Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 08 July 2015: the 6 of Suns (Wands) and XVI The Burning Tower. (Today’s deck is again *The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus* by John Matthews & Wil Kinghan. The deck is more TdeM than RWS or Thoth; but not as generally recognized imagery such as the TdeM. You see a LOT of popes & church functionaries; but hey!, that WAS the medieval world where the church had its nose if not its penis in every single thing that didn’t concern it, and of course the Pope himself was a temporal figure, an emperor-king-divinity, and he played HEAVY politics for centuries with real armies for backup, not just a book full of spiritual threats and ectoplasmic punishments. The deck takes familiarization with the authors’ intended use of the symbology, but once you have that grokked, it provides wonderfully detailed, “alchemical-style” readings. Astrology was of paramount importance as well, for Nostradamus, so you are counseled to sprinkle a few drops of that into your reading, too. I like it. It isn’t for everyone, due to misogyny and etc., but it is a GOOD deck.) Today for the Scales my accent was on my physical health. It has been dominating the playing field lately, and I need all the friends and advice I can gather to peruse, basically because I am in perpetual pain about which not even opiates are doing much. Satu V. did a reading for me, plus she’s a registered nurse, and the message is “change everything,” which I accept, but today I need a little closer help because it is bad today. So . . . the 6 of Suns (Wands, Fire) is upbeat: the Lord of Victory. He is in Tiphareth in the Tree of Life. In Astrology it is Jupiter in the 2nd decan of Leo. “The crisis of the Five of Wands is overcome; the lesson was learned and has turned into a victory. In the middle of the Tree of Life, right in the beauty and harmony of Tiphareth, the flames of the fire appear like pure floating gold. The Six of Wands shows that all the past troubles and disruptions have been necessary to grow and develop, and the victory we have now is more than just a gain by lucky chance. We have deserved it.” (Raven) Its Drive is: Happiness, victory, glory, pride of riches. Its Light is: Creative fulfillment, satisfaction, triumph, success through energy and industry, and its Shadow is: Vanity, reckless egoism & insolence. I have to take this as a future, because it sure isn’t the case now. The Next card, however, makes up for it by being wildly, doubly appropriate, XVI the Tower. THAT TOWER IN FLAMES IS AN EXACT DESCRIPTION OF MY LEG; that is how it feels. I go back to doctors tomorrow, but hey, HELP!! Its basics are as follows: XVI - The Tower, Path of Peh 27 in the Tree of Life. Saturn and Uranus are both here - the sudden breakout of realization, destruction of old values. It’s Planet: Mars. On the Tree of Life: The Axis Netzach – Hod. Its Element is: Fire. Its Number: 16 as 4 x 4: induration. But the cross sum is 7. “The Tower is a symbol of endurance and its destruction, an allusion to sudden, maybe shocking realizations that crushes old views and persuasions, maybe the view of the whole world. The area of relative security starts wavering, our tower then falls and with it the walls around us that have become too narrow. It is rarely the evil, but rather the necessary development we meet when there is a change in the armor of destruction.” (Raven) So in a positive manner, this most violent trump will mean that I proceed to learn that losing the old fortress of my beliefs will be a major step forward. Okay, I can do that, and I know that a good step forward sometimes requires a kick in the butt; however, I hope “it” realizes I still need that leg after it has finished teaching me this lesson!! Damn! Its Drive is: Breaking up structures, destroying the old, getting rid of obsolete loads (the 20+ yr. old steel knee in there). Its Light is: Sudden realization of the truth, the will to change old ways, to recreate life and start something new. Its Shadow is: Blind destruction. Well, I don’t want to take my cleaver (the one that came with the wok set) and cut the fucker off, although I threaten it when the pain peaks.  So, Mark, ACCEPT THE COMPLETE CHANGE AND MOVE ON. I really don’t have any other way to take this, not if I want my leg to heal and cease being a morphine drip of agony. Today, I curl like a newborn around the idea “I trust to myself and to Life.”   

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