Sunday, August 23, 2015

Good Morning and Welcome! to a 3-card Assets-Challenges-Resolution draw, or what I like to call a « Cut the Baby in Two! » Spread. Solomon was never this wise! But then, of course, he was fending off the Queen of Saba while he was undermining the virtue of Bathsheba as well, so he didn’t have a lot of time for reflection. It’s hardly a wonder he let a few djinn escape, he couldn’t control his own demon organ. So for an “overlook” at the coming week, any hoohaw, today I’ve pulled XVIII the Moon, II The High Priestess and the 6 of Coins. Hmm, I feel like slipping into something kinky, black & neoprene or else completely nude, and moonbathing and swimming in the High Priestess’ gardens on the Moon. 5IF that were REALLY the message, it probably would have been better delivered by a deck like *Tarot of A Moon Garden.* As it is, I was drawn last night to make the reading this morning with THIS deck, and I try and pay more & more attention to my intuition. This deck, by the way, is *The Fountain Tarot* by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl & Andi Todaro. A very powerful deck; it leads you anywhere, and I underline that.) I’m spending the week with the Moon, it seems, which is alright by me, don’t get me wrong! I love the Moon; -bathing, -tanning, -lit walks, -gazing, I am, like all of us, fascinated by that faceless face in the Sky, always watching, never expressing. The Moon is the place everyone WANTS to go but most are bullied by the Sun to GO to HIS HOUSE. The Sun is a jealous god, and an even more jealous husband; (If you’re Asian [esp. Japanese,] just switch the sexes, thank you.) We tend to think of ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ as a united couple serenely ruling over their solar family, but . . . c’mon, we KNOW there is a stellar reality, too, to counter the stellar myth. What great, powerful family have YOU ever seen of purely 100% like mind? Exactly. This week’s cards tie in with something Linda K. and I have been discussing, the oncoming psychic bomb. We both believe, and have references, that a large “energy pulse” is heading in from deep space and we are in its path, if not its target. There is nothing bad in this; it is to be seen, rather, as a “gift” and “incentive” to those with the perception to receive it, and yes, I’ll say it, those evolved enough to use it. The Giver is the All, and we are the recipients. So, a week spent in the company of the Moon means 1st class seating was included in my Moon package. HOWEVER . . . however . . . however, I have a bit of a “once inside the gates” problem; the owner of the joint herself wants to verify my invite and make sure I belong with a little one-on-one conversation. I know who this: “Hello, Anima-at-Home.” She’s having a good time; now that we are pulling the wagon together again since a long time gone, she feels free enough to indulge in one of our favorite pastimes, teasing. How Moon-like of you, my dear. Lol.” Because she DOES make me laugh; she is just as much the teasing, poking, and unraveling-the-yarn mischievous nuisance as am I. It’s nice to have her home. (Most of the time.) Well, it seems that between us all we can come up with to get into the garden show of the “Arrival” is 6 Coins. Ah! A message! Delivered by that cute little hatcheck girl in the fishnets and too-high heels? I unfold it and read, “What is Given Must Be Returned.” I pass it to Anima, she glances at it, and we turn to smile at each other, with the full dazzling radiance of our united understanding: What is coming, the “psychic bomb” MUST be redistributed, i.e. it must spread out, even like a virus, because THAT OUT THERE wants to give as many as possible the chance to climb up a rung, or 3, or 5. If it is being given to us, it is only because we are judged to be the best suited at this time to distribute the knowledge/grace of the evolution of us all, or so we hope. And that is because with this kind of jump, we know there is no possibility of going back, of returning for “that soldier we won’t leave behind.” Mankind may not/ does not know it yet, but we are way beyond that . . . .    


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