Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Good morning and Hello! Well, I’m through the early August birthdays, now the next 2/3 of the month and I’ll be clear; I have attracted Leo women and Leo women have attracted me all my life. Consequently, August was a bad month, financially, all my life; as an infant, it was just my mother; then there was my sister; and then, as primary school kicked into gear all the way up to, through and out from university it has been redheads, gingers,& ‘Leonesses’.  I didn’t marry my wife until I was 53, and she is a Libra (and then I wonder why Justice haunts my self-readings . . . ha!), so I was DELIGHTED that my Saturn return had motivated Clotho to reweave that thread in the tapestry and orient it differently. (That is correct, there is no such word as “orientate.” Don’t force the Grammar Police to consider you a “person of interest.”)  Onward. I have been doing some investigating of the Order of the Golden Dawn for a while now; out of personal interest may I add, not out of some quest for the Mauve Unicorn. A LOT of their material REALLY appeals to me, but there are great big chunks that leave me as cold as the diorite statue of King Khafre: it smacks a bit of all of the folderol that Freemasons go through when they meet, and while I can be as open to ritual and “mass participation in the vibe” as the next salamander, there is a very, very fine line where it can, and often does, cross over into dress-up and amateur theatrics. So, you pick the raisins out of the bread, the diamonds from the mud, the pearls from the wine, and you amalgamate it into your own body of knowledge (out of which you may fashion your own set of rituals and costumes and hierarchies, if you wish) and move on. I’m excited about the coming week in particular; I have several readings to give this week for clients/friends who I know VERY well and who wish to consult the cards over what I know to be some pretty heavy stuff in their lives. I feel pre-game jitters, almost, and I want to be at the top of my form. And exactly because of that, I phrased a nice, simple three-card Pillars of the Tree of Life reading for myself. It is a great spread, can be enlarged to 10+ cards and contracted down to three, for the compressed version (Zipped in the astral.) (The deck is the *Golden Dawn Temple Tarot* by Nick Farrell & Nicola & Harry Wendrich. Oversized cards for Temple, I suppose. Otherwise, straight down the party line.) I received: the 7 of Wands, the Lord of Valor; the Prince of Swords, and finally V the Hierophant. A quick recap is in order: The Pillar of Mercy is the 1st card, and in the draw is on the right. The Pillar of Severity is the 2nd card, and is on the far left (or normally 3rd position.) The Pillar of Balance is the 3rd card drawn, but is placed between Mercy and Severity (naturally.)  Mercy is comprised of Chokmah, Chesed, and Netzach; Severity is composed of Binah, Geburah, and Hod. Finally, Balance is composed of Kether, Tiphareth, Yesod and based in Malkuth. If you know anything about the Kabbalah, then you know, you KNOW, that Balance is where you want to hang out, it’s where all the really good parties, lectures, restaurants, and even quiet secluded alcoves are happenin’, man. It is where you can be happy? Just happy, without having to dress it up with your crap. At any rate, let’s take a look at what is happening around me in the vibosphere. (Go ahead, say “vibrational atmosphere,” but I am not one of the Grammar police, I just give ‘em a heads up from time to time when a particularly odious and vile example has been dragged across the town square over and over, to the delight of the buffoons and the pity-tinted disdain of the educated.)  I like the 7 of Wands, Lord of Valor, He’s over there in Netzach via Atziluth, and he’s all about Mar in Leo. So, guess what you get – that’s right, a lot of Leo qualities, and in the material an access of good fortune and a symbol of Integrity. That’s where the Mercy is for me for the next few hemicycles, and as Mercies go it isn’t bad at all; summon the victory by relying on your courage and help will come from within. My challenge, my app/opp/necr-osite, the Severity in my life, comes from the Prince of Swords this time. Prince of the Chariots of the Winds, Prince and Emperor of Sylphs, His Highness is all, and I do mean ALL, about Air. He can be open-minded, but he is distrustful & suspicious. (Yeah, it’s true, I can be). Usually loyal, careful, abstract thinker (yes) Unemotional (and it is THAT that all this recent Sturm und Drang has been about, now resolutioning out, thank the multiverse!) So, I’m going to need to keep him tamped down this week, but I am NOT going to try and harm him, he has served me time & time & time again quite well. My Balance is laying in V the Hierophant this hemicycle, it seems. Magus of the Voice of Light and Prophet of the Gods it’s a good gig if you get it, but watch out for the condition that details the crowd of venomous, oily, prehistoric toadies and energy vampires that gather automatically around a Source. If you are going to be a Source (and, theoretically, we ALL want to be, someday, a Source, n’est-ce pas?) get ready for the crap that limits your being: this time it won’t be as small, this time, as a source, you have to learn higher ways and better reasons to reap the crops and winnow the yields. Open your eyes, look where you are going, but don’t fear a hunch. Meditate on the giving birth and interior housing you are developing/giving to the Hermetic You.  So, Balance dictates I simply cool it and meditate on all that has happened, and to be glad for it. THAT I can do.


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