Sunday, August 2, 2015

Good morning, All! Glad to be up and puffing today, especially as I had a bad case of moonshadow yesterday after imbibing too much moonlight the night before and chortling over my own jujus I had going on. The French call a hangover “la gueule de bois,” meaning mouth of wood,” closer to our “cottonmouth” (“Not the snake, little 6 of Cups, now get back behind the garden wall before you get a spanking.”)                     Tired, draggy feet, and “I have access to over seven hundred films at any moment on a screen of the future; why is there never anything to watch?”-moods, can you grok me, Chillen’ o’ the Corn? An early bedtime, a good sleep despite the XVI on my lower left seizing claw, and today I rose and thought, “Let’s take a look at the week ahead in simple, easy, almost Lenormand-y way, and see how my week looks. I drew 8 cards, 1 for each day of the week, and one for the “virtue” or “gain” or “awareness that would best be worked with this week; I was hoping for a clear, brightly-lit, neon-sign Major Arcanum here, for simplicity’s sake, but if not? I’d just have to work with it, wouldn’t I? (The deck is *Liber T: Tarot Of The Stars Eternal*, a Thoth deck by Roberto Negrini & Andrea Serio.) So, on with the show! Monday: the Knight of Cups; Tuesday: 9 of Spheres; Wednesday: the Queen of Scepters reversed; Thursday: 2 of Swords reversed; Friday: 8 of Swords reversed; Saturday: the Prince of Cups, and finally, Sunday: 3 of Spheres. And my mini-Grail of the Week, card #8 ? XVIII the Moon. “Come to my arms, my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'  He chortled in his joy.” [Lewis Carroll, of course!] Right off the top, I knew the week is going to be emotional, no matter what I say or do. I invited that to happen, the unbolting of the massive cyclopean gates that keep my emotions under control. My eyes swept this reading and my little 0 The Fool said, “Uh-huh! Just as we knew! You’re already tearing up at deaths in police procedurals, for Thoth’s sake! Buckle your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!” [Thanks, Bette.] So, let’s do this quick, Lenormand-esque rundown (both Crowley & Lenormand might be shaking ectoplasmic fists at me, I have no idea.) Monday, today, looks good. I’m feeling like the King of my own heart, letting in some Air and Light where few EVER walk the corridors. In other words, I am also a bit full of myself today on this front. Ok. Tuesday – I have a financial issue in the fire at this moment, about which I am apparently going to hear good news Tuesday, when I expect a decision anyway. Wednesday . . . I’m going to do what I think is a Lenormand-esque thing to do (this is blind bat territory for me, folks), and I’m linking the reversed Queen with the good financial/material news; this has all come up because of the death of my mother last year, the truest Queen of Scepters I have ever known in my life. I suppose it could also mean that my sweet, soft-spoken wife could mutate into a termagant on Wednesday burn the world down around me, but somehow I doubt that. () On a Tarot level, I read it that way because I simply don’t know any termagants. If I meet them, by mischance, I switch on my Odic armor and scrape the vile green ooze off the sole of my boot at the first available 90° right edge. There is ONE exception, however, and her name is Mother Hateful. I shan’t look for her, so I won’t set words down here, but if she shows up, I’ll know & if it isn’t too horrific for the kiddies I’ll post it. Thursday, I have a decision to make and I’m avoiding doing it?? Hmm, that doesn’t SOUND like me, but ¿qui sabĂ©? I simply cannot read it as “the Balance is lost or given up” and I have no recourse but to hope for outside help – uh-uh, not THIS Pearl Pureheart! Well, whatever it may be, I shall remind myself to keep a sharp eye out for any self-hypocrisy, deceit, blindness I may wish to indulge in that day . . again, not really my style, but . . ? I was born on a Thursday, and I like them, but for me they are ALWAYS grey, cloudy, cool days, autumnal, rustley with leaves. Even in July, if for some reason I’m more than normally aware for any reason it is a Thursday, it’s suddenly autumn. Friday we finish up our bumpy reversed ride with the 8 of Swords . . . well,. Harrumph! Freedom & liberation from “my” distressing situation. Eh? The only “distressing situation” I will have on my plate Friday (if Tuesday yields as foreseen) is the ongoing medical journey upon which my leg has embarked. I have an appointment next Friday, so that seems promising, I like it. Saturday is the Prince of Cups – daze walking in Reverie Land with its pretty opium-smoke clouds . . . whoa, fella, whoa! I can do it, I have nothing against it, and I just hope Saturday comes around a bit more energetically than that. Sunday is the 3 of Spheres, and I’ve finished with those #2 follies and am shouldering stability and resolution of opposition just like a good bull? Cough cough. Okay. Sure. “Yeah boy, you really pinned me there, cards. I’m just a poor country boy in the big city and you are so damn slick!” We’ll see about that. Maybe I’m turning into Marcel Pagnol, who knows. The final card, XVIII, is the biggie, and I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT! My intuition is all over the place at the moment, and somehow has access to jet fuel. I’m intuiting much bigger and more widely than ever before, and I can feel this “blazing black sun” of psychic & spiritual energies hurtling towards us, and it IS going to be a Big Deal. And soon, I believe; I mean to say at least with your children’s lifetimes – I just don’t know, I hope I’m still here, but at 63, a little realism doesn’t hurt. We’ll see . . . . 42. Well, I had fun with this, am not taking it too, too seriously but it has some good nuggets of advice that I WILL carry out of it. An. . .wait . . hang on . . Gotta go! I’ve been recalled by Xenu, Tom’s getting restless again!! Until the next . . . .

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