Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Good morning & Welcome! to the Scales of Ma'at Redux for 15 July 2015: XVI the Tower reversed and XI Strength. ( *The Fountain Tarot* by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl, & Andi Todaro. If you don't own this deck, it is nearly impossible to describe it to you. Sublime. Visionary. Intuitive. Put this down as a "must have" if you want to plunge headlong into the wordless side of Tarot.) Today is short & sweet. I'm still bedridden & thus forced to use my phone to do this. I have big fingers. Yet, I didn't want to NOT post, for myself, mainly, but sometimes I do make people laugh. So here goes . . . I asked to focus on my leg, as that is my current concern. AHA! XVI reversed, the Tower! Well gee, no shit, Sherlock? My leg is the Tower? Hail, Prince of the Obvious!! Yes, it's a disaster, yes it arrived unexpectedly. It IS possible I'm trapped in an old pattern, & am treating this as SNAFU, and I need to look at altering that. XI Strength - despite her "misnumbering" (Harruumph!), I've been running into this gal a LOT lately , and the more I get to know her the more I like her: she's like a sweet forest maiden with whom you're picnicking when that roaring lion shows up - it would gladly eat your ass, but "Florabell" says "No." Never thought you'd find yourself "beholdin' " to that there "slip of a girl," did you, Mark? I'm getting a message from her telling me to respect myself and continue self-discipline, to keep my determination high and be open to healing this leg "transcendently." (Not "transcendentally.") THAT mystifies me - the only way I have to translate that is to guess that it means non-traditional, alternate medical therapies. On verra . . . we'll see. I'm cutting it here, XVI is acting up & sending communiqu├ęs: "Opiates! Give me Opiates!" (I hope ALL of you are having a better day than this.) So, today I shall see what hanging out with Florabell brings me; I get very tired of being stoic.   

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