Thursday, August 20, 2015

Good morning and Hello! Today’s draw isn’t particularly inspiring but it IS affirmative, and for that I am thankful. I don’t mind the occasional “’Atta boy!” when it is needed or earned, but I don’t enjoy, as a general rule, having smoke blown up my ass or being pointlessly flattered or “leveraged” in some way, shape or form. Condescension and forced obedience have the same effect – I rebel, and usually in the most pointed way possible. Today, though, it’s okay, because it really IS simply a confirmation of a decision already taken. Today’s Scales of Ma’at are occupied by the Ace of Pentacles and the Knight of Swords. (Today’s deck is the *Night Sun Tarot* by Fabio Listrani.) The Ace tells me that I’m starting a new adventure in the 3D world. The Ace is promising a new beginning and since this is pentacles I may safely assume we’re looking at my health here. I need to face this final phase of “The Great Leg Repair of ‘15” with inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm & energy. These are major qualities of the effect of citrine, a gem & mineral. I’ve been collecting them for over 2 years now, and I didn’t know why until I ran into this leg problem. I actually DO feel better when using or wearing it, and my collection of the crystal has become imposing. At any rate of exchange, I’m feeling up, up, UP for doing this ASAP and getting on with my life. Ever since the Great Bloodletting in ’12 my health has been problematic. This is THE last major action I must take to re-establish the general condition of “the machine,” me. This Ace? Go for it!! reinforcement. Riding away from the Ace is our Fiery Fire buddy, the Knight of Wands. Now even though he is riding away, which could signal disagreement and going off on another Path, here & now I’m seeing it as “the engine that moves the vehicle;” he’s ready to go, to face dangers & enemies, rough times & good. This is new territory for him, but he is gung-ho anyway. He has immense stamina & strength to lend to the process . . . hell, to be the point man of the process! He forges the Path into the immediate future so that the Ace of Pentagrams can roll ‘more-or-less smoothly’ to completion. It’s just a short read today, and positive, and without equivocation or procrastination, very Nike-like: “Just do it.” Therefore today’s mantra will be, “My life is unlimited, and it is filled with transformative energy.”(Re-worked from the Thoth app.) With an app, you have to be pithy and quick, n’est-ce pas?) So, while it isn’t happing TODAY, it will happen very soon, and I am MORE than ready to get rid of rebellious joints that smoke and sleep with that old, old whore, arthritis. I just hope I can find my broadsword; those things are so heavy I’ll need to train a bit before the surgery just in case the doctor screws something up. Failure isn’t permitted, not on or in MY body.  


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