bit differently at this champion of sobriety. She is Fire in Sagittarius and ruled by Jupiter (surely NOT his drunken Jove avatars!) Her Hebrew letter is “sammec,” which interestingly enough can be translated as “support.” She sits in the 9th house, thus calling forth education (higher), philosophy and travel (foreign). If Temperance were embodied in a youth one might even say that Temperance has sought out the Hermit as a spiritual guide, but in this case it feels more like traveling companions rather than a hierarchical relationship. So, am I going on a long trip and will forget to pack my lantern? Oh drat. Ha! Not likely, but what I DO feel here is a need to moderate “consumption,” in this case of too much scattered knowledge picked up in bits and drabs without any grand connective tissue to guide their placement. Ever have TOO MANY books to read, decks to break in, readings to write up, work to do on yourself as well, and you know if you could just SHUT YER YAP for a couple of minutes and stop consuming you could have time to digest, for a change! QUIT IT, Mark! Quit chasing every will o’ the wisp occult footnote, or reference, knock off some of your useless shoot-the-shit time on FB, and digest what you’ve already eaten, you glutton. Yes, I know you love it, but shit, man, you have to breathe and eat and sleep, too, you know. And remember that what you are doing NOW actually matters MORE than what you do mentally with your butt in a chair at your desk and feeling oh-so-sage as you shuffle cards. Tarot may be being gentrified and whitewashed as much as people wish (“We don’t deal with Shadow, thank you!!”) but the cards can still kick ass. Witness what I get told on a regular basis – and that is specifically because I have prayed and asked the Universe to converse with me in a manner I understand, and if that means shouting at me sometimes, then so be it. I am a full-blown Aries, born in a Dragon year, so I can be “just a touch” stubborn (I prefer “knows his mind”); and that, my friends, means that God, to whom I have given permission, is allowed to yell at me when I’m not getting IT. We have a difference of opinion on how often that is, but suffice to say that today is a lay low, don’t go social, moderate your vices & caprices for a day, and think about some of The Stuff and digest it and place it on the appropriate shelf. Now, if I can just shut up, not argue, and nod my head in agreement, I’ll be 2 steps of the verbal tongue-lashing that could be inevitable and instead I shall help shape my life in a perfect pattern around me. Standing at the center of the Labyrinth, I look up and see stars . . . .    

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