Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Good morning and Welcome! to what used to be the Scales of Ma’at for 23 July 2015: the Prince of Cups reversed, XXI The World and the Ace of Cups. (The *Langustl Tarot* by Langustyl  Verlag [Langustyl, Elke Messmer, Sandra Arias & Debra Rosenthal].) “Wait!! Wait!!”  I hear you scream, “That is NOT a Scales of Ma’at draw!”  No it isn’t, and the Scales of Ma’at have run their course. I have no idea (yet) in which direction I shall wander next in my endless quest to find new uses and draws for Tarot (my invention of a 78-sheet roll of TP didn’t work out too well; the test group claimed the “wiping paper” was too slick to effectively clean anything and the “paper” often left small cuts on tender, inner tissues.) I DO know that I, quite literally, “can’t get enough of it.” Who needs a book on a desert island if you’ve got a deck of Tarot cards?  On the more physical side, “THE” leg is starting to respond to treatment, so I hope to soon be out of this body-part Hell and back onto two healthy legs that will carry me to my next reading! Yay. This means that if I can get my head on straight and my shit together I can start another daily feature fairly soon. I really want to emphasize, I do all of this for myself; it helps ME. I’m not writing to satisfy anyone else, nor to keep to an artificial schedule for “what people expect.” In general, I like you ALL, but I don’t presuppose that I have Wisdom to give or share – if you find anything in my posts that sounds familiar or rings true for you, then I am deeply pleased, but certainly didn’t plan for it. I’m a storyteller – I love to tell stories. In a different age, I would have had no trouble finding employment! And I’m me; cross, crass, vulgar, refined, educated, rude, boorish, stylish, elegant and indescribable. Oh, and I have a megawatt soul, I know I do. (And I don’t believe in false humility!) Each and every morning I receive a treat – a new episode, a new chapter, a new installment in *The Ongoing Tales of Mark and the Magickal Cards*. So today, not knowing what format may be raising its scaly head and slouching towards Bethlehem, I pulled these three cards. I’m going to spend today contemplating them, thinking on what they can mean for me. I’m not offering any breakdown today, I don’t have one. But I do have a threat/promise, “I’ll be back!”   

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