Saturday, August 8, 2015

Good morning and Hello! on a lovely day here in the south of the Material. As you are painfully aware, I usually do a Daily Draw unless an Act of Old Testament Y.H.V.H. intervenes. Today I had no particular question, and I was sick-unto-death of asking the cards to give me more clues to my Cups issue(s) of the moment, yet I wanted to read; I felt a kind of bubbling insouciance about reading this morning. Si I simply told the cards, “Show me what you want me to know today.” (Today’s deck is the *Tarot of Delphi* “created and curated by” J.D. Hildegard Hinkel. This is as serious a “High Art deck” as they come – quality materials, gorgeous & appropriate-to-Arcanum art, and a LWB that is surprisingly insightful and effective on the general interpretive plane. Well worth having for the art alone, it also reads VERY well. This is a winner.) Here is what they replied: the Ace of Cups, XX Judgement and, sweetly enough, the 8 of Cups. I’m going to do something different instead of one my usual forays into inner/outer space – I shall quote an excerpt from the little “brieflet” that accompanies each painting in the deck from the creatrix’ LWB, plus one sentence as to how I feel it speaks to me at the moment. Assez facile, n’est-ce pas ? OK, let’s go . . . . #1) Ace of Cups:  “Venus at the Beach” 1901, John William Godward. “Born of the sea, fluid and sensuous Venus (Greek Aphrodite) absorbs aggression softens anger, refreshes the soul, and bestows comfort. She simultaneously embodies overwhelming lust and the composure of fidelity.” I believe this is the End & the Answer to my recent Cups melodrama with my pro/an-tagonist, my Anima; ‘you’ve met, partnered together after difficult negotiations, now get on with the Cups adventure.’ #2) XX Judgement: “Time, Death and Judgement” 1886, George Frederic Watts. “The allegorical figures could be Chronos, the god of time in youthful form; Macaria, the sad and peaceful goddess of sacred, natural death; and Dik√© (Roman Justitia), goddess of moral justice and judgement. These deified concepts encourage ultimate honesty and self-reflection.” Yes, although I find that rather ontological and limited; I believe this card is speaking to (again) the resolution of my Cups ‘thang’ and the necessity for ME to really be (kindly) ruthless with myself, and to give equal voice, as in the Scales of Justice/Ma’at, to my Anima’s input on “us.” (Honestly! I’m not turning schizoid [“my preciousss”].) #3) the 8 of Cups: “Waiting to Cross” n.d., Albert Joseph Moore. “Three youths – sisters or friends – wait to cross a river. Whatever they are leaving [the illusions of 7; mm], or traveling toward, two look forward and one looks back. Like ‘potamides,’ nymphs who protect rivers, they take care of each other. They stand close together, holding hands and hopes for what’s ahead. Barefoot, they turn from a life that didn’t provide enough even to shod them. The girls are encircles by greenery, the promise of a safe and satisfying journey.” This is SO screaming obvious I shall not add detail, other than to recap, “Get on with it.” So, those are the cards and I DO believe that was the sound of them “dusting their hands” of the matter with this rather pithy yet sympathetic summation. So . . . “Onward Gnostic Soldiers!”  

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