Monday, August 3, 2015

Good morning and Hello! to everyone. After yesterday’s kind of Jell-O-salad-greased slide through this week’s forecast (we didn’t take it as seriously, say, as the sacrifice of an only child to a pagan idol,) and I hope you had fun with it as well as I did, and didn’t scream and run for your alum enema powders howling like a savage, wounded weasel, “Blasphemy! Blasphemy! Filth! I must cleanse myself!” However, in apposition with the general week draw, I thought I would take the Card of the Day from the weekly draw, and draw an Aubaine – Challenge duality from a fresh deck to fill out the picture of the 1st and individual card, much like lensing light around a galaxy brings us images of even further galaxies. (Today’s deck is again *Liber T: Tarot of the Stars Eternal” by Negrini & Serio; it will be all week, following the original Reading.) Well, I see no ugly, hidden depths here, but a rather promising set of buttresses for the 9 of Spheres. My “Aubaine” (“Grace”) today is most easily characterized as the thirst for knowledge. This 6 is a Gate card, so meditatively entering into it helps serve to Intensify & Identify, to focus on your metaphysical journey. This is a Good sign for me, as I see it as signaling that today’s $$ issue (as discussed yesterday) is expected to be solved favorably to my interests. This is oddly connected in that due to a new period of “the seven lean kine” my wife and I were discussing where we could make economies; I knew the 1st capricious expenditure to go for me would be Tarot decks & books and metaphysical miscellany. She has found her ways to make economies as well, so we know we shall be fine, eventually. As I have other resources, I have a little more security than some, but most of all my wife and I are “profiteers”, or we try to be; we try to profit from both the lean years and the fat ones, as lessons are being presented and should be learned anyway. Also, we are just basically an optimistic couple (THAT is due in large part to her; she works me out of any gloominess with her cajoling ways & an unshakeable belief that as long as we are together, nothing can take us back to the isolation of defeat & despair.) With the 6 of Swords and 9 of Spheres hanging out peacefully together we arrive at what I am glad to see, and which I’ll call The New Working Me. I’ve got a lot going on, remember: in Earth, I’ve got the leg issue & today’s $$ decision, in Water, I’ve decided to unbar the cyclopean prison gates where I keep the Minotaur of my Emotions; in Air (Swords) the leg interacts here as well, and finally in Fire I’ve got a realization that I am SO far behind in my readying and studying of Tarot that I’m backpiling books like some sleazy French student trying to impress “Odette” with the fact that his ONLY furniture is books.  I have GOT to go on a Facebook diet, I have to put balance in my Studies and my interactions if I am to blend the rare ambrosia of the Tarot, my base of knowledge (already quite extensive but give me more, more), breaks away from the grotto and walks for air & light, and basically just cleaning up boundaries and compartments in my life so that the few that I use on a continual basis are as efficient as possible. One of the KEYS here for me is that I MUST learn what I WANT to learn, and so must make time to read it and absorb it. That circles me back to the Facebook diet. I can do it, that isn’t a problem, I’m just a bit trepidatious already at the amount of backpiled stuff is waiting in my office. Sigh. BUT - - - who is that magnificent Golden Man I see at the end of today’s blending. It’s me! in a very small way breaking through today and renewing innocence and potential, and refiring the forges of Will in order to continue. I have been and am paying attention to opening the long-barred roads and pathways in each Elemental area of my Life, and I am ACTIVELY acting for progress in all of them. I remember quite clearly so many years ago when I was first losing myself in Tarot, how much I admired and envied Hermes Trismegistus, and wanted to be him with a reasonable amount of time, say 7 days (sic). J. I actually had a best friend whose mother was always dissing him with “Hey there, Hermes Trismegistus, blahblahyakyak . . .” What that was about was her misunderstanding of to whom she was referring; now I feel foolish and embarrassed for her, and THAT was at least 47 years ago! LOL! Well, whatever works, as all seriously lazy people will say. I LIKE Hermie T, don’t get me wrong, it is just that every time he arises in my life I think I see better than I actually do – but that’s why my intuition is blooming at an amazing rate at this time, too. I deliberately, Willfully, asked for that gift to grow, and no sooner said the done, Isis was happy to help me. We’re getting along a lot better these days, she and I, and that is due to me cleaning the Augean stables out of my anima perceptions and loving her for who she is, the Goddess (in that with the God, they form the Unity I so hope to rejoin, someday.) “Wait a minute, I knew they kidnapped the Lindbergh baby, but I never heard that Horus was lifted and had to work his way back to his folks!” . . . “Be quiet, ego, you aren’t needed here.”   

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