Thursday, August 6, 2015

Good morning and Hello! I’m still not back to any kind of scheduled postings, but I am working out and through reconciliation (?), or perhaps we could even call it an “introduction,” although it’s a bit late in the game for first dates, between my Anima and me. It’s going well for the most part, better than I expected when I set out on this rehabilitational course. She manifested almost immediately, and we’ve been doing our impression of the Iran Nuclear Talks in Vienna and hammering out the details of our “prenuptial contract” ever since. It’s going well. But lest I miss the point, the cards want to make SURE I understand what is going on and to what I am signing my name in blood; thus, today’s draw. (Today’s deck is *The Simply Deep Tarot: Borderless Edition* by Christine Aguiar and James Battersby. “Flush” and immediate; I like it!) So, on a 3-card I constructed as Action – Stasis – Resolution, I drew the 2 of Cups, the Queen of Wands and XVII, the Star. I feel absolutely silly spelling it out again, as silly as you must be bored to tears, but here it is again: Action = Unite! Stasis = stay worldly and In Control, both of you living that fractured illusion, and finally, Resolution = Hope. Hope for my future, for the blend, for this or that? Well, no, not exactly; look at our XVII the Star; she’s on her back looking UP, both generating AND observing the “stars” (hopes.) No, I’m not a tall, blonde, lithesome & willowy beauty, but that’s me – I feel that is me, because I feel that is what the card is telling me, the Resolution of your affair is “in the stars,” in my Intuition. I keep circling around, in so many ways with her under so many disguises, the figure of II, the High Priestess, no matter how she is disguised. The High Priestess, whether Maiden, Woman or Crone, is demanding that I bring her home, and thus I shall. “So let it be written, so let it be done.” (Know your DeMille.)   

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