Thursday, July 16, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 16 July 2015: VII The Chariot and the Princess of Spheres (Pentacles). (The deck today is the *Liber T: Tarot of the Stars Eternal* by Andrea Serio & Roberto Negrini. The Golden Dawn, Crowley, Astrum Argentum, & the O.T.O. amongst others are all in the conception of this deck. The odd thing is, once I have this deck in hand and am using it, it is wonderful! However, I can almost NEVER remember that I have it! IT is as if it tries to constantly hide itself amongst the other decks.  All I can say is that if you have it, use it; otherwise you’ll never see it again!)VII The Chariot has been a pretty standard companion recently, and yes, my Daily intent was “hey, the leg??”  VII The Chariot insists that I must with alacrity “transport the Offspring of the Vulture that is Two-in-One.” (LWB – which made me laugh. Imagine yourself an innocent babe in the woods who has, by Chance (hehehe) purchased or been given the *Liber T*; She draws VII The Chariot. She reads that. She starts to tear up because she has NO idea what that means. Ahahahaha.) For me, the Chariot keeps popping up for one reason in particular; Mark, you ARE going to experience the turn towards the archetype and you ARE going to “Move.” VII the Chariot is on Path of Cheth, 18 in the Tree of Life. He is Mars in connection with Sun or Mercury (ME! ME! ME!); Mars (again, ME!) as symbol of enforcement combines with Sun as symbol for will or Mercury as the symbol of the way. In the Zodiac he is Cancer, and traveling from Binah to Geburah. Oddly enough, his Element is: Water, his Number is 7 (NOT mine) as the number of earthly and divine harmony (3+4), destiny, and motion. “The Chariot stands for combined powers, ready to move forward. It represents the dynamic principle and the human will to proceed, the ability to use the powers of life and keep the outer and inner balance. The Chariot shows a strong will, a strong personality, and at its best, victory and success. But it also is a symbol for controversial power, for contradictions that are not solved, but just controlled. In this, the trump also warns of overestimation and recklessness. With every new venture or beginning one should check carefully whether the desired goal is compatible with one's life and inner self.” (Raven) Well I suppose that is as good a description of one side of my character as any other.  Also from Raven, and this could VERY WELL be me, “Additionally, the Chariot is a symbol for the armor we build up when moving forward in the process of self-assertion. It also alludes to the danger that we might mix this armor with our actual personality. So a negative aspect of the Chariot might involve understanding that the way of armed power isn't always the right one, that the controversial power inside may be reconciled with one other, and not just controlled and suppressed.” That could be a l-o-n-g s-t-r-e-t-c-h simile of what this is REALLY about, and the leg is taking the manifestational lumps. Hmm, that sounds far-fetched, but maybe. . . The Princess has been hanging around a lot, too, recently, playing the garçon manqué in my life these days as if she belongs there, “the insolent baggage!” In this conception she is the Telluric Earth, masses & masses of femininity, fertility, fidelity, etc. Well, now, harrumph! This brings me face to face with a picayune point of procedure in my private life, of which I was thinking earlier this morning; my wife. Normally, she is the Queen of Cups for me, but I shouldn’t forget to mention her profoundly telluric nature. She was born here, in Montpellier, like all of her family before her in a straight line back to the 1300s. She is a titled countess of the “terre” and nothing, NOTHING, matters to her more than two things, “her earth” and her husband. She supports me 110 percent in anything and everything I do, preferring at the same time to not know a thing about it unless it crosses her Journey as well, and we walk the Path together a bit – but we aren’t clingy, you see, and when stretches of the Journey MUST be made alone, it isn’t even a question, its, “Well, go on! You MUST go! I’ll see you on down the road.” On a more mundane level, I honor, esteem and love my wife, even though I cannot pretend to know all about her. This earthy Princess always reminds me of a quote from Choderlos Laclos’ *Liaisons dangeureuses*, “(Madame de Rosemonde): Do you still think men love the way we do? No... men enjoy the happiness they feel. We can only enjoy the happiness we give. They are not capable of devoting themselves exclusively to one person. So to hope to be made happy by love is a certain cause of grief.” Whether true or not, it is a profound idea to contemplate. The Princess is the Princess of the Echoing Hills, in Malkuth in the Tree of Life. In Astrology she is Venus in the Earth signs, and her Element and world: The Earth in the Earth of Assiah. “The Princess of Disks represents the Earth in the Earth, thus she is the pure manifestation of the qualities of Assiah, the physical world of making and growing. She is the last of the court cards and therefore implies a new begin of the circle, which could mean the beginning of a new project or a new physical creation. [a new leg?? A new knee? Please?] The Princess of Disks is warm-hearted, sensual and generous, an unwavering and concentrated person with all the reliable stability of the Earth [My wife.] Yet she lacks Fire and Air, as well as the conforming qualities of Water, she can easily be a little too dependent from outside influences but nevertheless being unable to really adapt to others.” (Raven) I think the short answer here is “take care of your assets, Mark, keep careful guard over them, they are precious, and they are helping to effectuate your successful change through this stage.”  As an aside, my leg does feel marginally better today; I was able to hop from 1 bedroom to another & my computer. I wanted to be back in the captain’s chair. “For God’s sake, Jim, haven’t you fucked up the galaxy enough?? Give it to Spock! Give it to Spock!!’) I wanted to write from here, today, to say to me “you’ll be back.”  I’ll pay in pain a bit later, but right now, this is where I’m happy. Hopefully the toubib will “flense” the flesh from leg tomorrow, coat the exposed bones in 24 cwt. gold and add thousands and thousands of carats in precious stones studding the bones. It would be a great draw if I decided to set up tent readings in public, wouldn’t it? Sigh, dreams. Oaky, that’s it, The Princess is bringing the Chariot around to pick me up, so I’ve gotta go. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you, just as I hope I come out the other side having learned something. Be cool. Be Zen. Be Tarot.  


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