Monday, July 20, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for today; 20 July 2015: the 9 of Batons and XX Judgment. (The deck today is the *Langustl Tarot* by Langustl Verlag w/ Elke Messmer; Sandra Arias & Debra Fisher.  “The Langustl Tarot has 78 bold, high-contrast acrylic paintings of the Tarot energies, simplified and lively expressions of form and color.” (Aeclectic) It is quite lively to work with, keeps you on your toes – I like it, I just wouldn’t use it on a “down” day.) Well, there’s nothing too surprising here except the art; I LIKE that conception of the 9 rods = flames = magnifying glass = focus. It’s a brilliant analogy. This is the kind of draw you get on a normal morning in suburbia; “Oh, Hi Marge! C’mon in! I’m just getting a pineapple upside-down cake out of the oven, won’t be a minute! Ward is out in the garage helping the boys pack fudge. Ward!” “Oh no, June! Don’t bother him, you how men are when you interrupt fudge packing!” (mutual laughter) “Well . . . if the men are out of the house, what’s your cards this mornin’, bitch?” As we can all see, I’m starting out with a brilliant conception of the 9 of Wands! (Ha.) OK, let’s vivisect him and then clumsily sew him back together; the Nine. This can be the card of suspense! Rx: this force is directed "into the ground". This might be a bad thing, or it could be what is needed in this situation...ground that energy, don't let it zap you!” (Raven) That is a little precious of Raven today, but we’ll let it fly. The powerful energy in this situation is emphasized by the intense red in the background. The symbols of Fire and hard work are galore here, but so are possibilities of mishandling and mismanagement. KEEP YOUR FOCUS. XX Judgment is one of those card with which I have an on-again off-again love affair. There is a LOT of XX in me, just as there is V, & IV, and surprising some people, a nice chunk of XII. Howeva, ain’t me we’re yabberin’ about, it’s XX. On the bubblegum side, how many of us think we can fairly & confidently face “Judgment” if it arrives in its smokin’, purrin’, hungry-to-eat ’57 Chevy and the driver don’t look none too pleased, neither? As you are contemplating your bubblegum mystery for the day, let’s open XX up and see what makes this fine Switch watch run so reliably (I sure hope I can keep my promise to reassemble it! Ha!) For XX Judgment, it is the Path of Shin 31 on the Tree of Life. He (?) has Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius as a symbol of liberation and redemption. Her Element is Fire; She runs from Malkuth to Hod. This is the trump of TIME. ‘I like to remember that; THIS IS THE TRUMP OF TIME. It can significantly alter a reading. For me, personally, these kinds of “gate” trumps are always good things, propelling me up & out (along WITH my own power, thank you!) of whatever pile of dogshit & dirt I’ve managed to step into like a blind “Fool.” I’m ready to be inspired and be enrolled, to get new scrolls, new working partners, and new friends. This leg thing, although still here, has brought back to mind that I can put up with a lot, a LOT, to get what I want. And I SHALL get WHAT I WANT? And what I want is simple, really. I want to progress through the 22 Steps of the Tarot and, standing on the edge between the Cosmos and Nothingness, laughing aloud my joy and wonder and bliss and appreciation of it all! Or at least I fuckin’ HOPE so!                              (Postscript: My heart wasn’t in it today, I can feel it, or rather, NOT feel it. I do believe, for the time being, I’m done with two card reads. I liked the MashUps, but don’t go backward, Mark; so, for now, I’m going to be a bit all over the place until I find a new “Path” that feels a touch more “navigable;” don’t look for one card readings, either, it is too easy to be smarmy. I’d like to land somewhere in the “I didn’t realize Laurence Olivier was such a cheeky monkey!”  area of mistaken perceptions.)  


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