Friday, July 10, 2015

Good morning Welcome! to the Scales of Ma’at for 10 July 2015: oops; wait! There’s the rub today, mes amis! Today isn’t exactly my traditional (sic) 2-card reading; Lachesis had gone to the store yesterday afternoon to stock the temple larder, and ran into her sisters Clotho and Atropos. Well, of course! they wheeled out of there together and spent the evening getting drunk on Mojitos & homemade rum raisin ice cream (it was more like rum rum ice cream) and telling old horror & war stories of early Thread disasters. The net result of all this is that Lachesis, still reeling, decided to give me my cards of the day herself, in person, quite clearly and distinctly in the deck I had decided to use today: 0 the Fool and XXI the World. She found this intensely amusing, but was quite serious about their being chosen. She staggered out of the dream, and I was left contemplating the cards, Alpha & Omega, or really, Alpha (read that Alpha Prime) to Omega. When I woke as usual this morning, the dream was still quite vivid in my memory, so I began my morning ritual chores: feed the cats, water the plants (if there currently are any), prepare the Italian coffeemaker for later in the morning when my wife wakes (which is a relative term; her body is moving but everything else is on a time lag.) Then the ritual of the meds, then the entire calm down, get Zen process of preparing for my own morning reading, zap! Even though I remembered the dream vividly,   
  I decided to draw the Scales consciously myself. I made an agreement with myself that if I drew the same cards I would be suitably impressed AND freaked. But no, I drew something equally as perplexing, the King of Earth and the King of Fire. Now, I am completely in a froth with all of this. One pair from a dream, one pair from my own Will. 5today’s deck is Le Tarot des Alchimistes* by Jean Beauchard, the same man who presented the other deck I use, also, *Le Tarot Symbolique Maçonnique*.  They have a very “bande dessinée” quality to them while at the same time presenting a very well-conceived and though-out placing of the alchemical symbols, operations & personages which are fittingly deployed in the weave & the woof of Tarot itself. A GOOD deck, if you like Alchemical decks, French decks, or bright clear Tarot art on eNoRmOuS cards! They’re big; just like the maçonnique deck!) I’m not going to bring up all the folderol today for these 4 cards and do an old-style MashUp, or read them as two pairs; in opposition? In tandem? By Circumstance? Not to mention that the cards of which I speak are all really BIG players, not a docile little 6 of Cups anywhere to be seen! Plus, the physical shit goes on, and I’m in a lot of pain, so, I’m just going to contemplate this quaternary for today, the cards face up on the a coffee table or my desk, and I’m going to try and tease out as many threads from this as I can. Somebody or something is trying, desperately, to get a message to me, from God only knows where? What is it, and Why? Today is a day I’m cutting all the rules loose, folks, and I’m just going to gestalt on these 4 cards. Why them? Why me? What’s up, Doc? 


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